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Westpac Altitude Black - 90,000 QFF Pts ($50 Fee 1st Year) /150,000 Altitude Pts /w $4000 Spend in 90d (Existing Westpac Cust)


Similar deal to one posted earlier this year, except now there is no option for Virgin points. Previously posted deal marked as expired so I have reposted - hope that is ok and not a duplication!
Apple Pay is also now available with Westpac as well.

Card details:
Uncapped points earn rate: 0.75 Qantas Points per dollar spent on eligible purchases, uncapped
Annual card fee: $0 in the first year, $250 thereafter
Annual rewards program fee: $0 if you choose Altitude Rewards; $50 if you choose Altitude Qantas
Variable purchase rate: 20.49% p.a.
Variable cash advance rate: 21.49% p.a.
Interest free days on purchases: Up to 45
Minimum credit limit: $15,000
Minimum income required: $75,000

Get 150,000 bonus Altitude Points^ or up to 120,000 bonus Qantas Points with $4000 spend within 90 days.
(Apply for the Westpac Altitude Black card and spend $4,000 or more on eligible purchases† within 90 days of new card approval and you'll get the initial 90,000 bonus Qantas Points.
Plus, you'll receive an additional 30,000 bonus Qantas Points after making the first eligible purchase† in the second year of your card account being active.)

Plus pay no annual card fee for the first year (currently saving you $250+)

Offer excludes customers who hold/held any Westpac Rewards credit card in the last 12 months.

New cards AND existing Westpac customers only. Offer ends 5th August 2020. T&Cs apply.

Comes with 2 lounge passes - Qantas lounge pass or Priority pass (depending on selected rewards program)

If you are not already an existing customer with Westpac, you'll need to apply for an account first before you can apply for this Promotion.

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  • +1

    Any options for 0%/low rate balance transfers on this card? (thinking of transferring my Amex balance)

    • probably not. for high rewards / airline points cards, you don't get em. its' either one or the other i suppose

    • +1

      is balance transfers useless for these minimum spend for bonus points offers? Since you'll have to pay off the balance on top of the 4k balance u end up spending?

      • I have about 15k so I was figuring I could transfer it and spend 4K on the card while making another 1.5k in repayments over the 3 months

        Edit: 6.99% now just weighing it up on how soon I will be able to pay off the balance and whether it’s worth the points vs additional interest (still much less than the 21.49% or whatever I’m paying with Amex) otherwise will go with low rate even though no rewards

        • +24

          Probably don't want to be trying to spend 4k in credit when you have a 15k CC debt already?

          • @daleroy1234: Agreed. Focus on one debt first then pay off next one that you mount. If he's wondering how long it would take to pay off, then that's a poor sign.

  • Don't have $4000 to spend :(

    • +135

      all good bro, they give you the $4k

      • +1

        gave me a nice giggle lmao ty

      • -3

        Do I have to pay them back??

        • Nope - it couldnt possibly go tits up

        • +2

          A lot of people choose not to.

  • +1

    Seems ok for the low first year annual fee.

    Unfortunately can't take up this offer because waiting for my points pay-out from Citibank. It's been about two months so will have to chase up their transfer to the Qantas FF account soon methinks.

    • +1

      Is that because of your credit limit or because it's worth citibank.

      I have a cc with citi, I'm assuming I can still sign up for this too

      • +1

        No, it's showing as Qantas points as 101K on my March citibank statement, it's up to the bank to chase up Qantas. Credit limit has nothing to do with earning the points or not.

  • +1

    $15000 minimum credit limit is too high. I have to cancel all other credit cards to get this one.

    • I'm dumb in this credit limit thing. could you please explain how you have to cancel all other ones? I thought credit limit is just the amount you can spend on the card.

