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$15 off Orders @ UberEATS (New & Existing Accounts)


I saw a previous deal that had $15 off for first time ubereats and the code was 66EATS. I randomly tried 77EATS and the code worked for me even though I have many orders on my account. try it out or delete this post idgaf.

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Referral: random (2451)

$10-$15 credit for both referrer and referee. Cannot be stacked with new user signup codes.

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  • worked

  • -1

    Already had dinner early with the kids, so got 5 Free cans of sprite delivered! Will be by the front door by the time the kids are asleep!

  • +5

    Got hsp for 3$ nice

    • +2

      I'm picturing your DP kehuehue-ing at Pauline Hanson.

  • And finally a code worked OP… You are a legend… Thanks a ton!!!

  • Great first deal!

  • +17

    BTW love the "idgaf" vs "first post, please be nice" haha

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    Thanks OP just saved me cooking dinner!

  • +2

    Thanks OP! I combined it with free delivery promotion - $2.50 dinner delivered.

  • Too good! Thanks OP

  • +3

    Knowing that you just guessed the code is going to make my 90c dinner even tastier. Thanks OP!

  • Damn you legend!!!

  • Legend!

  • +1

    Are they allowed to charge us the full amount afterwards?

    • +3

      Nah they cannot

    • +2

      They might try to. Take screenshots of your receipt and order number. This way when you need to contact chat support, you can provide these details and demand your money back (which they will). I'm doubtful they'll request the money back at this point.

    • +1

      Historically I've never seen them do so - and there's lots of past incidents like this one. UberEats has a fascinating history with screwing up coupon codes.

    • I've only had it charge me afterwards when i made duplicate accounts.

  • Yay, free meal for tonight!

  • Not the first time a ‘first time order code’ can be used by existing users, I wonder if they did that deliberately

  • ubereats are probably thinking sooooooo many new accounts are being created

  • This is going to be a sweet dinner, thanks OP!

  • Cheers mate. Dessert is served.

  • +6

    Got one order delivered….ordered another from my partners account and the same poor guy is pedalling back up the hill again to our place. Will have to tip him! Legend op.

  • Truly is a cheeky Nandos finally!

  • +1

    Already finished my dinner from this deal!

    • +2

      Im already pooping (full stomach pressure haha) as i type this message

      • TMI, mate. TMI lol

  • +3

    Mixed snack pack for 90c delivered

  • Worked!

  • Mmm half price pizza! Thanks OP!

  • +1

    Oops this promotion is no longer available.

    • I scored a free dinner however I just tried to add the code to my GFs account and the promotion is no longer available.

  • +1

    Didn't get to it in time. Seems to be expired now unfortunately.

  • Thanks OP - Just scored a free dinner! :-) Definitely works, even though it states for first-time users only.

  • Says not available

  • Worked for one account, went to do it for a second and it expired. Thanks though op!

    Funnily enough even the new account I created can't use referral codes… 🤔

  • +2

    haha I literally missed out by 2 minutes. FML.

  • +1

    Missed out, but what a first deal! Nice one, OP.

  • Should I use it tonight? Or will they remove it if I wait until tomorrow?

    • +1

      Use it now. They can expire the promo

  • Just missed out, no longer works :(

  • +1

    Got a mate in the UK to order for me, $30 off, dinner for $4 delivered. Flashbacks to DeliveryHero days…

  • +1

    The order disappeared right at the instance of pick up. I still got my food but hope the poor vendor doesn't have to cope the bill :\

  • +4

    Missed out by 8 mins. While I was on my phone ORDERING UBER EATS!!


    • Uber Eats does phone orders?

  • +2

    Thanks OP

    Added to my account half an hour ago but was going to save it, saw that its no longer available so decided to quickly use it while I can.

  • Literally just ordered and it worked. Got some churros for 59 cents

  • +5

    Awesome deal thanks.

    Rules of Ozbargain Uber Eats Codes:
    1) Add Code

    2) Use Code - You can set up a pick-up order for up to 5 days in advance!

    I learn't that the hard way with all of those discounts we got before christmas! I found some of the codes just disappeared even before the expiry date.

