[Price Error] Apple AirPods Pro $279 + $10.99 Delivery @ Dick Smith by Kogan

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First post. Unless I'm missing something, I just stumbled across these for $279. Could try an OW price match?

edit: OW won't price match as the part number (MWP22ZAA) isn't clearly listed on the dicksmith website

Minchinbury officeworks have 10 in stock and happy to price match $275.49 8/5/20 17:07pm

edit: To those saying "Thanks OP!", a HUGE thank you to this community that I have been a part of for about a decade! I am on ozbargain every day and I am SO happy that my first post made so many people happy! You guys are amazing.

edit: I called the store I got the price match from (Minchinbury). They said there has been no "flagging from head office" or angry recourse from management but the price has been changed on DS and so no more matches. She was happy to do it. Im happy for everyone who was able to get one (or two!). 8/5/20 18:33pm

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    Dang!!!! That's cheap as hell

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    reckon someone screwed up and it was supposed to be 379.

    • Poor OW, U have to do it again.

    • Yup - just got an email from the Dick letting me know that it was a price error and, as per their Terms of Service, they have cancelled my order.

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    You would need to add in the postage for the price match.

    • Hey, Im trying to change the title but I'm not sure how. I'm figuring it out as I go

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        You are awesome.. u did a great job . Thanks a lot

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    Don't forget to factor in delivery cost too (even price beating with OW)

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    Shipping to my address (2296) was only $11.99 (so total $276.45 price beat with OW). Suspect as above this is a price error.

    If you're chasing these, get to Officeworks now and price match - this is a bargain.

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    great price! Probably a pricing error, so I'd hot-foot it to OW if you want in at this price.

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    it is cheap, I got my pair for $349 from costco 2 weeks age

    • Got them at Costco two weeks ago too. Might grab another one though.

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    As others have noted, i think this is def a price error and its meant to be $379 - get in quick with the price matches!

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    Thanks. Ordered. Already got one, but this is Ozb. i'l think later.

  • Would this be Australian stock?

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      Does it matter ? They only have a 12 months warranty here anyway.

  • insane price, get in at OW while you can

  • this is an amazing price

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    damn i got kogan credit from credit card but doesnt look like it works on dicksmith

  • WoW looks like price error LOLX

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    Anyone tried OfficeWorks price match? Have OfficeWorks refused price matches before on the grounds there is no money in it for them?

    • YEp, they will generally refuse in situations like this, as it might drop below their purchase price and they would actually lose money.

      • I think depends whos price matching it? I've had price matches where the manager doesn't even bother to check (airpods)

        • well of course, its all subjective depending on the person you get

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      Officeworks just refused over the phone as DS has two airpods pro listings for different prices.

    • Nope. They will do it unless grey import. Has to be indentical product. Warranty, everything. A long as seller has ABN they will do it.

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      I just called, they are refusing to price match, as the listing on Dicksmith doesnt have the part number listed (MWP22ZAA).

      I tried to add this information to the post description but it wont let me

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        the part number isn't list on the Apple website either on the product page so WTF is up with OW?

      • Might have luck in store though

      • -3

        That's kind of bull tbh to refuse a price match because a part number isn't listed, especially when there's only one model of Airpods Pro. Plus OW is accepting grey import price matching anyway, so part numbers shouldn't even be necessary.

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          Its a price error, so no, its not bull.

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            @TightTerry: Got price matched at OW, so not a price error. The price isn't price-error level anyway.

      • Got the same reply.

        KHAIRPODSPRO - on DickSmith
        APAIRPDPRO - on OfficeWorks

  • that's insane price

    but not sure apple will provide warranty as this is surely gray stack

    also officeworks will not price match Kogan

    • -1

      "Officeworks has decided that it will now be accepting Price-beats from stores with greystock, while previously it was only stores with Australian manufacturing warranty. It seems the store still needs to have a . com.au URL but we can now Price-beat with Dwi Kogan Becextech ect"

      • ooh didn't knew this thanks

      • Not true buddy

        -OW employee

        • I mean I just got it off google and it's on their website. From this thread and personal experience, it is possible. Doesn't that mean stores that don't adhere are just breaking their own policy? Or are you talking about Kogan specifically ?

          • @bkhm: I tried finding it on their website to no avail. Could you chuck us a link as I feel that is outdated information.

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                @bkhm: No it doesnt say that in that section lol.

                Grey import does not equal identical stock.

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                  @elcheapo1: Oh yeah I guess you're right, but it says if it's identical and it doesn't say grey stock is excluded in the exclusion section

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    Purchased. Thanks OP!

