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Huawei Mate 30 Pro + Bonus: FreeBuds 3 Wireless Headset $1104.15, Huawei Mate Xs 5G $3599 @ eBay Allphones


Enjoy :)

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  • Way better offer than the MATE20PRO :/

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      I'd prefer mate 20pro to this deal, would not even consider buying an android phone without google services.

  • Any idea how these go without google services/gapps installed?

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      webpage bank login, and webpage ebay aus

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        Man screw that for a 1k phone, I could not deal with this experience

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      Just google 'install g apps on mate 30' and follow the instructions.

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        It's one thing to install the apps, but what about play services.

        • Like the man said, "just google".

        • I'd done it for my Kindle a long time ago. It's simple, just Google it.

        • I googled exactly what Mechz posted and hit the first link (shitty blogspam but…)


          You are restoring the device using HiSuite so it can write the APKs to the system folder directly, you get play services + GMS. This isn't just putting the APKs onto your phone over a USB cable and then installing them with a file manager.

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      This is how I did it.
      Use outlook instead of Gmail.
      Use MS Office instead of Google Docs.
      Use third party youtube client, can't log into google account but ad free.
      Use Here Wego instead of Google Maps.
      Use web version of ebay.
      Use Huawei built in apps for weather, calendar, contacts, calculator, email, notes, music, video player, etc.
      Download Apks directly from Aptoid or other web sites, including Commbank, Westpac, NAB, Woolworths Money, Centrelink, Service NSW. They work ok without google services.
      A few apps can not be found, eg ANZ_banking.apk. Use web version instead.
      A few apps require google services and does not work. eg.Woolworths Fuel. Use petrol spy web version instead.

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        Wow, you really did all that just to use a huawei phone? You must really like Huawei.

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          I normally carry two phones with me. I uses Huawei for photos, chatting and phone calls. I also have an old iPhone for other stuff. The two phones combined has superior battery life and can handle every task I need, cost much less than an iPhone 12 pro.

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        I have a better option: get a different phone!

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        No thanks (P30 pro owner here)

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        No thanks. Just get a Samsung it's pretty much the same phone.

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          Hahahaha u r funny

      • Any more instructions?

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        Instead of using potentially dodgy apk sites install F-Droid market and then inside that download Aurora Store which lets you download directly from Play Store.

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      Better, they have Donald Trump installed.

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    how many ozbargainers have actually bought a MateX? or know someone who has?

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      Me. Xs, from pre-order.

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    So tempting. But I'm not sure if I'm brave enough to risk the side loading. Even if it works the resale value of these things is sure terrible?

    Plus the other thing is that the Mate used to be better than the P series. For example, the Mate 20 Pro had the better screen than the P30 Pro despite being 6 months older. However, this year, Huawei seems of have thrown that out of the window and made the P40 Pro better than the Mate 30 Pro in every way except for battery size.

    • You should compare Mate 40 pro with P40 pro really. Mate 40 pro is coming.

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    3599 for a phone. That is a new trend

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      Does that come with a 75 inch tv?

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      I'm not having a go at the OP, but could 3599 for a phone ever be considered a "bargain"? (It does look like a gorgeous phone, though).

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    No GMS, no deal.

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      All the iPhone don't have GMS ;)

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        And yet it supports all banking apps and most Google apps like Gmail and Google Maps etc etc. Bizarre isn't it?

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          Hi Buddy

          You are 100% correct, there are lots room for AppGallery to improve and growths, In meantime smart people can always found the way to work around it ;)

          Looking forward to see someone who can do better than GMS in the future.

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            @AHUANG: Yeah there is no way in hell I'm using a Chinese app store. CCP already harvests way too much data to feed their censorship engine. I'm far from an activist, but im not deliberately contributing to their human rights abuses.

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              @incipient: Hi incipient

              You have total right to make choose of what you feel comfortable. My advice will be when you have chance to experience all around the world before making your conclusions. No one would stopping your choice!

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                @AHUANG: There are a lot of examples out there, and comments from friends from and living in china. This is the latest thing that I detest. Demonstratable evidence of china using data from users in the west to censor stuff going into/around china. @AHUANG, if you use WeChat, you've probably had some of your content deleted without you even realizing, and that's a thought I'm not comfortable with.


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                  @incipient: Hi incipient

                  I am not disagreed all your points, there are billions living in China, not hard to found people who had negative experiance in they life or the place they live. I live there before and some my family/relative still living there, some people does have some bad experiance, same as people complaining about when they live in Australia, But I never do, I am happy with both place.

                  So far I am lucky I don't have any WeChat content been deleted, but won't be surprised me if they removed some contents, they could be Inappropriate/illegal or other reasons. Facebook, google, OZB does that too.

