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Starter Packs: $25 Belong for $10, $40 Boost for $20, $40/ $30 Telstra for $20/ $15 @ Australia Post


it’s time to stock up Belong starter pack :), $40 Boost for $20 is not so bad too if you need international calls/texts

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  • What is the best way to save with these plans please?
    I am currently on Kogan 14.99/3 months.

    • you can stack up Belong $25 @$10 each, port in with referral code (anyone from forum) for $20 sign up bonus and alter your plan from second month to stretch that $10 for more data and longer expiry :)

      • it’s time to stock up Belong starter pack

        Comments from other members suggest having more than one account in your name will result in getting all your accounts shut down and you will lose your numbers. Acceptable use policy

        You don't have to start on the $25 plan. Some options here.

        • I had the issue of having 2 mobile numbers (my wife and I) under 1 account. I contacted Optus and they said they cannot do change of ownership right now because of the covid19 lockdowns.

          I sent a support ticket to Belong and the agent said that is not a breach in their terms if I had the same name on another account, just simply use another email when I sign up. I have the emails on record if I have any issues in future but so far ok.

          It could be that people are activating sims and abusing the referral bonuses and then gifting the data soon after?

          Do you have more information if these people that had their accounts terminated did this sort of process to abuse the referral and gifting programs?

      • So do they stack? Could I buy a bunch of the starter packs and use them on top of each other, or am I confused? :/
        Great if I can

    • If you still want 20GB per month then just port to Catch for 90 days.

  • $40 Belong sim currently $20 @ Coles. Most likely last day today

  • Belong is best for data.
    You can gift data and it never expires.

    • are those starter pack able to stack up or use for topup? thank

      • you can if you do the dodgy (create a new account using referral code, then gift the data over) but if they catch you your account/number can be terminated. I wouldn't do it if I cared about the number and/or had a large amount of Gb stored up. Dunno how likely it is they catch you, but in my case its purely for tablet/hotspot data so IDGAF aside from losing the Gb/credit

  • I dont understand.. I already have a belong sim. how would this help me to stack?
    a bit noob for this!

    • Set up a new number. use your own refer code, go on largest plan and gift the data to your self

      • ok.. so activate on a new number on the 10GB plan for 10$ and then gift the data to my old number.
        what happens to the new number if I dont use??

        • You will need to cancel it as I think belong requires a payment option to be active to activate

  • Telstra prepaid to Boost allowed? Or do I need a special Sim to go to Boost? What about belong to Boost?

    • grab a $2 Voda or Optus sim OR Kogan $4.5 first month in between Belong and Boost porting is better than doing directly

    • It is, but a bit of a pain. Website porting will give an error, need to ring up Boost, explain the situation for them to send another SIM, then need to ring them again once you received it to transfer the credit from the starter pack onto that SIM.

  • Reading the $150 optus offer (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/528623) that there are issues with porting right now because of lock downs. Customers are having long (days or weeks) to port their number.

    I am considering on moving from optus prepaid to boost 12 month offer as the optus $150 offer is only for new customers but with delays on porting, it may be too much of a bother with the delays.

    How is the network/reception with boost mobile and is there much congestion compared to optus or telstra direct?

    • I ported from telstra to Vodafone on Sunday and was done within a couple hours.

      Although it took till business hours for the Optus network to refresh their side so people could call me who are using Optus

  • I bought the Optus 4G USB modem today for $19 (was $39) and it's already unlocked. Tried a Belong sim and it worked.

  • I have 3 numbers (family members and my own) to port from Optus. Would it look suspicious or a breach of their terms if I refer each other one after another on the same day? Each number will be under individual accounts/names.

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