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2.5L Digital Air Fryer $39.99, Brushless Impact Wrench $79.99, Brushless Rotary Hammer Drill $99.99 @ ALDI (Full Catalogue)


Hi Guys,

Here's my picks for this week. Full catalogue linked so repost as you feel like it. I think this is the first time they've offered an impact wrench this powerful, and with a 1/2 inch driver? I just got the previous one on clearance last month but I think I'll return it to upgrade to this one, looks more versatile. The smaller air fryer might be some consolation to those that missed out on the 8L one this weekend. I'm also tempted by the stick mixer… this could be a very expensive weekend.

2.5L Digital Air Fryer

  • 1000W
  • LED touch panel
  • Adjustable timer and temperature
  • Non-stick pot

20V Brushless Impact Wrench Skin

  • Fasten or remove screws and bolts with ease
  • Max torque 350Nm
  • 1/2 inch square driver
  • Variable impact rate 0-3300bpm

20V Brushless Rotary Hammer Drill Skin

  • Variable Speed 0-1100rpm
  • Impact rate 0-4900bpm
  • Includes rotating side handle and metal depth rod

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  • Was hoping Bunnings were going to match the impact wrench price but then realised this also one is way more powerful (350Nm vs 215Nm of torque)

    Might have to buy into the also tool set… Shame because I have so many ozito batteries and tools already

    • Theres a dude on gumtree that sells 3d printed converter clips for batteries between brands

    • but then realised this also one is way more powerful

      Might have to buy into the also tool set…

      Is the brand name of the Aldi version called 'Also'? What an unusual brand name…

    • think i might just buy into also battery system now if they have brushless ….i have some ozito, but that way i’m not as reliant on bunnings stock , and if my work needs more than 2 battery charges i use corded anyway …..
      can already see bunnings have pulled rotary hammer from their web site. and they typically don’t keep many on shelf anyway …..
      a couple of times they haven’t matched aldi deals, was told at tool counter as it’s not identical product ……actually aldi is 20v and bunnings is 18v ……

      • The rotary hammer is still showing as available in WA. $99.90.
        I would have thought getting stock at Bunnings would be easier than Aldi that only release them a few times per year?

  • How do you digitalize your air so that you can fry it?

  • oouh, has anyone used the impact drill and drill before? planning on using it for some home diy projects and brick wall drill works…good for home users?

    • brick wall drill works

      Grab the ~$50 Ozito corded hammer drill from Bunnings for this sort of work, will be a lot better than basically any cordless.

    • I've just used an ordinary cordless drill and masonry bit to drill brick, takes a little bit, but got the job done. If it's just the odd DIY, maybe you don't need a new tool just for a few holes in a few bricks?

    • If any hammer drill can't drill brick, it shouldn't be a hammer drill… probably shouldn't even be called a drill!

  • what was the size of the air fryer sold for $99 at aldi previously?

    • As mentioned, 8L sold this weekend.

    • Is 2.5L too small for two people? Say chicken wings or chips

      • You can always try it and return it if you can't make it work for you (or on-sell it, since these seem to be in very high demand).

        • even if they could make it work
          the bigger one would save on electricity in the long run, if you need to cook twice the meal on the smaller one

          on selling a 2.5L is harder than an 8L one
          and even then how much can you get back

          the 8L for $99 is a good deal
          and it would be better to wait
          or check online from other brands

          • @pinkybrain: Within the 2 months you can just take it back to Aldi, I just suggested on-selling if it's in demand might be easy and then Aldi doesn't have to junk/refurbish the item to get rid of it. No need to put a lot of effort into it.

            It does sound like the big one would be a lot more efficient for any kind of larger group though.

      • You'll regret it when you realise how much you can cook in a big air fryer, quicker and less electricity than an electric oven

        • I use it to reheat everything that’s supposed to be crispy.

        • Isnt an air fryer literally a tiny fan forced oven?

