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Belong $25 Starter Pack for $10 @ Coles & Officeworks


Starter Pack Features. Officeworks Link

  • 10GB Data (+10GB double data on the 1st payment date)
  • Unlimited national calls & sms.
  • Unlimited data banking.
  • Unlimited data gifting.
  • No lock-in contracts.
  • Telstra 4G & 3G.
  • 12 month SIM expiry (from the purchase date)
  • Change plan once every monthly payment cycle.

Here are 2 good options for using this starter pack. Before you activate make sure you get a referral code from a friend already with Belong or the OzBargain Belong pool for an additional $20 credit.

Option 1 (4 Months 5GB) - Start out on the $10 1GB per month plan. When the first payment date comes you'll already have 1GB data plus you get another 1GB (Double Data). The first 4 months cost is covered ($25 starter pack credit plus $20 referral credit). $5.00 will be left over for the 5th month.

Option 2 (3 Months 22GB) - Start out on the $25 10GB per month plan. When the first payment date comes you'll already have 10GB data plus you get another 10GB (Double Data). Then switch to the $10 1GB per month plan for the 2nd & remaining months. The first 3 months cost is covered ($25 starter pack credit plus $20 referral credit) and data rolls over every month or can be gifted.

Double Data (1st month)
DO NOT port/activate on these dates 4th, 12th, 20th, 28th. These are the start of new payment cycles. They are the same every month.
One month worth of data is credited on activation, and another on your first payment date, 1-8 days later. So you effectively get double data for the first monthly payment.

Porting hours of operation are: (taken from Whirlpool wiki)

  • Mon to Fri: 8am – 8pm (AEDST/AEST)
  • Saturdays: 10am – 6pm (AEDST/AEST)
  • National Public Holidays: Closed (Ports are not processed on these days)

If you request to port your number outside operating hours, your service will remain active with your existing provider until the next porting day. That being said, there are Belong mobile customers who've experienced successful porting outside these days/hours mentioned above.

Credit to Chris T, nyteshaiid, & TA for parts of the description.

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  • +15

    Thank you very much for posting the deal and the great instruction.

  • Someone mentioned it on the previous deal. But you can get 80GB for one month with the referral bonus.

  • +1

    They give $80 sim with broadband. People get rid of them on ebay . If you can get it for $40, you get $40 free. I got one even cheaper. So for a bigger outlay you get more free. Just an option.

  • Belong are a pain with their ticket system. You have to cancel on time otherwise they will demand money for the next billing cycle.

    • +1

      Not sure what you mean. This isn't a traditional prepaid service so if you don't cancel or port out on time your plan will continue.

      It's all there on the website.

      If you're switching to a new provider, be aware that you'll continue to be charged your monthly payment amount until the transfer is complete.

      If you want to cancel your service before your next invoice date, you'll need to let us know at least one business day before your invoice date to process your request and avoid further charges.

      I would suggest porting out or cancelling 2 or 3 days before your invoice date to be safe.

    • +3

      Setup payment via Paypal, and deauthorise from paypal when youre done Belong-ing.

      • They will still invoice you unless you cancel via their ticketing system. They will even refer you to debt collectors.

        • Speaking from experience?

          • @tryagain: Yes. They will bombard you with emails requesting payment.

        • So porting out is the only safe option?

          • @nanite: Cancelling before billing date is due is the safest option. This is no ordinary PAYG.

            • @jamba: Did you create a "Support Request" when you wanted to cancel?

              • @Arthur Dunger: Thats what I have been doing for my past 6 sim cards after I got stung with a $40 bill when my service renewed into the next cycle. Best thing is to raise a ticket soon as the service is activate so you dont forget to cancel.

                • @jamba: In the past you are able to get them to cancel your service at a particular date. Now you have to do it one day earlier so they can process on their system 24 hrs lead time. Shit system trying to avoid people cancelling their service.

        • Yes, they can still invoice you - but no, you don't have to pay them.
          It won't even appear in your credit report.

  • -1

    compared to the recent etel ones this is really expensive

    • +2

      Option 1 (4 months) is $2.50 per month with 5GB data.
      Option 2 (3 months) is $3.33 per month with 22GB data.

      Also if you buy a 2nd starter pack & activate it in a family member's name then use the 1st starter pack referral code it will add $20 to both accounts (2 extra months on the $10 plan) so it will pay for itself 4 times over.

      What etel deal is cheaper than this?


    Display: 2.4" QVGA touchscreen display, 240 x 320
    Camera: 0.08 MP
    RAM: 64 MB
    Storage: 128 MB
    Processor: MediaTek MTK6276A
    Connections: 3G / Bluetooth 2.1
    Warranty: 12 months
    SIM: mini-SIM

    you could leave this one in the glove box for emergencies?

  • Hey guys, where can I buy the belong aim. In Coles I assume ?

  • So we can change plan after the first month?

  • I bought one today but production date says may 2018. Will it still be ok to use in three months when I will activate it?

    • +1

      The production date doesn't matter. If you look on the back of the starter pack it says.

      Loaded credit will expire 12 months after purchase.

  • just remember to cancel 1-2 days before renewal date otherwise you will be charged the amount of the plan you chose and then you stuck with them for another month

  • Can i keep my existing belong number and shift to this new sim somehow?

    • No, this is a starter pack that comes with a sim card, it's not a recharge voucher.

      You can however buy this and activate it in a family member's name that doesn't already have a Belong account then gift the data to yourself. Make sure you use your referral code so you get $20 added to your account & the new account. Don't use the same email address.

      Another option is port to Catch (Optus) for 90 days $9.90 after cashback, then port back to Belong as this starter pack is valid for 12 months from the purchase date.

  • can one use this starter pack and activate it for $40 plan? ($25 credit from this and the rest from either the referral or own fund)

    • I believe you can.

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