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[PC] Steam - Divinity: Original Sin 2 - Definitive Edition (50% off) $32.47 @ Steam


Divinity: Original Sin 2 - Definitive Edition is 50% off on Steam.

I'd been meaning to buy it for a while and was regularly checking for a sale, having not jumped on any previous sales.

According to isthereanydeal.com, previous sales haven't gone below this price.

'Overwhelming' positive reviews on Steam, and created by Larian who are the same team behind the upcoming Baldur's Gate 3.

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  • +11

    such an awesome game

  • +1

    Top game if you are into click based RPGs

    • +2

      And even if you're not, like me, I still managed to fall in love.

  • +2

    If you like DnD games, you'll love this. Amazing game

  • +1

    There's a reason why it doesn't drop in price very often. It's an amazing lovingly crafted game and one of my favourites and is worth every cent.

  • +1

    Awesome game.

    I don't know how it still gets so regularly overlooked but probably has the deepest combination of story, world and game mechanics you'll find.

    At this price its a must.

  • +1

    Is it still fun if played solo?

    • +4


    • +7

      I didn't think so tbh

      • +7

        This poor bloke ^

        Gets asked for opinion.
        Gives opinion.
        Gets downvoted.

    • Yes, it is meant to be played solo.

      • +2

        I disagree.

        A lot of the fun is if you are coop, but you need to be more patient for your friends to decide their turns during battle.

      • -1

        It's most definitely not meant to be played solo.

        • how can you claim this? every turn-based rpg ever created 99% of them are ideally played solo, this is just one where they added coop. pillars of eternity i think would be a worse game if they had to incorporate coop. the coop in this game is obvious to appeal to a larger market, which succeeded. great game nonetheless.

    • depends

    • +1

      Yes, but try your best to find someone or a group to play with if possible, the replay value is great but nowhere near as good as the first play-through.

    • +2

      I played over 100hrs solo.
      It's a very story heavy game, plus if you're like me you'll spend hours in your inventory swapping things out etc.

      I haven't played MP so can't comment on that.
      But it's a brilliant single-player experience.

      • +1

        If you can get a mate to play, multiplayer is great. I find with SP I play carefully. In MP we take more risks and have a laugh when things go wrong but it's awesome when it works out.

        Griefing each other for screwing up is also good fun.

  • +2

    Quality can't be denied but it wasn't for me. I only played it for an hour but I decided to return it to Steam.

    • yeah I returned it and then bought it again at 50%

  • Do you need to have played the first one first?

    • +1

      You might miss a little bit of the terminology and lore, but the games are set 1000 years apart so you won't miss much story wise. EDIT: BUT for what it's worth you can pick up 1 for cheaper and it's worth it

      • 1000 years apart. That’s a long time.

    • Not necessary at all.

    • If you play the second and decide you like it and want to go back and play the original, you likely won't enjoy it. The systems and gameplay are so much more refined in Original Sin 2, so it would be like going back to play Mass Effect 1 after playing Mass Effect 2.

  • One of the best RPGs of the last decade. I was cool on the 1st game, but the step up in quality in the sequel is undeniable.

  • +3

    just buy it. worth at full price

  • Instant buy at that price. Bought it on release at full price and still don't regret it. Great Rpg

  • The only game that I ever actually bought the soundtrack for (separately).
    It was quite hard early on and I didn't like that you pretty much lost the initiative to most of the enemy - especially the final battles.
    But there are ways around that.

    Can only hope that BG3 is better.

  • +3

    Great game, highly recommend! Absolute blast with a couple mates

  • If only they had a multi platform pack at > 50% off. Would be interested in PC+switch with cross-save.

  • In the same boat. Been eying it off for a while and only recently decided to jump om it but it didnt go on its monthly sale so had to wait a couple weeks extra for this sale. For those of us 'in' Argentina this game is only roughly $6. Great price.

    • Are you sure it is this game not Divinity II?

      • I'm confused, this is divinity 2.

        • +2

          This one is divinity: original sin II. There is also another game called divinity II

          • @vicez: Oh right never heard of it. Definitelu referring to this.

    • Thanks for the tip.

    • Has anyone been successful in buying this through Steam Argentina. I thought Steam already disabled local payments since last year

      • They have banned local payments, however, you can buy a physical steam gift card from somewhere like eb games and activate it on your argentina account or a simpler method is gifting a digital gift card from a second Australian account (friend or your own secondary account).

  • On my second play through, make sure to get the pet pal talent if you want to speak to animals, otherwise just install the mod that always lets you talk to animals(disables achievements).

  • Top five best games, in my opinion.

  • +1

    Great game! Would highly recommend playing with a friend/friends.
    It can be challenging at the start as there is a lot to learn, but there are heaps of videos on Youtube that can help you when starting out.
    This game requires quite a bit of time and commitment, so be prepared to be immersed in it for a while.

  • This should be an instant purhcase, it's so good

  • Just bought it as it's on my watch list.

  • This game took a long time for a decent price drop. I'm finally getting on board (and looking forward to seeing it being sold for ten bucks in a couple of weeks now that I've bought it).

  • +1

    Apparently well worth playing through a 2nd time with the Total Overhaul Mod.


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