          • @MasterScythe: It literally is, yet, it's so useful and more efficient than an oven for most purposes.

            • @shiny1: Why are they so popular?
              You've been able to buy combined ovens\microwaves for decades.

              My microwave has a 'fan forced oven' mode, a grill element, and a 'rear' element.
              And best of all I can turn all 3 on, bake+grill+microwave.

              Cooks a frozen deep dish pizza in 7 minutes.
              Or a tray of muffins in 15.

              Tiny fan forced ovens aren't new; I assume 'air fryer' is just very successful marketing?
              the AIO microwave seems so much more useful…. and takes up one less appliance space :P

              • @MasterScythe: my convec microwave costs $1300 though.

              • @MasterScythe: I've got a fan-forced oven that dehydrates food before it crisps. And a combo microwave and fan forced convection oven. NOTHING cooks as efficiently as an air fryer in the time it takes… fries taste better in it than in deep frier.. its crispier and only cooks in the oil it was frozen with…. you can crisp bacon in these in under 10seconds…. reheat original kfc to a slight a crisp the day after and better than it came straight from drive-through.

                you can't cook a whole pizza in this due to size and I too use my convection micro with elements on all sides for that… but reheated pizza or home made small ones still cook better in an air-fryer.

                you can't be made to see what the Matrix is, you have too see it for yourself. Oh wait wrong movie…

      • depends how much both people eat

        from the pic, looks like it fits for one meal per person.
        like a KFC box

      • I've got the 3.2L air fryer from Kmart and find that it's just enough for two people. So 2.5L might be too small for two people.

  • Oo, might pick up the stand mixer, missed it the last couple times. I know it's fairly shite compared to the Kitchenaids etc, but for the amount of baking I do, it should do just fine

    • Kmart also released a 1000W die cast mixer recently for $119. Might be a bit better than this one as it has the same 600W rating as their cheaper $69 one and that struggles with a kilo of pizza dough in it when I use it.

  • I waited months hoping the powertools would come out in May like the previous two years.

    Anyone in the know if they are going to do the 7pc or 5pc box this year??

  • Newbie question. At home I don't have a drill set at all. So need to buy impact, the other one or both?

    These would be better than the recent boash deals at Bunnings?

    • Depends what you want to do with it.

      there are some aldi deals that has a drill and impact driver + battery combo in the box.
      this would be good cos you can drill and use the second one as a screw driver.

      these drills and impact driver will require you purchase the battery as well
      so it will be a bit more expensive than the combo deals.

    • as a newb… dont skimp on power… you wont know how frustrating it is when you dont have the power u want… these seem ok.

    • I have not seen ALDI Impact driver combine with other drills. Maybe they will do it this year.
      In the end, I made a battery converter and use my ALDI batteries on a Makita impact driver. (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3005821)

      • They did an impact driver, cordless hammer drill (both brushless), 2x batteries and charger for $150 last year.

        • Usually the ones in the combo are a little bit under on the specs compared to the ones the sell individually.

    • This is an impact WRENCH, not an impact DRILL.

      If you want to make holes in the wall, you'll need a drill.

      If you want to undo nuts and bolts, like on your car, you'll need a wrench.

      The drill in the catalogue is your regular drill with 13mm chuck. Fine for making holes.

      If you need to drive a bolt or screw in, you need an impact DRIVER.

      EDIT: An impact wrench will also drive in bolts.

      • You could use something like this or this to make it work like an impact driver, right?

      • If you need to drive a bolt or screw in, you need an impact DRIVER.

        "Need" is a bit of stretch unless you're talking massive screws or really long ones. Most household projects can be done with just a hammer drill (just a bit more time and effort).

        • It's a lot less likely to strip the head of the screw when they tighten up using an impact driver rather than a drill.
          It's like saying you need a chisel when a screwdriver can essentially do the job, just not in the best manner. Right tool for the job IMO.

