Any Share / ETF Recommended Post COVID-19

With most states easing the lock-down, what investing strategies shall we take post COVID-19? What sectors and companies would bounce back after the worst hit?
I see travel, hospitality, retail, banks are worst hit but not sure how much and how long would take them to come back the pre COVID-19 level.


  • You missed the boat. Tsla regained 100% of their loss in less than 60 days.


    APT is a 4x banger for me!!

  • AfterPay. Jump on it.

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    If you are investing from a fundamental perspective then yes economy is likely to have a big bounce following a sharp dip over the next several months BUT:
    the market has already taken this information on board.

    Stocks which haven't recovered as much are those which are at higher risk of not getting through the tough times.

  • MYR jumped 45% last Friday

  • what is the cheapest broker to trade?

  • I'm personally still in the bear mindset. History would still hold that the bottom is to be felt ~3 months after the initial crash. I believe this is a bull trap and holding out till at least August.
    The economy was in in a bad way prior to covid-19, Covid has sped up the crash, however the recovery is a long way off. 10% employment doesn't tend to just disappear overnight and tends to hang around. If the housing market holds up (which due to low immigration, i feel it won't), then the banks will be safe. Just at the moment there's far too many unknowns to be getting in right now, with more negatives than positives.

    On a positive note, Australia still has relatively low government debt (still not great though).

    However once this is turning around i'm definitely taking on a miixture of Vanguard ETFS and BEAR as a hedge. BEAR is also a viable ETF if you feel the market is still heading down. Also feel Oil search is a bargain as long as you're willing to wait ~3 years for a return

  • I'm buying longer term, 2 to 5 years, have basically bought into stocks that had a pretty stable history pre-COVID19 (over prior 3-5 years), which lost a considerable chunk of their stock value as a result. Main focus has been the banks, some retail sector and some energy shares. Didn't buy any airline stocks.

    Merged from ASX Bull What Are You Buying?

    The market has passed well over the 6000 market from its low point just a 2 months ago in the 4000s and still well off just under the 8000s market in the high we were in around feb….

    Are you buying?

    What are people jumping on?

    Is it too risky to buy with the world in the state that it is?

    What the OzB sentiment?

    With property looking like a shaky investment where are people putting there money? Or are well all just buying 80k sports cars?

    It has been awhile since there was a forum on the current market so with all this unusual volatility im not sure what to do?

    • ASX: BEAR and ASX: GOLD
      This sort of driving up of the stock market happened just prior to COVID with admittedly better and more predictable economic conditions. Without COVID it was due for a correction anyway, i feel Warren Buffet is smart for sitting this rally out.

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      BNPL and Micro-Cap mining

    • I bought z1p close to the peak…

      Bought some Westpac shares a couple weeks ago so pretty happy with that.

      Really glad I didn't touch BBOZ

      Edit: not sure why I got negged, did someone get burnt by betashares?

    • Financial's mostly… FXL, BOQ, EML, EOS are among my top picks thus far. Microcap value stocks are looking to be best investments at the moment + payment solutions stocks (afterpay, openpay, zip, eml etc.)

    • If you are trying to time the market, looking at ASX must be depressing. Have an investment plan in place and buy into stock market at regular intervals without consideration of current share prices. I have a friend with significant assets who is trying to time his entry into the stock market for 15 years now… go figure.

      Do you have $5,000 to invest? Just do it. If your $5,000 goes to $2,500… so what… you buy more at your intervals and will be averaging down. Eventually you will be ahead.

      • I agree. Have a regular investment plan say $100 a month against an index on comsec pocket (or other apps) and just don't loose sleep timing the market. In 10 years there will be your capital plus some more.

        Unfortunately everyone seems to want to make not just a killing but a magical killing. That is why the market is more like a casino than some rational trade.

    • Depends on how you view the future. BNPL could be "Buy Now Can't Pay Later" given the economic environment if you can't pay now can these people pay later? Yes there is a small % of people who have the cash and use the BNPL to get interest on cash but I don't think there is that many.

    • Read up on bear market (rally)[]

      Invest but be careful.

    • RLT - a Helium gas explorer. Check out the facts about Helium itself, it is quite surprising.

    • I am happy with my purchase of VAS during covid as per ozbargainer favourite etf but regret on not investing another 15K that i have buffer during covid. Was very tempted getting my apt, Z1p and few bank shares but didnot buy. Regretting now.

  • Im going to add this to the Mix and give something different to my usually VAS tip

    TLS is going into the 5g space and it is pretty cheap atm - TLS has a bit of a moat in Australia esp in the business telco space if you want a little more risk TLS might be worth a buy at under $3.45 share - step div to reinvest and sell when it hits aroun $5.50

  • VAS up 16.5% since I purchased them,

  • Very happy with my FLT and Zip, got zip at ~$2.5.

  • The share price of most of the Aussie banks are still down considerably from pre-COVID19 levels, so still plenty of upside. I bought in late April and am pretty happy with the returns and plan to stay with them for a while yet. My standout performer has been Supercheap up 40%, however I think its getting towards its peak. My other bets are Scentre, Vicinity, Tabcorp and Star Entertainment.

  • What do people think of FlightCentre- FTP?
    Is it too late to buy or too risky at this stage?
    I agree the banks are a safer bet and bought some. Should have bought more, but didnt have the courage to see some of them go red :) in March/April time.