    • +1

      My code's still there, haven't used it yet

      • +1

        I suggest not waiting too long, it may disappear at anytime.

    • Can also schedule delivery for a later date.

  • +1

    Got some hot chips delivered for free just in time for when dinner was served.. just coz. Thanks!

    Just realised it’s your first too. What a cracker!

  • Thank you OP. Got a chicken kebab wrap for free.

  • Not working for me! Thanks though

  • Ordered maccas buns for tomorrow's lunch. Thanks OP!!!

  • +1

    Got 1 large and 1 family size pizzas delivered for $12. Used my account and wife’s account for 2 separate orders.
    Thanks OP!!!

  • -2

    Ordered 3 meals with 3 phones just before 6pm. Thank you!

    • give this man a goddamn medal!

      • What he has gained is chunk change compared to the billions lost globally through corporate welfare.

        It's big business that deserves the medal.


  • Got some ice cream for free thanks

  • Got dinner scheduled for Sunday. Thanks OP

  • Got a free post dinner snack cheers OP!

  • +1

    Not working

  • -1

    Love it! Just created a brand new Uber Eats account and used the code 66EATS to get $15 off my first meal (Lamb HSP Halal Snack Pack, for $1 after discount), then fifteen minutes later used this code - 77EATS - to get $15 off my partner's meal (Pad Thai Noodle with King Prawns, for 90c afer discount). Dinner sorted for tonight! Thanks, OP. :)

    • Love your work.

      • Had a free Telstra $2 SIM card that I activated a while back but have never used (no credit on it), and also had less than three dollars left on a prepaid VISA gift card. So, Uber Eats cannot possibly charge me for tonight's two meals! :)

        With deals like this, it is definitely worth having multiple SIMs activated and just sitting there, with no credit on them. Perfect for apps like Uber Eats that require SMS verification to create an account. Each SIM card pays for itself many times over with all the free food on offer from various apps. That is if you even pay for the SIM card… ;)

        • +3

          No need to even activate the Telstra SIM cards, can receive texts without being activated which is all that's required to get the code and sign up for these sites

          • +1

            @realfancyman: Thanks, I did not know that. So you just put the SIM card into a phone and can receive texts that are sent to the mobile number that is printed on the package? Without activitating it? That is even better for anonymity!

          • @realfancyman: Ooh nice. So no need to bother with ID checks and SIM activation limits? I didn't know that, thanks!

            • @phrank: Had this page open for 10 min, didn't see the replies above. That's so good, thanks. Great for signing up for stuff that requires SMS verification.

              • +2

                @phrank: I never knew this as well. Have about 8 sims so didnt want to get more but with this it's unlimited free food. 1x sim = free burrito from gyg, $20 liven credit via referral, $50 sosure credit, $30 dollars uber eats, doordash and deliveroo referral, easi referral, plus so many more.

                • +1

                  @gottacatchemall: Has anyone made a list of first order discounts?

                • @gottacatchemall: I'm getting the free birthday food feels just reading your message haha. I can't believe I didn't think of this. I feel like I should hand back my ozb t-shirt.

                  • @phrank: But also, I value anonymity/privacy so I don't want to abuse this in case Telstra pulls it and forces activation.

          • @realfancyman: Wait is this actually true? Wow! Does it work for any provider?

  • +4

    Ordered bubble tea with all the allowable toppings to get as close as possible to $15. Not sure how it taste :p

    • It will taste DEM GOOD!

    • Any pics of that monstrosity?

    • Was way too sweet :)) end up brewing another cup of oolong tea to dilute. Makes 2 somewhat normal bubble tea

  • Expired after 2 hours? Ok

    • uber probably monitor this site

      • Or they have a system that flags a code being used over 1000 times within an hour or two.

  • Damn, missed by 5 mins!

  • +5

    Thanks for OP, best Monday ever.

    Ended up getting Korean food

  • -3

    66eats or 88eats worked for me as a code for $15 off

    • +1

      Really? 88EATS says I've already used an invite promo and 66EATS just says it's not valid.

    • +1

      66EATS is for new users which did work on one of my new accounts (made ages ago but never ended up using). Thanks

      • Glad it worked for you

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