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[QLD] Free General Admission for Nurses @ Sea Life Sunshine Coast



This is opportunity for us to show our gratitude to these dedicated professionals during this particularly relevant time.

They sacrifice their own needs in order to care for others, and we'd like to give back by allowing all nurses a free day out.*

*One free general admission upon presentation of your valid nurses ID and a photo ID. Valid until 31st December 2020.

Details on how to redeem this offer will be updated on our website here, prior to our re-open date. Please keep an eye out here for updates.

You have to be registered as one of the following to qualify:

AIN – Assistant In Nursing

EN – Enrolled Nurse

EEN – Endorsed Enrolled Nurse

RN – Registered Nurse

CN – Clinical Nurse

Midwife – RN Midwifery

NP – Nurse practitioner

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    Interesting timing to make this until the end of May. I have a nurse friend and she certainly would not go by then - regardless of what the restrictions are she is still isolating as much as possible due to genuine concern about the spread of COVID-19 both generally and due to her higher likelihood of contact.


      Deal is valid until 31st December 2020.


        Seeing that now. Original revision actually said 31st May……2018.

        Well that makes it a bit more reasonable.


    wow. thank you.

  • +6 votes

    They sacrifice their own needs in order to care for others, and we'd like to give back by allowing all nurses a free day out.

    All this cringey language is getting a bit out of hand. One of my best friends is a nurse. She is earning good money still doing the same shifts as she was before the pandemic. She's not sacrificing anything, and honestly I don't think most other health workers are either.

    I appreciate all the work they do, but for most I'm sure it's "business as usual".

    Surely this would be better targeted at those with families who have lost their jobs?

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      but for most I'm sure it's "business as usual".

      Many are actually working a lot less since there is no elective surgery.

    • +1 vote

      Agreed. It's all about marketing. Much like the bush fire freebies that were available to those that had the relevant ID whether or not they did actually do anything with the fires at the time.

      As jv said many are probably working less.


      A registered nurse’s average hourly rate is $33/hr according to payscale. IMO it’s just okay salary, and you can’t ignore the fact some of them are risking their lives during this pandemic.


        We are all risking our lives. Unless a nurse is working on an isolation ward for COVID-19 their risk of catching the disease is the same as every one else.

        But as for the job they do - you can't pay them enough, they save lives as much as doctors do, some even more.

        I was in a cardiology ward once and the patient in the bed next to mine was prescribed a lethal drug combination by a cardiology registrar, a nurse picked it up during routine rounds.

        She consulted with another nurse, then brought it to the attention of another cardiologist who changed the prescribed medications, saying "he's new" or something along those lines.

        Tens of thousands of people die in our hospitals every year due to human error, if it wasn't for the nurses it would probably be more.


          Obviously you are not a doctor.

          Obviously nurses never make mistakes.

          Before the instaneg you give me, can you please let me know the dose and medication that was prescribed by the registrar , because, otherwise how would you know if it was a lethal dose?


    The 12th of May is INTERNATIONAL NURSES DAY.

    What about Nursing Mums ???