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INNObeta 300ml Diffuser for Essential Oil with LED $17.49 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) 50% off @ Bestore Amazon AU


INNObeta Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser
Lovely Fragrance, Better Breathe
Let the INNObeta Ultrasonic Diffuser gently vaporizes your favorite essential oils and preserves their most powerful effects.

Sensory-Boosting Lights
Choose from 7 different colors LED night light, set the perfect mood for you, create a powerful experience that soothes all your senses.
Automatic Shut-Off
The diffuser shuts off automatically when a low water level is detected. For your convenience you can set the timer to 1, 3 or 6 hours or a continuous fog.

Lighting Options
7-color LED lights accentuate the elegant design and enhance the mood in every room. Enjoy the carousel mode for a flowing rainbow of color or do it yourself by choosing a color and brightness level.

Cleaning Accessory Included
A high-quality dry cloth is included, so keeping your diffuser always looks new.

High Quality Material
The diffuser adopt high quality plastic which do not contain any harmful chemicals and won’t put any harmful substance in the air.

Relax Your Body
As the pace of life increases, it can easily happen that people are tired, anxious, and hard to fall asleep. The ultrasonic design ensures that the diffuser controls the smooth fog for a long time.

To Build Positive Memories
There is a powerful connection between emotions, memories and scent. Minty oils such as peppermint, wintergreen, and spearmint can help you feel fresh and cool.

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    A quick Google shows no info for this and only 1 review on your page. Is this rebranded?


    No different from getting any other diffuser really. Kmart have diffusers with LED lights for $20-$35 if you want something instore. Ebay/Amazon, you can get larger capacity ones for your original price (1L water tank $35). Similar spec products are normally $15-$20+free shipping. No deal for me.