This was posted 7 years 3 months 15 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

  • expired

$30 Free Credit @ UberEATS


Enter UBER580GEORGE under uber promotions tab on your uber eats account and you will get $30 free credit

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Referral: random (1580)

$0 Delivery Fee on your First Order. Referrer receives something too (Likely free delivery on next order). Cannot be stacked with new user signup codes.

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    code accepted but says "enjoy up to $30 off your Uber ride to the Uber office". Sounds more like an Uber ride discount than Uber eats discount, and more for a specific ride discount to an Uber head offce…

    • Yeah, mine says that too. I was looking forward to a free lunch today.

      • It takes $30 off your order in Uber Eats despite the message.

    • I think most Uber codes also work on UberEats

  • It says "enjoy up to $30 off your Uber ride to the Uber office"? - is it still okay for food orders? Thanks

  • +1

    Thanks, it's says $30 off your ride to Ubers office in Sydney only

  • Reckon it will still work though - add something to your cart and it still applies the discount

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  • +6

    I've just tried this in the UberEats app. It takes the total (up to $30) off the cost, so up to $30 is free, including delivery.

    • +1

      No pos for the deal?

  • Is uber credit and ubereats credit/rewards transferable between the two?

  • Promotion codes are not available for this account and all trips will be charged at the full price.

  • -1

    Worked for me, $30 Off UberEats!

  • +7

    Worked for me. Uber credit for existing users is like gold these days!

    • I spoke to soon. No Uber gold for me :(

      • Hopefully people will stop posting their stupid first time only promo codes and giving them free promotion.

  • Can someone tell me what is the best first order promotion for UberEats?

    Much appreciated, thank you

    • +2


  • Works great! Thanks OP - bound to my account woohoo!

  • Here's hoping this doesn't expire and that I remember I have it by the time UberEats comes to my city or when I'm next in a city that has it.

  • Has anyone tried it on a ride yet? Or is this food only as per this comment?

    edit: Can also confirm it works on food (as numerous others have now reported)

  • Free 8bit, thank the lord!

  • +1

    It works on the normal Uber app too!

    • Put it in my normal Uber app and got this:

      (UBER580GEORGE) Enjoy up to $30 off your Uber ride to the Uber office

      Uber office??

  • Thanks Bro!… Free lunch seems to be comming

  • Worked for me too. Free lunch for 2 (well almost)

  • That's (profanity) awesome. Just got a $29.95 lunch for free!
    Cheers mate

  • This is great. Thank you so much :)

    • Got the voucher code taken off haha!

  • How long is this code valid for?

    • Just use it now man, before they take it down

      • +2

        Exactly what I did. These things don't last when posted on Ozbargain so I've just decided to order now.

    • Valid Until Sep? Based on a glance memory, and I've used it for my dinner tonight

  • Thanks, booked for delivery tonight, use the code before it gets removed! $1 for Poke bowls

  • +1

    Apppy the code to your account to get the credit before they pull the promo code.

    • +1

      It's clearly not meant to be used by the masses, so they'll just pull the code for those who have added it too.

      • Thats true, I was able to add it to promotions however when I added food to cart, it was no longer showing the promo code, neither did it accept it

        • I was deciding what to have for lunch when the code expired. Look's like I'm having to raid the office pantry for biscuits.

  • Does anyone know if you have to use the whole $30 in one transaction/do you lose it if say you only place a $10 order? Can someone who's already used some of the credit plz confirm?

    • With the free $20 Uber rides, the remaining amount is forfeited. I would assume the same. Just use it all up.

  • thanks a lot.

  • Awesome, thanks. These food delivery coupons have dried up lately, always appreciated.

  • Works for eats, just made a order for 29+5 booking fee and only paid $4 :)

  • Thanks OP , added to account will test it tonight

  • Keeps saying 'Unable to apply promo code to your account'.

  • This is amazing, just got totally free vietnamese meal delivered for $29. Cant get better than that. Thanks OP.

  • -1

    Thanks 7-11 app ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Didn't work for me but maybe because I had $20 referral credit

    I try to apply it to another order and get the message

    Our systems are receiving unusually high traffic, please try again in a few minutes. Thanks for your patience.

  • I don't have a promotions tab on my uber app…any idea why this is?

