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2.5L Digital Air Fryer $39.99, Brushless Impact Wrench $79.99, Brushless Rotary Hammer Drill $99.99 @ ALDI


Hi Guys,

Here's my picks for this week. Full catalogue linked so repost as you feel like it. I think this is the first time they've offered an impact wrench this powerful, and with a 1/2 inch driver? I just got the previous one on clearance last month but I think I'll return it to upgrade to this one, looks more versatile. The smaller air fryer might be some consolation to those that missed out on the 8L one this weekend. I'm also tempted by the stick mixer… this could be a very expensive weekend.

2.5L Digital Air Fryer

  • 1000W
  • LED touch panel
  • Adjustable timer and temperature
  • Non-stick pot

20V Brushless Impact Wrench Skin

  • Fasten or remove screws and bolts with ease
  • Max torque 350Nm
  • 1/2 inch square driver
  • Variable impact rate 0-3300bpm

20V Brushless Rotary Hammer Drill Skin

  • Variable Speed 0-1100rpm
  • Impact rate 0-4900bpm
  • Includes rotating side handle and metal depth rod

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        • To those 2 muppets downvoting me, look down 3 more comments.

    • There's a possibility they might discount the Ryobi equivalent product to match the ALDI price. They've certainly done it before, and with much larger price variances ($599 Ryobi Thicknesser marked down to $199 to stick it to ALDI :D)

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    FYI regarding the air fryer, I picked up the Kogan 10.5L when it was on special (from memory around $120 delivered)

    I live on my own, it can hold around 8 chicken wings side by side.
    So I can imagine how small it would be with a 2.5L…
    Not sure, never tried having them on top of each other.

    Also, Kogan's has a turning rotisserie for a full size chicken, roast etc.
    Same with chips, 10.5L fits 2 handfulls flat. when you have guests, you need to do a few batches.

    It can take 2 chicken breasts or 2 duck legs flat in the ying-yang position so you can align the shakra and have tasty food.

    • +1

      Are you sure you meant Shakra?

    • The brushless rotary hammer drill was up on the Bunnings Australia website as of last week. Been interested in it for a while.

      Does Bunnings usually drop off items to price match Aldi? Or are they making it disappear to avoid the normal competition?

      • If I were the Bunnings manager, I will drop the price for Ozito 1 to 2 weeks before ALDI on special. Try to lock users into a brand as not many of them want to 3D print battery adapters to use mixed brands of tools.

        Xfinity is similar quality as Ozito
        ALDI has cheaper batteries, but they don't sell the batteries and tools all the time. Whenever you need it, they don't have it.

        • They're starting to drop the prices (hammer and rotary drill are cheap) and Aldi ones aren't out for 10-11 days…maybe they read your comment?

      • Usually. But the impact wrench at Bunnings is far inferior to the ALDI one. If wheel lugs are torqued correctly then the ozito one will do the job, but often the mechanics over torque them and that's why you need a decent impact driver to undo them.

        • +1

          Ive noticed bunnings taking down alot of Ozito gear lately,

          I was after a 2 in 1 nail and staple gun - Disappeared

          2x18V Brushless chainsaw - Disappeared

          Steel Deck Mower - Disappeared

          Impact wrench - Disappeared (has since reappeared)

          I think Bunnings/Ozito need to hire me, i am more competent then they seem to be.

          • @DisabledUser41709: Impact wrench seems to have disappeared again at time of this comment. Aldi one looks (spec-wise) far superior anyway, even factoring in need to get a dedicated battery for it.

  • bit off topic, but will aldi have snow sale this year? should be around this time

    • I was hoping it would be this catalogue. Maybe the next one.

    • I don't think they will have a snow sale, I remember seeing it somewhere on their website.
      Edit: Found it

      • Oh dang. I was hoping to swap my jacket from last year (zipper broke). Guess I'll have to go talk to support again to see if they can swap it.

      • One of my local Aldis has already put out some snow gear - glove and jackets. Would they have their regular full-bore ski gear sale? EDIT: the post above confirms no specific snow sale.

  • Had a google, if you've brought previous tools through ALDI and are branded Ferrex, they are compatible with Workzone branded tools.

