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Belong $40 Starter Pack for $15 @ Coles


This deal is from the Coles catalogue starting Wednesday 18 December.

IMHO there are 2 great options for using this starter pack. Either way, before you activate make sure you get a promo code from a friend already with Belong for an additional $20 credit.

Option 1 - start out on the $10/month plan. The first 6 months cost is already covered ($40 starter pack credit plus $20 referral credit). This is a good option for those with modest data requirements (average 1GB/month).

Option 2 - start out on the $40/month plan. When the first billing day comes you'll already have 80GB data (minus what you already used). Then switch to the $10/month plan. The first 3 months cost is already covered, and you'll have nearly 80GB banked which never expires and can be used or gifted.

Update for Option 2: If you are activating before 31 December there is this alternative to using a promo code from a friend: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/501982
If you are porting your number to Belong then this gives you $50 credit, which you could use to stay on the $40 plan for an additional month and get an additional 40GB (total 120GB), or you could use it for several more free months on the $10 plan.

For more details on plans & billing see the wiki page in Whirlpool. Also there are plenty of discussions in previous Belong deals.

BTW this starter pack may still be available at Woolworths for the same price.

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    Don't forget to use the Ozbargain referral for $20 referral credit when activating SIM


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    80GB is a lot of data and some people might be content with a bank of 40GB (+1GB per month) and having a longer "payment-free" period.

    Is there now an "Option 3" to activate on the 40GB plan, but BEFORE the first billing date to switch to the $10/month plan? Combined with a $20 referral credit that should give six months of usage without charge?

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      I believe this should be possible, just have to pick your activation day carefully.

      Plans are billed on the same date monthly. Initial billing dates are every 8 days (e.g. 4th, 12th, 20th, 28th May 2018). The time between activation and the next available billing date is "free".

      So activate on any day except those and change plan before the next billing date rolls round and you should be able to do what you're saying.

      btw I have been with belong for quite a while now - I rate it, and it's worked out <$7 a month and I still have 100+gb in store

      • Are these days the same for every month and year (4,12,20,28th)? Not sure as the example everywhere is May2018. I imagine they've done it that way to fit the maximum amount of billing days in a calendar month that could only have 28 days but thought i'd check. I'm looking to port in on 29/30th Dec to take advantage of the $50.

      • Im signing up today (28th), what's the difference signing up today vs tomorrow? in regards to billing cycle, as I cant do it tomorrow, since they dont port on Sundays.

        I intend to go with $40/40gb/large + $50 ported credit used for 2nd 40gb, when will I see or need to activate for the 3rd 40gb?, after this (120gb) I will then down size to the $10 plan.

        Sorry, Im very vague at the moment, lack of sleep, just want to be sure.
        Please let me know today.

        Happy new year to all.

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          If I have read the Whirpool Wiki correctly you won't get double data if you port your existing number today as it's the start of a new billing cycle.

          • +1

            @Arthur Dunger: Thanks Arthur.

            Can anybody confirm this?
            I could wait till Mon/31st to sign up, would that get me the 120gb or have I missed out on getting 120gb?

            I understand(?) that on/after the 1st bill cycle I get the 2nd 40gb added (no charges), then I can use my $50 port credit for the 3rd 40gb large plan (I assume I do this on the 2nd bill cycle yeah?), for 120gb all up, this right?

            Then at 3rd bill cycle downsize to the $10 plan?
            Im re-reading all comments & the wikki, just want to check.

            Belong should be operating/porting on Monday yeah?


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      you can only change your plan when the first bill has been generated not before, so in theory yes you can because they take $40 when you signup then $0 on the first billing date.

      Sign up 16th Dec to the large plan, they charge $40 give 40gb. Can't change plan until 20th.
      On the 20th Dec they charge $0 give 40gb. You can change plan. Or…
      January 20th, they charge $40 give 40gb. You can change plan…

      Anyone can confirm? But to be safe 80gb is a good way to start….

      • +1

        This is absolutely correct.

    • Could you please explain about the 6 months?

      If they take $40 from you, you would be left with only the $20 referral credit, which would last you 2 more months on the $10 plan.

      So how do you get 6 months??