    • Go to your profile

  • Worked for me. Free lunch on its way. Cheers OP

  • I still managed to spend another $5 on top of this just on my self for lunch. Eating like a king today.

  • +1

    Said not valid for me. Expired?

  • Not working for me :(

  • Not applying to checkout anymore.

  • No more :(

  • Thanks $7 for breakfast and lunch for 2!

  • +1

    Promo code has been removed from my account gahhh. should have ordered for now!

  • Promo has been removed from my account

  • +2

    i already ordered but looks like the order got cancelled and the coupons been removed from my account already… /sadface

    • Gone from mine too. That was harsh :(

    • same here! Got a nice receipt for $31 in my inbox LOL

  • Think they've nixed it. I get "Promotion code is not valid"

  • I manage to get it as a promotional credit for uber does that mean will not apply to uber eats?

    • its dead.. recheck and i bet its gone.. needed to be really quick and order straight away

  • Probably Expired :( not working.

  • Of course I would just miss out. ffs

  • NVM they removed it for everyone

  • Dammit, I applied and it worked but now it's not showing up. Waited too long to order.

    • me too

  • +4

    Aw man. Procrastination fail.

    Couldn't decide on Thai or Italian, code no longer working.

  • Just had my food in the checkout ready to go and then they pulled it! LMAO - you snooze you lose :( At least my friend got something.

  • I manage to get it as a promotional credit for uber does that mean will not apply to uber eats?

  • -1

    Why did they remove it?? If it was a legitimate code I'm not sure why they've taken it away from us if we redeemed it. Can understand them making it no longer valid if they just had thousands people apply it.

    • +1

      It was a "legitimate' code, but it wasn't intended for Ozbargain. Was probably meant for George.

  • laaaaaate

  • dang it i missed out

  • Just had the mother of all burgers from BurgerTheory with chips and drink. Used up $25 for it. Gotta be quick!

  • Didn't work for me ๐Ÿ™. Seemed to go through at first but already had a $10 credit there which I think cancelled it out. Used that one and tried again. 'Coupon not valid ๐Ÿ˜ข

  • Uber screwing the little guys again…

  • +3

    do they have right to charge us the full amount now that they pulled it. Like can they charge my cc account with the $30.

    • +3

      They charged me as well. My total was $0 when I ordered but then I was suddenly charged $20.

      • +3

        i had the same thing happen to me

        • +3

          Just checked.

          They charged me too.

          To answer the original question, I don't think they have the "right" to charge, because we authorised a transaction with a $30 discount. For most of us this would've meant the order would be free. Doesn't stop them from being "able" to do it though.

          Can probably file a chargeback with your credit card.

        • @illumination: This happened to me before, I used the $15 off code and then they charged me for the whole amount. I filed a chargeback and (eventually) got my money back.

    • +1

      They wouldn't do it, and even if they tried, we have email receipts, so we can charge-back via the credit card

      • Email receipts don't show the discount though

    • that's a good point given they have payment details!

    • +1

      can anyone comment if they got it refunded. My cc still showing pending but no amount. I want to see if they dare to charge without authorization, i screenshot stating the total is 5 instead of 35. However the email receipt say 35. How would I know next time which promo code i can use when the claus is not even evident on the screen when I ordered. Poor form of doing business.

      • -4

        The app displayed what the code was for when you entered it in.

        "enjoy up to $30 off your Uber ride to the Uber office"

        You're complaining when they catch you out trying exploit and rort them? boohoo

      • Haven't been refunded, sent a message but they haven't responded.

      • Have been refunded - first I used contact us section on the app to send a screenshot of the receipt showing the code worked but no reply- then phoned up and they could see the screenshot and they refunded me.

  • It must have been a staff only code.

  • Not important

  • They should honor the code, hoping my $33 pepperoni pizza arrives safe&sound at work tonight!

    • Can you reply here with the outcome? I want to know if I can pre-order next time.
      One of my collegues didn't spend and the credit is gone now.
      I remember when Delivery Hero did something like this, I pre-ordered a free pizza for the following day and it came through.

      • They will not honour the code. I pre-ordered something on the 3rd of April to arrive on the 4th at lunchtime with the code. Once the food arrived, I was charged the $29 instead of $0.

  • +1

    Well this is annoying, Loaded the code onto the app, choose food checked out, then the code was removed.

    Think I just paid $28 out of my own pocket. Not happy.

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