  • I was looking for a mattress topper, hopefully I'll be able to get my hands on it and feel it before making the decision.

    Definitely a lot cheaper than the microcloud, but we'll have to see about value.

    • Since "memory foam" always feels like "memory foam". If you're just looking for a thin one (4cm) kogan have just dropped their price.

      • Ah so it's memory foam? The advert is quite vague. Thanks, good to know

        • No idea on the Aldi one, I was just offering an option as I too have been shopping around.

  • Anyone thinks this stand mixer is a good deal?

    • It's the same wattage as Kmart's $69 one (which I have and it's pretty rubbish to be honest) but this one looks a little better.
      If I was after something cheap, I'd get Kmart's newer $119 one. 1000W vs 600W.

  • +1

    Anyone know if the circular saw blades are any good (for general wood cuts)? Mine is blunt and was about to splurge on a nice one from Bunnings

    • If the carbide teeth are still there you can sharpen them with a dremel

  • Looking to buy the 20v impact wrench. How much is the battery + charger cost?

    • +1

      $39.99 for the 20v 2.0AH batt and charger.

  • Seeing that the Kogan airfryer may be unattainable for the short term (due to the waiting list), any recommendations on alternatives? (Especially any I can pick up?)

    I almost bought the 8L on Saturday, but I couldn't carry that and the DeLonghi air purifier, my first priority. It wasn't until I got the air purifier on the bus that I found out there were die cut hand holds on the carton ;_;

    • Plan your shopping. Bring a fold out trolley and elastic straps or plan it so you can complete it in a flexicar / goget within 1 hr window?

      • the Delonghi is on sale at Harvey Norman and Good Guys. I got one from there thankfully cause I couldn't get thru the crowds.
        I looked at all the Kmarts and Targets for similar priced Air Fryers no dice so I got a 5.2l one from Kogan. hope to get it soon :)

      • -1

        I actually grabbed a trolley and got to the store entrance a half hour before opening, but I decided that mobility was better, and discarded it. I remember the last time Aldi sold air purifiers, and that was a shit storm.

  • +1

    Do I have to stand in line before 8 AM to get the air fryer?

  • +1

    Hoping for Bunnings to price match the equivalent Ozito batteries

    • From memory it's been a while, so I'd say the chances are good!

    • Sad it's back to $40.
      I still haven't opened two of my black box batteries lol

      • what do you mean, the Ozito 4ah is still $69 on the website?

        • +1

          The previous-previous deals were just Ozito matching Aldi at $40.
          But then last deal Aldi ran the special at $30, and we all had the fun of Bunnings selling ones for $30 but in a different coloured box which was available at some stores but not others at the start of the deal thread.

          So just saying it's a pity the deal is back to $40, not $30 like last time. (excluding the fact that you can sometimes hold out for Workzone batts for $20 or less after special buy period)

          • @dufflover: ah, yes. Even still I'd kill to get my hands on them at $40. I remember buying one at $29. just one :(

          • @dufflover: do you happen to know how long until they normally discount the batteries after the special buy period?

            • +1

              @axtx: It's very store/manager specific, and that's if they have any stock left to begin with. I've picked up mine at $20 over the years. There's been the odd post here of people seeing them for $10~15 at some stores.

  • Would that impact wrench be good enough for car duties? Just tyres, not trying to crack a rusted exhaust bolt or anything

    • Tyres can be just as much as a problem because some mechanics over-tighten them (it's far too common of a problem). That said, here's the torque comparison :
      Ozito: 215Nm
      Workzone: 350Nm
      Ryobi Brushless: 270Nm
      Ryobi 3spd: 360Nm

      So if you were going to get one, it'd be the Workzone of your application is potentially troublesome wheel nuts.

      Personally when I'm removing wheelnuts, I grab my 400mm torque wrench, which conveniently holds 17, 19 & 21mm Sockets, and my Ryobi impact. I always hit the nuts with the "big bar" to crack the seal then impact driver from there

      • It was mainly for convenience really. I used a mates air tools before and it unbolted the wheels no problems. I'd assume air tools have double or triple the torque rating

        • I use a torque wrench to tighten my wheel nuts and it needs my 600Nm DeWalt to break them out quickly. The others might get them eventually but you'll probably get the its with them and just use a breaker bar to crack it.

