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Samsung Q900 75" QLED TV $5995 (Was $12999) @ JB Hi-Fi & The Good Guys


I've been keeping an eye on this model and agree with the previous OzB consensus that that original RRP was ridiculously high. Now that it's advertised less than half of the RRP some may see this as more reasonable. Whilst its true there is still hardly any available 8k content it could be argued this is a relative bargain for Samsung's 2019 flagship QLED model. I was able to obtain a quote from JB Hi-fi Osborne Park (WA) yesterday for $5000 with free delivery, and was informed they had 11 in stock.

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            • @xoom: Or better still PM me with said bin location.

              • @andocom: Stealth mission - need to drop in the ceiling like Tom Cruise!

            • @xoom: Not in the government ideal - one cannot have what is thrown out.
              Pathetic in my books and a crying shame.

  • Recently a friend bought it from HN
    For 6450 with free delivery, wall mounted and 4 yrs extended warranty.

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      Cool story bro.

  • Is there any 8K content yet?

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      In Japan, most probably, especially as they were going to broadcast the Olympics in 8K. Anything I have seen in stores has just been still shots, no vieo in 8K. I don't know of any 8K players, or anyway of downloading 8K content. When you need over 50Mbps to download 4K and Netflix max it to about 16Mbps. For me it is just marketing hype, trying to persuade the public that more is better. Added to which I would want at the very least an 85 inch, or more likely a 100 inch TV to watch it on to justify going to 8K. How big is your Tv ? Not having a go at you. Just answering your question an dgiving you something to think about.

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        Currently got a 65" 4k Sony - only 4K content I've watched is demo clips on Youtube and to be honest I can't really tell the different between 1080p and 4k.

        • +5

          It's because you're watching YouTube.

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      If you want to relive the dial-up internet days click on the following YouTube video and change the quality to 8k resolution. Depending on your internet connection you may need to let it buffer over night - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1La4QzGeaaQ

      • Just tried watching that on my phone. Was meant to render at 1080p60 and looked more like 720p25

        That's a lot of processing!

    • Youtube

  • This is not a bad price compared with other 75” OLED TV’s.

    Whilst this isn’t a bargain for me, some people can afford it and it’s a bargain to them.

    I can’t believe there’s such a massive price difference to go from a 65’ OLED to this size.

    • That's what I was thinking until I stumbled across this

      At the time, the difference from a 65" C8 was $1500 so I went with 77". Glad I did but if the 77" was more than $4000 I don't think I would have.

      • Wow. If I had the money, I would have jumped at it.

        • Then you would also have the money to replace it afterwards

        • Good thing you didn't jump on it.

    • "This is not a bad price compared with other 75” OLED TV’s"

      How many 75" OLED TVs are there on the market?

  • theres not going to be much 8k content for a long time. Old films will look terrible in 8k. and new films with special effects rarely go above 2k.

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      After experimenting with several TV’s over the years ranging from 480p to 4k I settled on a 720p set because it turns out that 99% of the content I consume is less than 1080p. The 1080p content I do consume is mainly Netflix and taking into account the compression artefacts I found that downscaling from 1080p to 720p using an Extron scaler gives great results. 720p, 480p and 576p content upscaled to the native 1360x768 resolution of my display also looks far better than it did when upscaled on a 1080p or 4k TV.

  • +1

    Winter is coming, 8K gaming PC will make for an excellent room heater.

    • Thats a good idea, lemme just get a rtx2080ti sli build along with this 8k tv

  • I cant think of much on tele thats worth a 20yr old TV, let alone a 6,000 one.

  • +5

    Oled is the real stuff.
    Qled, Uled and other such visually similar first letters led are a marketing ploy to sell LED displays trying to disguise them as something equivalent to OLED.
    If you pay this much for this, better purchase regular 4K LED TVs, these QLEDS are not much different to regular LEDs and not at all justified pricing.

    • The high end Qleds are better than OLED in all bright scenes and OLED is better in dark scenes due to infinite contrast. They're quite a bit different to normal LED's

      • It is a good TV no doubt but at this price point its quiet inferior to OLED. I know very intimately how this tech and OLEDs work.

        • For SDR content, no question at all OLED is better, I have one myself. But in a bright room, the peak brightness for the current OLED vs this are quite low

  • is this suitable to be mounted in shower vertically?

  • I'm noob in bargaining here. If jb advertised for $5999, you can bargain to $5000? Actually, you can bargain anything at all in JB? How do you do that? I thought pricess are fixed. Can someone please educate me on this useful info to know in life? Are there certain things you can't bargain like Apple or Microsoft or Samsung phones stuff like that? Actually, also xbox and games and stuff? You can't bargain those right?

