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Free Delivery (+ $20 off Any Case) @ Stone & Wood (e.g. Pacific Ale / Cloud Catcher 24x Bottles $55.99, 16x Cans $39.99 Shipped)


Greetings everyone, seems like Stone and Wood have brought back free delivery sitewide and this can also be stacked with the $20 sign up coupon to get some great prices delivered :)

Some examples or pricing are as below:

Pacific Ale is currently $77.99 @ Dan Murphy's for reference.

The coupon works fine for me on guest checkout, however if you have ordered previously using this code, might be best to just use a different email.

Note: Free delivery seems to exclude WA,NT and some rural areas unfortunately.

As always, enjoy :)

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  • Need a new email for every week ;)

  • From last dead, I was really disappointed with Green Coast Lager, Cloud Catcher wasn't must better either.

    • Unfortunately, that's how it is. Very average beer. I'd have one of them if only there's absolutely nothing else to drink.

      • Wow what are you drinking instead?

        • Plenty of other options. Recently I had a few IPAs from Hawkers - Steph Likes a Party & Right on schedule and both were fantastic. New England "Smalltowner" was also pretty good. Well, those beers are in a completely different league though.

          • +1

            @d86: They are an entirely different style of beer too. Weird to go from IPA to pale ales.

            • @onlinepred:

              Weird to go from IPA to pale ales.

              depending on which end of each styles spectrum, there is a fair bit of cross over. Plenty of IPA's could be classified as pale ales and the same the other way.

              • @SBOB: The cloudy and pacific are on the light end of pale ales… For a light pale ales I think the cloudy tastes really good, it's deepee than other light pales.

    • all stone&wood just bloats me, the corona syndrome

  • +3

    Pacific Ale is so damn tasty and so easy to drink.

    • +1 to that, one of my favourite commercial brews. I've tried reproducing it myself and come reasonably close, the grain bill for it works excellent as a base for other similar styles.

      • 50% Pils/Pale malt, 50% wheat and a tonne of galaxy is a pretty good start for a recipe clone :)

        • +1

          Mine is closer to 2/3 pale malt and 1/3 wheat so I get less haze. For the hops I do 50g Galaxy at flameout and 50g dry hopping. The simplest recipe ever, but it's makes one tasty brew! I've done the same recipe with other hops as well:

          • Kohatu is great when fresh but I found it lost flavour quickly with storage.
          • Eukanot (previously known as 'Equinox') was a great one but because it had such a low AA I did 10g of Magnum first for 50 min to get some bitterness.
          • Simcoe was a disappointment. It just didn't lend itself well to being on its own, I think it's better used in other combinations.
  • Thanks OP!

    • +4

      Username checks out :)

  • Great!! Thanks!! Ordered me a box of pacific ale.. very decent beer!!

  • Free delivery doesn't extend to WA and NT ($15 for my area in WA).

  • Great beer, was down to my last few and had planned to order again this weekend.

    Thanks OP 👍

  • I think they have just killed the $20SHOUT code. I am getting: Enter a valid discount code or gift card

    • yep the code isn't working for me either.

    • Yep dead for me too… Fkkkkk

      • Damn thought it was just me but I had it in my cart applied > went to Paypal and it gave me an error. Never ordered online before so was a bit confused.

  • +1

    Why do I get the code $20SHOUT is available for items in your cart, I only have one Pacific Ale in there

  • +3

    Waiting for the cancel of order emails soon I guess

    Anyhow disappointing, but I do find that the pacific ale Stone and wood has change in taste since it first came out. It’s more watery now a days

    • Happens with every craft beer before the start being mass produced. Hopefully as the demand is low(pubs are not working) the can allow the beer to properly ferment and it will taste as nice as it once did.

      • Hopefully

  • Did this die before it started?

    • +1

      Worked for me. I might have just made it.

  • Tried to get this deal just after it appeared (3 hours ago). Added slab to cart, applied code, logged into Paypal, then received error while processsing. No big deal, I've missed out on plenty of deals before.

    What is annoying, however, is that I just received a generic marketing email from these clowns without being aware that I even subscribed to their mailing list. Seems like they auto-subscribed my Paypal email address. I hit the unsubscribe link to do so, but resent the fact that they added me to their list in the first place.

    • +2

      Interesting… that is a weird way to sign people up, if you open an account sure but just guest/paypal checkout shouldn't be used for sign ups that's probably against privacy rules… I'm in IT for retail and there's lots of grey areas with sign ups but customers must opt in so this one is pretty cheeky to say the least…

    • +3

      Gotta love a bloke named 'bangbus' telling us what 'real beer' is….

  • +1

    I used to order direct from these guys quite a bit and get free delivery. Now they want $15 delivery and the beer has gone from $69 to $76. I like the Pacific and love the Cloudies, but not paying $90+ for them.

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