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        To get 6 months on $60 ($40 + $20 referral credit), you need to stay on $10/month plan.

      • I read this on the Whirlpool wiki listed in the OP.

        "The $40 starter packs can be activated on any plan. If activated on the $10 plan, you will get 4 months before having to pay more."

        Combine that with the referral credit of $20, and that should be 6 months of service for your initial $15 outlay.

        Just not getting the big data injection doing this. Which is why I was wondering about activating on the $40/m plan but churning to $10/m before first billed.

        • I see. Thanks for the reply.

          Reading your description of "option 3" above, it sounded as if you were saying start with the 40G plan, but then somehow still end up with 6 months of usage. Anyway, so it's not.

          Ok, no worries. Maybe I've misunderstood your comment. Thanks for explaining.

          • @LikeHTC: I was suggesting that. What I was wondering was whether you could activate at $40/m to get the initial 40GB allowance, and then quickly churn to $10/m before the billing starts and your credit starts getting deducted. That would still be 6 months of service but with much more data.

            But another poster said that the $40 of credit in the pack comes off at activation.

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    Wrong… Don't use referral but use the other code give you $50 if porting or $25 for new number…


    • For the existing numbers the $50 is the one to go for. New numbers, $25 vs $20+20, depends how generous you are, maybe someone will give you $20 via referral one day.

      • 99.99% human in earth today will already a number so porting is usually more common…. Not against you or op, just think need to mention $50 is a lot….

        • +3

          Some people want a 2nd Sim for the cheap $80gb.

          • @CJ31: Completely agree that is possible.
            Actually with $40 starter you pay $15 and can get 120gb plus a bit more if you just keep the plan at large.

            • @ChiMot: I used a new number Sim for testing Belong before switching. Once I finished testing the network and was happy then signed my number across to a second SIM and gave myself the data from the 1st SIM. Crazy amount of data for $15+$15.

            • @ChiMot: ignore my post above completely wrong i was reffering to $80 sim from their nbn

              • +1

                @ChiMot: Pardon my ignorance, but would you be able to run me through how to redeem this? I've never ported across in such a fashion so I'm stumped on the order of how to do things. I think I want to go with option 2 and I'm on a plan with Optus that expires in a few days. Would my first step be to obtain a SIM directly from Belong through this deal (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/501982) and then obtain the $40 SIM for $15 from Coles? Or can I just grab the SIM from Coles and then subsequently take advantage of the $50 credit? I'm assuming after the right option, having signed up with a regular plan, I can downgrade to the small plan for $10 a month, which means 9 months with Belong for $15? Again, apologies for my ignorance, I feel like it should be very straightforward but it's just not registering in my brain properly haha!

                • +3

                  @Zenyth: no need to order from belong just go to coles tomorrow and get the pack. it has sim inside.
                  yes use the code, porting, and you start with $90. if you sign up with regular $25 will be charged right away, you left with 90-25 = 65.
                  after you get the 1st bill you can change your plan to small $10 each month ie total is 1+6.5 = 7.5 months for $15 (common sense with $5 left you need to top up by $5 for the bill of $10 to get through) again read this https://whirlpool.net.au/wiki/belongmobile around the billing sections

                  • @ChiMot: Thank you very much for your reply mate, that makes a great deal more sense now! My only worry is with the quality of the Message2txt transcription, which, from what I have gathered from the comments, does not appear to be too reliable. Appreciate your time.

                    • +2

                      @Zenyth: And to add.
                      On the first bill date you will get charged $0 (but get another batch of data)

                      • @ChiMot: Thanks, mate, I've decided to go ahead with the plan, works out perfectly! Thanks for all your time and help.

          • @CJ31: And $50 - $2 is still better than $20 + $20

    • Is it possible to buy the $15 sim and apply the $50 bonus code? If so, how?

      • +1

        Yes, I brought a $40 sim for $15 last week at Coles, ported my number in and used the code from this post: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/501982.

        Received 40GB data and will receive another 40GB on 20 Dec. Will use the $50 credit for the next months $40 plan and receive a further 40GB.

  • Telstra to Belong works? Do I need to get a special sim like porting to boost from Telstra?

