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$15 off Orders @ UberEATS (New & Existing Accounts)


I saw a previous deal that had $15 off for first time ubereats and the code was 66EATS. I randomly tried 77EATS and the code worked for me even though I have many orders on my account. try it out or delete this post idgaf.

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  • Legendary. Thanks OP!

  • +4

    Love your work OP. BRILLIANT.

    Funniest thing was because the restaurant got busy (wonder why?) and my order got delayed, Uber Eats automatically offered me a promo for three free deliveries. Hah!

  • +48

    Hope you all had a good feed :)

    • You are the hero of the month.

    • Mate., you are a legend

    • Thanks OP! Got a double fillet bondi delivered for Nada

    • Thanks for the tasty ramen and Singapore noodles OP

  • Is Ozbagrain Uber's biggest enemy?

  • myself and 4 friends thank you for their heavily discounted dinner :)

  • I got in earlier, sent it housemates 5 mins later and they missed out.

  • Thanks all, had a good feed using all the fam phones.

  • My order got cancelled 15 mins ago, 5 mins AFTER the driver picked it up from the restaurant and was on his way here.
    On my account it says that I wasn't charged anything!

    How strange!

    I wonder what happens now - because the restaurant had produced the order and it was picked up.

    • Did you get it?

      • +2

        No, I didn't end up getting it.
        I called the restaurant and they confirmed the driver picked it up and they offered to make me a dish but I declined because I am not sure how they will be impacted by this (whether they will get paid at all by UE)

        • +1

          Does that mean the driver got to keep and eat your food

          • @BigMac2000: Presumably so. And because you can't contact your driver given UE does not give the numbers, I can't ask them what happened.

            • @gud2cu: They prob didn’t find your address on purpose so they can keep it

    • +1

      Same here. No voucher back.

    • +1

      Our systems are receiving unusually high traffic, please try again in a few minutes. Thanks for your patience.


    • +1

      Has gone through the app, but not available for the use in Australia

  • +1

    I was too slow and missed out :(

  • +2

    it is as if the op bought a dinner for everyone. great deal op.

  • Did anyone else besides me was charge $1?

    • same, seems weird

      • Was it recorded as Mosman in the charge under your bank account? Maybe it is the authorisation charge.

    • I paid with Paypal and no extra charge. Maybe you got the $1 fee by paying with credit card or something??

      • +1

        Paypal too. Exactly $15 using promo so no charge.

        • Lol you did well, I went over like $1 something :D

  • Thanks OP!

  • Sashimi for tomorrow! Yay!

  • -2

    i just used it 30 mins ago. still worked then

  • +1

    I ended up getting some Oporto sauce jar. Oporto tenders, dishwashing liquid and pork crackle for about $2 tonight. What a score.

  • +2

    Good deal but damn Chinese takeaway has become prohibitively expensive compared to something like Thai or Indian.

    I ordered 1 dish of garlic king prawns for $26.90 + $5 delivery charge. Would normally have been $31.90 but for the code which brought it down to $16.90

    And they charge $4.50 for boiled rice, so I just made my own for like 20 cents instead lol

    • +1

      could possibly be more related to the fact that you ordered king prawns rather than a noodle or stir fry dish though

      • -2

        Thai chicken or beef dish is $11 to $14
        Thai king prawn dish is $15 to $18

        • and when you order garlic king prawns; you get a dish full of prawns.
          With the thai king prawn dish I think you would get a few.

          • @gmail92: Lol you would think so but no. You get 5 or 6 depending on the size from both

  • +1

    Code doesn't work anymore!

    Edit: it can't be added anymore under the promotions section.

  • +1

    Thanks for the lemon chicken. Have an upvote.

  • +2

    Damn missed this. Saw the post as soon as it was posted but dismissed it thinking it was just one of those “for new accounts only” coupons.

  • Thanks for the free dumplings tonight OP!

  • +1

    Thanks OP, halal snack pack sorted for tonight

  • How did I miss this :(

  • -3

    66EATS worked for me as well!

  • +2

    Here's a medal for you OP 🥇

    How many Ozbargainers tried all the 11Eats, 22 eats etc thinking they'll find another code 😂

    • +13

      that's what plenty of ozbargainers warned others about in the comments🤦‍♂️

      Darwin said it ages ago "survival of the fittest"

    • +4

      I feel vindicated now

      Even though I had dinner prepared when this deal was posted.

      I ordered some Thai for today just incase the code expired.

  • +4

    code was removed from my promotions :( should have used it late last night

    edit: code is still there but says expired. Even though no used

    • +5

      same as me says it expired September 1st 2020 lol

    • +4

      Yep, just removed haha, there goes my lunch :(

    • +1


    • me too,


    • same here :( just looked to order and its gone

  • ordered last night, received today for lunch, thanks.

  • +1

    The driver couldn’t find my house (not sure why) so he kept the pizza. Uber refusing to refund anything, they said it was my fault as the driver was waiting outside for me even though I selected contactless delivery…..

  • +1

    Does anybody else have Uber Eats saying that it expired 1 Sep 2020??

    • +1

      Yeah added it yesterday and it was valid but unfortunately now it says the same thing? That is so weird? Sep 2020 hasn't even come yet. But anyway it doesn't let me use it now :(

  • DAMM IT ubereats found out about the code. I was hoping to use it today for lunch. Should of used it last nightttt

  • Thanks OP, legendary first post!
    I got delivery last night. Fridge and ate today

  • +4

    Hi all, it seems they have expired all these promo codes. However, if you place a complaint with their twitter support team they will refund the expired promo to the same value ($15) It took me less than an hr total to get it sorted

    • Did you just sent them a message here:

      • +1

        https://twitter.com/Uber_Support?s=20 Is the best to contact! After a short back and forth, with emphasis on being unhappy, they gave me a $15 credit and called it an error on their side.

        • I messaged them through the app, they are very unhelpful. Keep giving me canned responses. I'm going to try twitter.

        • Thanks!

          • -1

            @ilovefullprice: I twitted them and got generic answer as code is for new user only blah blah and close the case. I gave them a very bad review.

            • @yht: Oh wow, it took me a bit, they kept going back and forth but eventually they said it was an error and gave me a credit. Wasn't actually too hard for me!

    • Contacted Via Twitter and they told me to bugger off.

      Uber Support

      It seems the promo code you tried to use is for new users only. As you've made orders with Uber Eats in the past, you won't be able to use this promo code. We've also sent this message to your email via in-app support.

      • +2

        that's fair enough tho lol

        Don't get people complaining they're hard done by when they knew it's a "hack" from the start

        • I’m fine with the response but in general from my experience they have been shitty. Can’t find my house even though it’s the second house on the street and refuse to refund when food never turned up.

    • +1

      Save $15 over time and order from your locals, or get some exercise.

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