    • In JB, you would be able to negotiate prices down. Remember, if you don't ask you don't get. At times, your request for a discount may be refused- then you know prices are firm!

      • negotiate anything? say xbox games too? without any price match?

        • I cant speak for X box games. My strategy with any negotiation is to ask if there is any room to move on the prices. That should give you an indication whether it is negotiable. If it is, it comes down to your research and negotiation skills.

          Say if you had seen X box games cheaper anywhere, and there is a willingness to move on the price, you could ask them to match it or get it closer to that price. I am thinking if you have seen it cheaper anywhere else, you can buy it from there. At times, you want it there and then (which is why you might end up in JB). Then you have to decide the price of convenience to you (it will be different for everyone). Even if you get $5-$7 bucks, that is coffee money!

        • If your buying alot if games maybe…. But I doubt it individually. Matching other stores is obviously a different way to discount too.

          Some products/brands will have more scope to negotiate though. Being friendly goes a loooong way too.

        • buy xbox games 2nd hand

  • +1

    Just my luck to have bought 3 of them less than a week ago

  • +4

    Why care about 8k when TV is anyway hijacked by our kids who watch sub 480p animated videos full day.

    • Buy another TV?

      • +2

        I'd get an el cheapo for the kids. Not like little one would care that Peppa pig is on a 24 or 32 inch tv. But some say its child cruelty if you dont get them at least an 8k oled tv.

  • Samsung's QLED is not OLED technology (like LG, Sony). They still use a backlit LED panel.

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    I love how people are talking about the Olympics as being broadcast in 8k like you'll be able to turn on your shiny new 8k TV and watch it live in beautiful 8k. There is no bandwidth to deliver it to your TV fast enough in Australia to do that.

    • I mean they'll be able to stream it… But it will be compressed to hell like 4k on Netflix. Which means it'll look like garbage.

      • 4k on Netflix is fine if you have the bandwidth. I'm always surprised at how good it is when it works properly.

        • it's really bad for 4k standards. Mostly under 25mbps, sometimes much lower. That's not even close to real 4k. Even 1080p blurays are higher than that.
          If you want a comparison, some 4k UHD bluray movies can hit over 100mbps in action scenes with a lot going on. SO yeah, not even close.

          • @bert-lifts: I guess I enjoy the clarity of 4k res more than I do the smoothness through an action scene. I understand that 4k source is better but I don't find that when I am watching 4k Netflix that I am annoyed at the quality (outside of any buffering issues of course). Although I wouldn't say this is 100% of the time. but mostly they get away with it.

            I'm even enjoying the Apple TV+ Original shows implementation of 4k when they do it.

          • @bert-lifts: people bitch and moan about the netflix 4k, but do you have an easier accessible alternative? its still very worth having.

            • @striker5950: This conversation nothing to do about accessibility? lol. Was never even mentioned.

              Just saying 4k netflix is nowhere near actual 4k.

  • +1

    Just wait for Sony’s 16k tv, should be out in most retailers soon.


    • +1

      $5m… Bargain.

    • Would the human eye even be able to distinguish 16k from 8k?

      • I'm not sure most of us could distinguish HD from 4k … :)

        • +1

          speak for yourself. 720p VS 4k, if you cant tell the difference go get your eyes checked you probably need glasses

  • can wait for 3 years to make it $600

  • Get a 77 inch OLED for $6-7k

  • Think I'll hold out for the 16K.

  • I would want to see the next gen running in 8k, even if it's only upscaling, before considering a purchase. But I'm happy with 4k

    Some games on the PS4 are upscaled to 4k and it does look that much better.

    Hmm, I've upscaled my Dreamcast to 4K. Maybe I could do 8k🤔🤔🤔

  • Perfect for all the 8k content that will arrive in 5-10 years.

    • -2

      Oh wow. Did you read that review from the user who said it had a fragile screen? I looked at the photo and the damage is in the top right corner of the screen. Which means it was grabbed pretty hard from the top and lifted, rather than held from the side or base. Would be damage from the thumb pressing hard into the screen. Reading what the user wrote, you would imagine they carried it from the sides or base without touching the screen. You would think a firmware update with new codecs could fix the problems and if they don't release it definitely a good case for consumer affairs to handle. Can't believe another purchaser paid 20k for it either lol

  • What a unit!!

  • +5

    Wow many + votes. Ozbargainners must be rich to be able to have 6k laying around to splurge on a new tv.

    Take me to ozpoor site

    • +1

      4 jobkeeper payments and bam. $6k tv.

    • There's still plenty of deals for us poor saps here. The ALDI, Hyundai and Sorny TVs. And the cheap Linsar 50" which I bought not long ago for $280!

    • Way too many people here have saved too much money from OzB now driving around in mercedes and buying MacBook pro and s#!t…

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