    • +1

      I had no issues when I went Telstra to belong

    • +1

      You don't because Belong SIMs report Belong on the mobile phones whereas Boost SIMs show Telstra (even so, Boost SIMs don't use the same numbers to check balance and recharge - so there are still some differences).
      Remember to use your mate's referral code (or if none of your mates is using Belong, get a referral code from OZB) so you get $20 credit - your referrer also gets $20 credit.

    • +1

      Yes, also ported from Telstra to belong no problem.

  • Just to clarify. If you’re a new customer porting over your number you can use this deal for $40 credit plus $50 promo code but only if you sign up for regular plan. However you can change to small $10/month plan in which case you have no payments for 9 months?

    • +1

      yes regular or large. and yes can change no fee

  • How would you get extra months? Wouldnt the $40 starter just be for 1 month?

    • $20 referal credit

    • +1

      Or $50 byo number credit (as above)

  • We set this up today $15 40gb using BYO50OFF billing date 20th.

    Showing 40gb now and $40 paid, next payment shows $0 on 20th and 40gb; so yer amazing deal.

    Any idea how long takes for the $50 to land?

    • +1

      check again in 2 hours or so, under payment tab (obviously you need the service/porting to active/done first) you will see it there

      • Been a few hours and hasn’t shown up; I won’t worry to much till the 20th, port was done and all working within 5mins (from Telstra)

    • So you could put the code "BYO50OFF" while the pack was purchased from coles/woolworths?

      • +2

        yes. doesnt matter where the pack comes from….

  • so option 2 is better than a catch 90 day 54gb plan that's $14.9 for new users?

  • +1

    Has anyone had issues sending MMS? I've checked the APN settings, reset network config, but nothing seems to work.. Saids "message not sent: service not activated on network". Also I can receive MMS but they are highly compressed and videos all pixelated

    • +1

      Yes, I have had the "message not sent: service not activated on network" error. For me it consistently occurred trying to send a particular photo, but other photos would go without issues. Putting in recommended APN settings didn't help. I haven't seen the problem for a few months now, but I don't use MMS much.

      • Yeah sucks.. for me it's every single photo

        • the problem with this and how to fix it is that the photos you take are too large and there is some issue somewhere along the line where the image isnt compressed properly into mms form.

          im not sure if its your phone is incorectly not compressing them or its a telstra/belong issue because the error only happens on some phones.

          the way to fix it is to send smaller photos
          I think something under the 2mb mark and it works.

          either you set the camera to take lower quality photos
          or install a photo editor that you can create a smaller copy of the photo to send via mms.

          thats why for some people it works some of the time because the photos taken are right around that 2mb mark.

        • Use google messages RCS wifi

  • +2

    Belong used to be free. But now OzBargainers are saying they've been banned for self-referrals.

    So with the standard $10 plan you have to port out every 6 months. Has anyone used Gumtree for data @ ~40 cents / GB?

    • Please explain. Why would you port out?

      • To only pay $15 per 6 months. Otherwise it's $10 per month.

  • I bought this previously and only ended up getting 60GB after the first billing date. Not sure what I did wrong because I can see the bill for $40 and it’s the 40GB plan.

    • +2

      Until recently the $40 plan only gave you 30GB/month.

  • Will this deal be available at Coles express?

    • +2

      Not on sale at Coles express.
      Still on sale for $15 at JB Hi-Fi

  • +3

    Picked up one today at JB for the same price! Such a good offer.

  • Belong is awesome. The 1 GB of data rolls over. Currently at 10gb

  • I have an account with Belong with $20 left in the account. Can I port my number back to Belong with one of these sim in this deal? I believe that I can’t use referral code for it. Which is the best way to get most data when activate?

  • Can anyone comment on the quality of Message2txt transcription? I'm concerned that I might miss some important calls from private numbers.

    • Patchy. Not something to be relied upon for business or important calls.

  • Do they have an eSIM option?

  • +1

    Whats with that data gifting, can I buy few sims and just transfer data to the main one?

    • +2

      That was originally the only reason people would choose Belong over the competitors (e.g. Boost at $135/yr was a much better deal for those that needed Telstra and a few gigs of data a month).