    • Same. Hope it goes through…!

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    lol. I am just sitting at their website and notifications just keep popping that someone bought the airpods pro ^_^.

    • yeah same, I'm just watching that as well

  • OW won't do the price beat anyway. Dick Smith may acknowledge that is a price error and refund later. Thought it was a great deal if can price matched though.

  • Should I buy one considering the ongoing ANC issues ?

    • keep thinking if I were you. By the time you decided its out of stock.

      • Same! :(

    • Yes, because it is your money, not mine.

    • Paring it with an Android phone so that it won't update its firmware automatically:D

    • A couple of OZBers have confirmed the ANC issue. Apparently, the latest firmware helps a bit, but still nowhere near as good as the original firmware.
      Original firmware, while have great ANC could cause nausea (which an OZBer also confirmed that's the case).

    • Firmware update this week appears to hav fixed ANC issues some people were having on an earlier botched firmware release, improved base and improved transparency mode.

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    Officeworks said there is no product code/ model no mentioned so they can't pricematch

    • Same here

  • Thanks OP. Got one, not even sure if I need/want it! LOL

  • Just ordered one. Thanks op

  • Outstanding, got one 👌

  • Good luck guys.

    I don’t need these but bought them anyways.

    Previous history of pricing error? Any bonus?

  • My first YOLO dont-think-just-buy ozb purchase. Thanks OP!

  • Just purchased. Thanks OP.

    Will try to price match via Harvey Norman online in case this one is a pricing error and gets cancelled.

    • Did Harvey price match for you?

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    Bought 2, 1 for me, 1 for my imaginary gf :p

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      Save money for a physical gf.

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    Be careful if you are buying these based on reviews from release as apple pulled a bait and switch.

    The ANC was nerfed hard, apparently it made people dizy or disoriented , a very recent firmware update fixed it slightly but it's still nothing like all the reviews said it was on release.

    • nah, been using mine for 3 months now and no problems. The best on its class.

      • +5

        nah nah.
        if you've had yours for 3 months, then you never had the original firmware which had significantly better ANC

        even with the recently updated firmware, it's not best in class ANC. Best in class all up as a general comment if you use apple devices. But as far as ANC goes for in-ears, Sony WF-1000XM3 are the leaders

        • -9

          Doubt that. No way they are better. Pass.

          • +3

            @Fredfloresjr: deaf to the truth? :P
            ironic considering we're talking about earphones

            btw, I had the Sony WF-1000XM3s for about 4 months to use on domestic flights, before getting the AirPods Pro when they were released last year around November. So I do know what I'm talking about from direct experience with both earphones. The AirPods Pro ANC were FANTASTIC when first released. At that point, I would agree they were best in class, even with ANC.

            But with the firmware update in December, the ANC was significantly crippled. The recent firmware update from a few days ago has made it slightly better. But nowhere near what it was like on first release.

        • +2

          Had both the Sony's and AirPods Pro since their respective release, Sony earlier obviously. Sony WF ANC always been better than the pros, without a doubt. Better sound also.

          However the fit of the pros was much better for me & size of case and iOS / Mac OS integration haven't noticed any degradation in ANC personally, doesn't mean it hasn't degraded but the product hasn't stopped functioning like many on the net claim. The more you use ANC (WH, WF, any brand) the less spectacular it becomes and the more you notice its flaws anyway.

          • @cruiseronroad: I have both and found that the convenience of the smaller case with the Airpods Pro more practical. Also found the touch controls to be more useful.

    • yes if you're getting these at the RRP. But at the OZB price here, I think they're a no-brainer. The regular AirPods are around this price depending on the case you get.

  • Please don't tell me this is a price error like the Good Guys did with the Nest Hub Max. 🤣

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    Just like the protein powder deal recently https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/533113 they will get ozbargained and then cancel all the orders

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    Don't get too excited everyone. All orders will probably be canceled.

  • Ordered one. Thanks, OP!

  • It's probably meant to say $379 lmaoooo, bought one anyway

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    Shooted my shot, the missus will be happy if this goes through

  • Ordered. Fingers crossed

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    Someone who bought from Dicks will start drafting his ads on gumtree now and selling for $350 lol

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    Pricematched at OW they included shipping so paid $275.49 after discount. The checkout chick asked 3 different assistants to make sure. Im certain i got lucky.

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    Price matched @ office works over the phone. Got a nice rep and we had a laugh. She approved it straight away.

    Happy mum's day

    Thanks op

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    Just price beat OW by the phone and will click and collect at the store. Now that's a bargain!!

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