      • +1

        It's based on your ability to repay so depends how much you earn you wouldn't have to cancel the others. I've got 2 outstanding at the moment both with 15k limits but think I'll try get this one as well lol

      • My income level (plus net equity available) is very limited. Therefore, when the aggregate of total credit cards minimum credit limit exceeds what they deem as repayable. Then they will not approve the credit card application.

        I.e. estimated credit limit allowed is $20,000 total.
        credit card 1 is $2,000 credit limit
        credit card 2 is $2,000 credit limit
        credit card 3 is $6,000 credit limit
        This new credit card 4 (application) is $15,000 credit limit

        Then this exceeds your allowable limit @$25,000.

        So good luck if you don't cancel credit card no:3 prior to applying this new credit card. (my mistake with words previously, I don't need to cancel all other credit cards to apply for this one, just need to cancel some)

        • question - whats the use of having multiple credit cards? Is it only for offers ?

          • @ModiWar: versions of cards
            DINERS CLUB

            some have better exchange rates for international purchases. etc…

            (NOT that you want it to happen to you, fraudulent use of one of your credit card that needs to be blocked temporarily, but you still need to have a working credit card to get through your luxurious lifestyles of spending)

        • ahhh… I see. Thanks for thorough explaination :)

  • +1

    What can get you more value in gift cards?
    150,000 Altitude points, or 90,000 Qantas?

  • I've had this for couple of years now, called them at the end of first year to cancel and they tried their utmost to keep it going, so haggled a free renewal but wasn't so lucky for the third and paying $50 now.

    Back then it had an AMEX and Mastercard. I think last year they dropped the AMEX.

    Good card for Qantas points accrual.

    • +1

      You can now cancel Westpac credit cards through the app.

      • +1

        I did that 18 months ago, cancelled via the app. Few months later I got a new card in the post and slugged a new annual fee. Rang and sorted it but the app cancel function did not appear to be as complete as I had expected.

    • How along ago did you neg the $50 annual fee? My first year is about up.

      • +1

        October last year was the $50. I told them that I'm about to pay Amex fees for the card that's originally a Westpac card and now you're also charging me another fee.

  • +1

    Can the 150k Altitude points be converted to Krisflyer at 2:1? If that's the case this is a good deal.

    • I think you'll find it's 3:1

      • Shite then the Amplify program is better at 2:1 unless that's changed.

    • No, 3:1.

      • Yeah just checked it. Wonder if the Amplify is the same conversion rate or better.

        • Amplify is still 2:1 but there are no Westpac branded Amplify cards, only St George, Bank of Melbourne and Bank SA (owned by Westpac). I wouldn't be surprised if Westpac would consolidate all this and phase out Amplify, similarly to how AmEx devalued their Membership Rewards program.

          • @bozbargain: I hope they have phased it out because there's a ripper deal for 130k Amplify points atm.

            • +1

              @nightelves: The St George Signature one you mean? I'm waiting on those points to come through. I'm a bit worried about points value in general given what's happening in the world at the moment.

              • @bozbargain: I'm not worried as I'm collecting points for RTW redemption which hopefully won't be affected as airlines usually overlook these when devaluing their points.

                • @nightelves: Biz or 1st? :D What route are you thinking?

                  • @spiff: Biz for 280k Krisflyer. Looking at Europe at this stage.

                    • @nightelves: You mean QFF?

                      • @spiff: Qantas RTW in biz class is 319k which I have. Now I’m collecting Krisflyer points and the only one that’s good atm is the St George Amplify with 130k points which converts to 65k Krisflyer.
                        Looks like Qatar will be opening up their network soon.

                        • @nightelves: Isn't Qantas RTW biz 280k points? I had no idea KF also did a RTW deal for 240k points. KF is pretty hard to obtain especially if Velocity gets further devalued.

                          • @spiff:

                            Isn't Qantas RTW biz 280k points?

                            You are probably referring to Oneworld Classic Flight Rewards (a.k.a. Oneworld Award), which are typically used for round-the-world though they don't have to be. Last year the points cost for business class increased from 280k to 318k, and from 420k to 455k for first class.