          • @whitelie: That is hardly a fair comparison.

            Just turn down the torque on the drill for instance and work your way up. A good hammer drill is like a jack of all trades, master of none. Stupid comparisons are obviously not that.

      • Any link for impact driver for screw and bolts?

        I need to buy DRILL, WRENCH, Battery & charger, drill bit and wrench driver, right?

        • Bunnings will have a ozito kit with the pair and the batteries/charger for under $200, then spend 20-50 bucks on the bits for the drill and driver. A budget set will total around $200

    • Generally you'll want both. If you only use them sparingly they'll last basically forever.

      If you want to be really cheap, just the drill will suffice for really small jobs. But any job that requires you to really drive in a screw eg into hardwood, you'll realise you need the impact driver.

      If you only plan to assemble flat pack furniture, kids toys etc then the drill will have enough power to drive a screw into pre-drilled holes

      • Thanks. I think i just need the drill as its mainly basic stuff around the house. Looks like its around $100 including 4 ah charger which makes it comparable to boach deal from bunnings (with 18V). Was that deal better than Aldi?

        • I didn't see that deal but I think the $100 is a fair price for what you're getting..I would rather see the impact driver bundled with it again for $150 which I think Aldi did previously

        • The Bosch stuff will have more grunt and go forever in a DIY setting. Not many companies offer a 6 year warranty on the batteries (Ozito for example, is 3) but those sets were essentially worth around $400.

  • Think this is perfect as I just need the small size (not enough space). Checked physically Phillip Viva/Daily collection and seems perfect size but the spec on paper says the basket capacity is 28 oz = 0.8L. And Aldi size is 2.5L. Thats like 3x bigger. Is that Phillips model really that small?

    • You are confusing Liters with Kilograms. Not sure how many liters the Philips Daily is but its advertised at 800g capacity. I'm pretty sure this Aldi model is half that, this capacity would be suitable for one person.

      I've been using original Philips model nearly everyday for 5 years and it hasn't failed yet.

  • Is Kogan 8.2L Digital Low Fat 1800W Air Fryer any good? Selling at $99.99. Why the mad rush for ALDI air fryer?

    • Because Kogan has a back-order till late June and have to pay for delivery unless you can get Kogan First trial.

  • Air compressor sounds decents

  • The ALDI corded rotary hammer drill has a poor quality.

    How is this cordless one? Is it SDS as well?

    • Doubt it would be an SDS at that price. I can't seem to find previous versions of the Impact wrench either, possibly a new item?

      EDIT: Sorry the cordless hammer drill is SDS, there's also a Brushless drill skin for $50

    • I have the older less powerful model (of the corded one) and it's been excellent. I don't drill holes often of a size to need it, but I have demolished 3 bathrooms with it and it's been working flawlessly

  • Bunnings don't have a brushless rotary hammer, just the normal one that is already the same price

    Wonder if I should wait it out to see if they don't sell and can get one discounted lol

    Not that I have any SDS bits :P

    • ALDI one seems to have chisel function.

      • Does it come with bits? I was thinking of getting the Kogan 240v rotary hammer drill with a set of bits for $150. Might be slightly different than the Hilti version I'm borrowing at the moment ;), but Hilti isn't an ozbargain brand! Never used a battery version. Can't see it cutting it.. literally.

        • DON'T GET TOOLS FROM KOGAN, oh dear lord no!

          Go to a tool shop, bunnings, total tools, sydney tools, mitre 10, Homehardware.

          The thought of returning a rotary hammer drill to kogan for warranty is going to keep me awake tonight.

    • Personally I think it's a bit niche, rotary hammer drills suck up phenomenal amounts of power. I've used my mate's Ryobi one to clean the mortar off old bricks, each 4Ah battery was lasting about 10 minutes until it was fully drained. I think it's a tool better suited to being 240V, but if you're only ever going to do small jobs with it it could be useful.

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