                  Sorry I am not fan of CCP and I don't against them either, I just mutual people to all parties.

                  I suggestion don't listen to other people as everyone had different experiance, try to experiance it yourself before commenting.

                  • @AHUANG: You don't get it. The idea is you don't realise you're being censored. You send an article about some new government policy in China to your friend. He never gets it, so doesn't say anything. You think he just didn't reply…everyone moves on. Free speech squashed without anyone realising.

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              @incipient: Alright, show me the evidence of a Chinese app store or Huawei phones stealing users' data. I'm sure you can find me a lot of evidence.

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                @ty99234: Read the ToS on any Huawei apps and you'll find that they allow Huawei to use the data for anything, even image recognition and law enforcement.
                Seems pretty legit to me, this is on my Chinese Mate 20X.

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                  @stinkydog: Doesn't Google and Apple do the same? Yet, there is no evidence of Huawei abusing user's data

            • @incipient: dude I'm pretty sure you aren't mean sh.t to the CCP…..
              stop making yourself sounds like something important

              • @JZL: Check that citizenlab article above. You can literally see, in real time, your messages being checked and added to the ban list and being censored. You just need a few wechat accounts to test.

                There is no "pretty sure" or similar. It's all just matter of fact, and you can see it happen right in front of your eyes.

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            @AHUANG: Lol, having to dodge up a $1000+ and $3000+ phone just to get apps to work, and have the Chinese gov spy on you. Sounds great.

          • @AHUANG: That was Windows Mobile…
            However the Googleverse sucked that one in, then spat it out…

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        Hi guys

        I am not affiliated with any particular brand or vendor, personally and our business always support and promote all brands inc Huawei, Oppo, real me, vivo, LG, Motorola, Apple and Samsung etc.. I always encourage them to provide best possible techs and deals to our community.

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      US rule might let American companies work with Huawei on 5G, No one would believe it a month ago. So what will be next?

  • Wait. Did you just say it supports all banking apps and most Google apps like Gmail and Google Maps etc etc!

  • Hah 3.5k for a phone, workers @ Huawei most be on some good shite. Guess we have to pay to support there habits.

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      My sister used to work for Huawei. They paid really well. But employees are some of the lowest scums. Loud mouthed and uncivilised. Rotten workplace for anyone not speak Mandarin.

      • By workers I meant the people high up who own the company.

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    Ok. I'm out of the loop. There is a phone that hovers around $4k?!?? Has to be a reason. Serious question… will this model blow me?

    • +18

      No, but it'll blow your credit card

    • +7

      I suppose you could fold the screen around your bits, if you're into that.

      • +4

        only with a screen protector

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      Tax deduction…. no other reason I can think of.

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    Dear lord 4 grand for a mobile phone

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    Thanks OP, bought 3 of the Huawei Mate Xs 5G

    Goes well with the Westpac black card


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    Where's this phone made

    • +3

      Made in USA? Nar, they all made in China;)

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        🤣 I know was just hoping for the China bad argument.

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        …. or Maybe also the ordinary people will say why should we use **Chinese phone or use any **Chinese product..
        **quote from an ambassador amended

        • -4

          I only buy Australian made phones.

          • @DisabledUser65702: Paper cup and string, i made one in school.

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              @jparse: Are you certain the paper cup and string was Australian made?

  • Got mate 20pro $640 a few months back,great phone good price

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      Nice, you got a great deal!

  • Any chance for Mate 20pro around $600?

  • https://www.auptimalmobile.com.au/product/huawei-mate-xs-pre...

    If anyone miss this deal for the next few days. $200 discount

    • Thanks for sharing the link, do you think people would wait few more days and pay $200 more ;)

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    $3.6k for a phone with possible backdoors for the CCP.

    Ummm ok

    • Some humans are drones. What can you say?

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      mate, your iphone is made by ccp as well….
      but thats crazy to pay 3.6k for a phone.

    • +3

      Isn't it funny, how we react towards the Chinese. We don't even question willingly or otherwise handing our info to the US and Eye5. However we question possibility of backdoor that hasn't been proven?

      • I miss the good old symbian days

      • Difference is CCP blatantly abuses human rights, on a scale bordering cultural eradication. And that's just the stuff they admit to!

        • +1

          Yes, but that is a different issue than everything claimed about the phone here.
          It is abhorrent what is happening in Xinjiang.

  • Hmm code should be bitethepillow

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    I thought I read it wrong. WTF? Phones will be $5000 in 5 years at this rate.

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    There's a bunch of bots or serious collusion going on here. Anything to do with Huawei gets upvoted even though it's blatant that it's a terrible deal. No one in their right mind would get this phone without any Google apps at all. Yet you see 42 upvotes???? How many are sold? Ridiculous.