        • The Ryobi 3spd manages wheel nuts, and even rust-frozen HUB nuts (no joke).
          Literally Hang on the trigger for about a literal 10 seconds, and it managed frozen subaru hub nuts…..
          My best mate owns a wrecker.
          3+ years of daily abuse (3 or 4 batteries a day?) in a workshop environment on damaged and rusted cars before the brushes even began to stick.
          Still works, just needs a bang sometimes.

          Brushed Ryobi is king here.
          Only down side is the rubber coating rips after a year of workshop level use.

          As an enthusiast mine gets used often, probably weekly, is over a year old, and looks brand new.

  • Hi OP. Please can I request you to share a clear picture of page 13 (the page with the circular blades). Thanks in advance

    • +1


      Hope that works for you. The picture isn't super detailed in print, so it's about as good as it's getting.

  • Dammit I have been waiting for this sale for months hoping to get the spanner set that they had in previous years but its not there :(

  • +2

    Special buys page has been updated now if anyone is chasing more info on particular things.

  • Anyone bought the stick mixer before?
    I have one already but the speeds are crap; the lowest speed is still way too fast/messy for things like soups. But the functionality sounds pretty similar to the Aldi website:

    2 speeds with variable control

    Which is like mine (normal + boost + control dial at top.

    Or if anyone knows which brands/models have slower gearbox.

  • General DIY guys who currently owns a 12V drill but felt a few times last month, I need more power.
    Dont want to spend a lot on an 18V Drill.
    Am I better off getting an Aldi, hoping it is value for money?

    Aldi Drill Skin + 2AH battery and charger = 90 bucks
    Ozito Drill, 3AH battery and charger = 99 bucks from Bunnings https://www.bunnings.com.au/ozito-pxc-18v-drill-driver-kit_p...

    Granted ALdi is brushless but battery replacement can be ache, Ozito is branded and battery replacement more available.
    What should I get it?

    • +1

      You may find Ozito Drill with 2*3AH battery and charger in some bunnings for $99.
      That deal has been around in at least VIC. But can't find on webside.

  • Anyone used the Certa (Kogan) impact wrench for $65 ? Warranty would be terrible, but I've got to use my $500 credit on something!


    Also, any other battery brands compatable with the Certa?

    I think if you paired this with say a 4Ah battery, then the torque power would be similar to Aldi.

    • Note battery size isn't just related to duration of energy. Bigger batteries have higher current outputs.
    • That's an impact driver not wrench

      • Cheers, I didn't even notice.

  • I'm sort of annoyed Bunnings did not price match for the impact wrench. I dont think they did last time.
    So I think this time I will invest in both systems.

    • Did they match anything?

      • The batteries (only the black boxed ones, not the red box ones) and drill I believe

  • Did anyone grab one? Went to two stores and they didn't see to have anything. Aldi website says something about how stock availability may currently be affected.

  • I managed to grab an Air Fryer and a Mixer. I had to tackle two middle aged women and a toddler but it was worth it.

    • Aye my local had people lining up for the air fryer and mixer. I only went for the drill, was a few oldies in for those but that was it.

      • I drove past two Aldi's. The line at the local one was way too long so I went to a bogan Aldi and I was about 10th in line.

    • I got to Aldi in Melbourne CBD at 8:45 am and there were only 4 left on a whole pallet of them! Lucky.

  • I couldn't find any of the impact wrench in SA/Adelaide despite checking a few stores.
    Did anyone find stock of the tools?

    • I got the $50 one easy enough locally. Maybe your stores got smashed early?

      • Which store and ddi you happen to see the impact wrench or grinder? :)

    • I went pretty early, like 8:45 and got one (in melb). Didn't see any other drills… But plenty of air fryers and stick mixers for me to get one of them each too.

    • +2

      Nah, they didn't come in to SA. They prioritised food items on restricted shipments. So a couple more weeks before they hit SA apparently.