                            How the Qantas Frequent Flyer 'overhaul' will affect you

                        • @nightelves: Not quite RTW but combined QFF (128k points) and Krisflyer (108k or so) a few months ago for return to Europe. Perhaps an idea if you end up short on KrisFlyer and have enough QFF points. KrisFlyer redemption flights are so easy to redeem, you pay hardly any taxes/levies and can book your special meals in advance.

                          • @bozbargain: Nightelves is no points noob they know what they're doing, going for the big fish! ;)

                        • @nightelves: Qatar are a Oneworld airline so you'll be wanting Qantas points to target an RTW including them, not Krisflyer.

                          • @jasonb: Yeah I know. I’m wanting to book at least two RTW. One using Oneworld and the other using Star Alliance.

  • Apply now button is taking me to online banking login page?

    • "existing Westpac customers only"

      • Ah my bad, poor comprehension.
        Would making a fee-free savings account make me eligible?

        • +1

          In the past this has worked though I'm not sure that it will for this. No harm trying.

        • Yes, just get the Westpac Choice account or something like that. With the Westpac choice account I have to deposit $2000 into it each month (and I just send it back to my offset account straight away) to get the fee free part. Not sure if there is another type of account you can get that does not involve the monthly money transfers though.

          I think that if I got this card, my main problem would be how to spend $4000. You would have to time it for when you get those larger bills like car rego, insurances etc. In the past I would time it for when we would get our holiday trips to wherever but that is now mostly out of the question. :-\

          The best thing that works for me now is to use the entertainment book offer to get $2-3k of Woolworth gift cards as groceries is always something I will need. You can also buy for family members as well and pass on the discount to them.

  • Thanks, conditionally approved and submitted payslips.

    • -1

      You still earn more than 75k? COVID didn't affect your working hours or salary?

      • +3

        Rich and not so rich browse OZB..

      • +4

        Media reporting makes me think economy is shutdown, then I'm driving on the roads and see road traffic as busy as ever, shops busy, and unemployment hasn't even hit 10%. It really seems to be limited to a few sectors. Looking up today today. Stage 1 party!!!

        • +1

          Road traffic as busy as ever?? I disagree.

          Before covid, it took me almost 1hr to drive to work from St Leonoards, over the bridge to CBD at 8am. Now, during lockdown it takes 15 - 20mins

          • @Homr: Since last Friday, the traffic is back to normal, e.g. as bad as it has been before shutdown.

      • +1

        Yes, cut by 20% pay cut and working hours
        No, I’m using annual leave to fill up the gap.

  • Does anyone know if they consider Bank of Melbourne cardholders as holding a 'Westpac' card (Given the ownership structure)?

    Canned my BOM card a few month ago but I think this still falls into their window.

    • +1

      It shouldn't because BOM is Amplify cc and this is Altitude. The T&Cs on the BoM specifies on Amplify REwards program.

    • It's not. They're quite specific that BoM 12 month rules apply to St George and BankSA, with no mention of Westpac. So they clearly don't count that.

    • BOM back of the Stgeorge group for credit card purposes.

  • +5

    Qantas points don’t turn me on like they used to

    • +1

      Seems you've jumped ship to Velocity then. :)

    • It's an age thing..

  • The Platinum equivalent of this card (less points, less minimum income, lower spend threshold) doesn't have the first year fees waived.

  • QFF points not worth it now as Qantas is going to devalue them very soon after wiping out the competition Virgin. Back to the good 'ol days of $900 Sydney to Brisbane flights.

    • Speaking of Virgin. I had 150k AMEX points from the Explorers Card, I converted that into 75,000 virgin points when my explorer card when it expired, now my 75k virgin points is worthless since VA has now gone into administration :(

      • +2

        I sent my points to Kris Flyer in March. Unfortunately you missed the boat.