      But people say they've lost their primary mobile numbers over it though the details are sketchy. I haven't lost my number but I only referred my own SIMs for the $20 credit, not the data. I won't be taking the risk anymore (since the T&C's and other OzBargainers say you can only have one SIM with them, despite them knowing of my multiple SIMs in the past…).

      • How can you loose your phone number? Belong would block it and not allow to port out?

        • You just lost the number, indefinitely permanently instantly

          • @ChiMot: Wow… and there is no way to get your number back?

            • +1

              @DaBz: Nope. People don't realise provider own your number. They can do anything they like

              • @ChiMot: yeah its kinda scary because you can legitimately refer yourself in some situations where I dont believe its abusive.

                I have friends/family visit from overseas sometimes and I would think that one of these packs are perfect for when they come over.

                open the sim in your name to make it easier because then you dont have to mess with international ID.

                after their stay of 2 or 3 weeks; gift the remaining data to yourself and cancel the sim.

                I dont see how thats abusive; especially if you're not doing it like every month.

                if you do this twice a year is that ok?

    • I've been doing it for some time for Mrs. Referred her like 5 times to herself and gone through lots of data without any ill issues (touch wood)

  • +1

    Can I turn off Auto top up in my Belong account?

  • Can i porting 3 number and put in one account use same referral code

    • No

  • Does anyone know if there any expiry date on the starter pack?

    • +1

      I've got one in front of me and there is no expiry date.

      Also in Coles they were selling ones with a production date of 2017! I chose one with a production date 26/08/19.

      • I think at the back of the pack, I read something like credit expires after 1 year…..

        • Can't see a 1 year expiry.

          • +1

            @Arthur Dunger: Thanks kindly. Will pick one up.

            • @squeeb: I had a look in Coles at some older sim packs today and they actually do say that they are valid for one year after the purchase date.

  • Can these and the $80 starter pack from signing up to their NBN be used together at all? Or is the credit specific to the sim you get in the pack? I am looking at a mobile for my kid starting high school next year. So wanted to use the $80 starter pack on the $10/month. Could i also grab one of these $15 packs to top up the plan and also use one of the referrals to get another $20?

    Also does anyone know if you can use your own NBN referral for the mobile plans?

    • Both are starter pack not top up pack.
      No referrals are different from NBN and mobile service. You can use own and refer yourself but read above its breaching their toc

      • Ah ok. So its one or the other then?

  • Does anyone know if there prepaid plans available for this sim?

  • -2

    Hey bought this pack today. So what's the best codes to maximize my credit?

  • Thanks posters, a awesome deal, was about sign up with them (glad I looked here 1st, perfect timing), or Optus daily plus.
    Haven't been able to decide which to go with (low cost with some data) for months, not now :)

    So this deal will most likely last till the next catalogue (WED)? or sooner?
    I need to sign up with a $5 plan/starter kit 1st (Aldi or Dodo?), as I want a new mobile #, then port that to Belong ASAP.

    Merry Xmas all

  • +6

    You could effectively have a 12 month 91GB plan for $75.00 if you are porting before the end of the year.

    • +1

      Correct. Simple. Everyone not understand just too lazy to read that Whirlpool link.

    • When you activated though did you pick $10 plan right off, or do you have to wait after billing. I didn't seem to get 5months.

  • Mmm i have 3 plans that expire mid/end of February. Very tempted about using BYO50OFF as it will provide an extra $30 (3 months), but I am sad about loosing 1.5-2 months kogan already paid….

    • +1

      dont be. $50 is a lot

      • Anyway I have decided to wait. I will finish with Kogan and then move. Even if I don’t get the extra $30, if I move the first sim then I can refer the second 2 sim so will still make an extra $40 and manage to finish my kogan plans.

    • +1

      Just a heads up that BYO50OFF will only work if you port in & activate on the $25 or $40 plan according to the post.

      • +2

        Thanks, I want to activate $40 to stock up the 80gb. Then move to $10.
        So activating using code +$40 sim= 6 months service with 85 gb

  • How long does porting a number take these days? I've not moved in years.

    • +2

      I did it from Vaya today and it took about 70min or so.

      • Do they offer a $5 starter kit?, I think coles sells them.

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