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Xiaomi Wireless Car Charger 20W (AU $49.91+ $5.65 Standard Shipping) @ Gearbest


This has automatic grip and wireless charging in one unit. See the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IVA1Lalalcs

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Main Features

Xiaomi 20W Qi Infrared Sensor Wireless Car Charger Fast Charging Phone Holder
Product Name: Xiaomi Wireless Car Charger
Model: WCJ02ZM
Interface Type: USB-C
Input: 5V/3A 9V/2A 12V/2A
15V/1.8A 20V/1.35A
Output: 20W MAX
Material: PC + glass
Product size: 117.273.491.7mm
Executive Standard: T/CA 101-2018、Q/320281DHR05
1. Electric auto pinching
2. 20W max quick charging
3. Dual cooling multiple safety
4. 81.5mm width for most devices
5. 2.5D glass with blue ring light
Wireless charging compatible with the phones that support Qi wireless charging:
for iPhone Xs Max / Xs / Xr / X / 8 / 8 Plus etc.
for Samsung Galaxy S8 / S9 / S10 etc.
for Huawei MateRS / Mate20 Pro / Mate20 RS etc.
for Nokia Lumia 930 etc.
for Xiaomi Mix 2S / Xiaomi Mix 3 / Xiaomi 9 etc.

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  • -2 votes

    wow, that is expensive.

    how much is it normally?

    • Around $75-80. It is bit of a gimmick with a brand name. So not an ordinary car holder.

      • I got the 10W Baseus for $14 on eBay a few months ago.

        • +3 votes

          That's totally different item, I was not happy with any car holder until this. I had mine one used around one year and still like it.

          • @hsia: I assume you haven't tried the Baseus? It performs the same function, works really well and has a brand name - the only downside is that it charges slower but also costs a fraction of the cost of the Xiaomi. How is it a "totally different item"?

            • @elektron: @elektron, I used similar thing before. The major different is not the charging speed, 10w wireless charging is already good speed btw. The Xiaomi one has a Electric auto pinching holder.The Baseus one is a gravity lock right? I use that kind of holder before and sometimes got phone drop but got no problem for one year since change to electric pinching holder.

              • @hsia: Sounds like you had a generic one. Yes, Baseus uses a 'gravity lock' but it's very good quality and works brilliantly, even on the ridiculously heavy iPhone 11. I would prefer this mechanism to the electrically driven one, as it introduces additional complexity (and cost). I have not dropped the phone once in 4 months of using it every day.

                • @elektron: Yeah, my headache is about my previous one sometimes drop my phone. Although it doesn't happen often, but really annoying especially when you are in need of phone navigation . Happy to hear you got no problem so far, no need to consider the electrical one in this case. :)

        • Me too, works great.


      its not normal.

      it is skewed

  • These "automatic grip" holders are a gimmick that will break after a few weeks, especially here in the hot sun.

    Family member bought two similar holders that had "automatic grip" and both stopped working after about a month.

  • +4 votes

    Yep, mine is still going strong after a year of everyday use. Only issue is forgetting to remove the phone before turning the engine off. The grip is pretty strong and it feels like you are stealing from it.

  • I’ve got one and it’s great quality

  • Thanks, ordered.
    Note- priority shipping isn't much more $

  • Owned one of these, worked perfectly for my s8 (temp phone while my note 10 got fixed)

    Got my note 10 back and the damn phone would stop charging because the phone was too hot.

    But the phone was never that hot.
    But it's a Samsung thing because I think they're scared of the phones batteries blowing up again

  • Gearbest.com is a scam. I ordered kids xiaomi watch where it was advertised as english version total cost was AUD 140+
    it was only chinese. when contacted the store they dragged the resolution for over 2months still counting.
    the watch was also returned to them. I had to open a paypal dispute which is still under review as the store offered me $40 refund in place of $175 ($35 for return shipping)

    I later found another ebay listing by an individual who seem to have same problem but trying to sell the watch for halfprice in ebay (as it is only in chinese)