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Romoss Type-C USB PD & QC 3.0 18W 20000mAh Power Bank $27.99, 10000mAh $23.19 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/$39+) @ Romoss Amazon AU


Back again with a Romoss power bank deal and this time we have a total of 5 power banks - 3 with fast charging and 2 with standard charging.

Both 20000mAh (SW20PS+, Sense 6PS+) and the 10000mAh (Sense 4PS+) have multiple fast charging technologies including 18W USB-PD via USB-C, Quick Charge 3.0 via the blue USB port and 5V/2.1A via the white USB port. For recharging they have USB-PD via USB-C, QC 3.0 via Micro USB and and 5V/2.1A via Lightning. Other fast charging technologies supported include Huawei FCP, Samsung AFC (excl. S9/S10), QC2.0, MTK PE and Apple 2.4A, as well as pass-through charging.

The 2 Sense 4 Mini power banks are standard charging power banks (5V/2.1A) and do not feature the 18W fast charging found in the 3 power banks above. Please See each individual listing to see the differences (battery level screen, dimensions, capacity etc) between each.

AU stock, AU warranty and free shipping with Prime (or orders over $39).

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  • Hey OP thanks for bringing these back. Just wondering what the differences are between the SW20PS+ vs the 6PS+?

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      The display. SW20PS+ shows the battery capacity, if fast charge is active, charging voltage and charging amps. While the 6PS+ just shows the battery capacity.

  • can I just say - I bought one and for the 20000mAH, it doesnt seem to even work properly and i keep running out of juice when trying to charge basic stuff like an iphone or just the pS4 controller. :/

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      If you're still under warranty you can reach out to Romoss on their Amazon store page and they should be able to organise a replacement if it's faulty.

    • i don't want to dog pile OP he seems like a good bloke and lots of people seem really happy with the power banks however mine seems to randomly drop half the capacity

    • Very different to my experience. Mine is the best power bank I've owned out of maybe 6 in total. Including a few ankers

  • Do any of the Romoss power banks support quick charge for the latest Samsung galaxies (I realise these ones don't)? I have a galaxy note 10 plus, what would be the best power bank for me?

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      Not currently. There are plans to produce power banks with higher watts that will support the latest Samsung models.

  • The fast charging ones wont fast charge S10+ or note 10?
    - Samsung AFC (excl. S9/S10)

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      Samsung changed their charging tech in the S10 series nicknamed Super Fast Charging. To achieve 25W you need a charger/power bank with USB Power Delivery 3.0 and the less commonly used PPS specification, as well as an e-marked cable.

      As for the Samsung S9 series the power bank sometimes works. I've received mixed feedback from people so it's safer for me to say "not compatible".

      • Does the charger which comes with S10 25w too? I dont read it written on the charger. 25w ones might charge the USB notebooks too.

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          I don't own an S10 so I'm not sure what charger it comes with sorry.

    • On Note 10+ the charging current reach 9.2V 1.6A so not too bad compare to the included charger at 25W.

  • On your post it says these support pass-through charging. Yet in the FAQs on the Amazon site it clearly says it does NOT support pass-through. Which one is correct?

  • have the SW20PS+, very good quality and well built. Can charge my ipX (from 20% to full) around 7-8 times per full charge. The only down side is it charges slow. I can get only 5W. May be if use usb-C to lightning will be faster.

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      Recharging the power bank with a lightning cable is going to only hit 5V/2.1A. USB-C with an 18W charger would be ideal.

      • oh well, sorry for confusion. I mean it charges my ipx at only 5W from USB-C to lightning.

        • This is confusing. If you are using a USB-C to lightning cable with a PD charger, then you should get benefits of fast charging (50% in 30 minutes).

  • OP what does Type-C USB PD means? fast charge? can it charge my laptop?

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      USB Power Delivery which is the universal fast charging standard for USB-C (Type-C). 18W isn't really suitable for charging a USB-PD compatible laptop. Normally 30W or 45W as a minimum.

    • No it likely won't even charge a laptop at all as it does not have all the USB-PD profiles, the missing one being 20v.

  • Thanks OP, ordered the SW20PS.

    To confirm the fastest way to charge the powerbank is with USB-C w/ 18w wall charger, then to charge the iPhone Xs with a USB-C to Lightning cable?

  • Do you have an existing power bank which support wireless charging / plan to introduce one if you don't have in your current product line?

  • These have definitely come down in price…

  • what is it dif
    Romoss SW20PS+ 18W 20000mAh Power Bank
    Romoss Sense 6PS+ 18W 20000mAh Power Bank ???

  • Can you make discount work on 30000mAh version as well? pleaaase

  • Best battery bank I've ever owned. Always will recommend this - price/quality ratio is just too damn good!

  • My one is at 35% capacity that I bought in January 2019. I have checked the capacity with a Keweisi USB current meter and its at 7000mAh after ~15 months of use. I love seeing the voltage and current readings when charging it or other devices but surely you should get longer out of it.

  • Will this work/is it suitable with a Samsung S10 5g please?

  • Grabbed the 10000 mAh PD version, as i've got the 20000 and it's great.
    Didn't really need (like everything on OzBargain) but good if I don't want to lug around the bigger one

  • Thanks grabbed a 10k pd version.
    Shit I've got to many romoss Power bank's now.

  • so what kind of charging speed would you get on a s10 and s20?

    not even like QC2.0? isnt it still 18w?

  • Ordered and received. Looks pretty solid and can charge my Macbook pro with it somehow, Im not sure if its suppose to be capable of.

  • The 10k pd version turned up nice and fast from Amazon
    Already got the 20k.
    ASsumed it may not be any thicker if it's half the size but not exactly pocketable
    Still a great device with UCB C PD and nice to have the choice and not take the big one around