        • Same! Managed to convert it days after they blocked the transfer

        • I dont know much about Kris Flyer. Reason why I converted into Virgin points is because I'm more likely to travel domestic than international

    • There will be no competition from any international airlines on international flights?

    • Even with competition from other carriers, devaluing QF points so you need more to buy or go anywhere is an easy way for QF to make back lost profit.

    • +1

      Have to agree, it's almost certain that Virgin will stop flying internationally. When that happens Qantas will devalue their points significantly for international flights, which was always the best use of point redemption.

  • Hmm maybe its time to cancel my AMEX velocity platinum and go for this.

  • +1

    There is no annual fee ever on Westpac Premier Advantage package for Altitude Black. Premier Advantage Package itself has an annual fee of $395 but that's waived if you're an employee or fall within the friends or family category.

  • Collecting qq points. Should go for altitude points this time though? Only 90k points for the first cheap year then annual to see the 30k … Not worth it?

  • +5

    Applied and approved within 5 minutes, digital card is already available in my Westpac app to spend on, fastest application I've ever seen lol. No requirement to submit payslips which was odd.

    • boom - did you go Qantas FF or altiude?

      I might go Altitude program as my QFF points are accumulating but I'm not really using them as I end up by the discount QFF tickets and using my status (from work trips) to get access to lounges etc.

      • Went for QFF, not really too sure about the value of Altitude so thought best to just stick with what I know. Hopefully QFF doesn't get devalued too much, still pretty awesome value if it's a $50 fee either way :)

        • Were you an existing customer? It asks for my login details?

          • +1

            @roh008: Yeah existing customer for quite a while, it seems like you need to have a free choice account open to be able to apply (or any other Westpac product).

        • +2

          Last time I took up this deal it was with Velocity and they didn't even charge me the rewards fee. Ended up getting 80k Velocity points, two premium economy upgrades and 2 lounge passes. Hopefully they forget to charge the rewards fee for you.

    • +1

      Got it in the same day as well, but I had to submit payslips. Added the digital card to Apple Pay already!

  • +2

    Coming up to my 3 months now on a previous offer. Just rang them to confirm my eligible transactions and my Woolies/Wish gift cards don’t count (treated as cash).
    Time to prepay my utilities!

    • +2

      Wait what?? That sucks! Woolies egift cards were my go to.

    • +3

      I think they're bluffing. Check your statement when it comes.

      • Me too, but I’m not prepared to take that gamble! I’m going to err towards an overspend than miss out on my bonus points. Sorry team.
        Also I thought I hit my spend before my 2nd statement but didn’t receive the bonus points. Hence my concern & call.

      • +2

        Agree with @nighelves that they're either bluffing or reading answer from a script.

        I've just checked my statements from WP on Platinum deal last time ($3000 req spending)

        1st month spent ~$2900 ($950 was on WW gc)
        2nd month 0 spent (was put all purchases on another card)
        3rd month spent ~$300 ($95 was on WW gc)

        Bonus points was on right on the 3rd month. Total spent on gc was 1/3 of the requirement spending.

        • Got my first statement from this deal, everything was counted towards points (at the 0.75 points / $1 rate), apart from the $50 annual fee.

          That includes a Woolies/Wish gift card (which could potentially have been excluded as "cash equivalent transaction"), paying my electricity & gas bills via a payments platform (which potentially could have been excluded as a excluded as "BPAY or similar transactions (such as Post Billpay)"), and even a small government transaction (which could have been excluded as either "government charges" or for paying via Post Billpay).

          But my transactions were a whole bunch (~60) of small organic transactions. If was one or two large transactions and/or mostly manufactured spend, then I think they might flag it, and investigate further. But in my case that would be pointless since it's clearly being used primarily for groceries & everyday spending, and besides I always spend over the minimum, so that even if one or two transactions get excluded, it'll still make the min spend. Very easy to do that when you're shopping for a family.

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