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Mason Pearson Pink Handy Bristle+Nylon Brush $161 (RRP $205) + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Peter's of Kensington


Been researching a new brush online and noticed Mason Pearson being a highly recommended luxury product. Peter of Kensington is an official stockist for the brand through the Australian distributor.

Only this pink version of the nylon and boar bristle brush seem to be at the best value IMO.

Other nylon and boar brushes at discount (but not at best value):

Ivory Popular Bristle & Nylon Brush

If you look for the product on the Peter of Kensington eBay and use the 5% off code PASTA5 you can partially negate the shipping cost.

For sizing differences between Popular and Handy, refer to here. The TLDR, the Popular is bigger for people with longer, more full hair. Handy is smaller for people with shorter hair than the people with longer hair.

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Peter's of Kensington
Peter's of Kensington

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    Popcorn, grabs

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      Is this seat taken?

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        Not tat tall mon amie, not tat tall.

        • Ah, c'est magnifique. Thought I was late, show hasn't started yet.

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    Nylon Brush $161

    Only $150 here…

    No deal…

    • There are dupes in the market, that's why I mentioned Peter of Kensington being official stockists.

      • dupes ????

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          It's an expensive high-quality brush - there are many fakes of it being sold, so it is worth buying from somewhere reputable.

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            @Pinchie: Why are you suggesting that COD are selling fakes ???

            • @jv: That's the risk of internet shopping if you don't buy from a known stockist?

              • -1

                @tsu-chan: That doesn't answer my question.

                Are you claiming COD are selling fakes ?

                Do you have evidence of this or are just making it up.

                • @jv: If you have the time and money to buy from COD then email Mason Pearson and wait for a response to confirm or deny its a real or fake… Go ahead

                  • @tsu-chan:

                    then email Mason Pearson

                    You are the one claiming it's a fake.

                    How do you know it's not just a grey import ???

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                      @jv: Report this post to mods as not a deal

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                        Report this post to mods as not a deal

                        Why don't you?

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                          @jv: I never explicitly said COD is a fake. I opened the idea that it is risky to not purchase from official stockists.

                          • @tsu-chan:

                            I never explicitly said COD is a fake.

                            No, you implied it…

                        • +1

                          @jv: Why would you report your own post for not being deal?

                          • -2


                            Why would you report your own post for not being deal?

                            No idea, but you suggested it… So go for it… I'm not going to do it for you.

  • I'm clearly in the wrong business.

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      I think 'massage parlous' will reopen under stage 3…

      • They never closed

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    Can't tell if this is a meme post or not…

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    Mason pearson pink hairbrush.

    speed guns.

    Taekwondo gloves.

    You know that times are hard when these items start hitting ozbargain with regularity….

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    Not just a brush, but a Mason Pearson. Handmade in Italy. They carve it out of illegal whalebone. They only make eleven of them a year. This one cost me $161 AUD or 30 million lira. Perfectly balanced, low drag, minimal torque.

    • +4

      Aerodynamically proven in extensive wind tunnel tests. Acoustically profound.

      Each spit-shined by an authentic and independently certified toothless cockney.

      • I lol'd

    • Was that bundled with the Mane n’ Tail?

    • How minimal?

  • +2

    It is laughable for some, but not much more than a $4000 laptop anyway that some are eager to buy. Obviously not made for baldies or short cuts but they work a wonder on very long hair

    • +2

      $2,000 laptop is conceivable. $4,000 is a mere double and with it comes quantifiable performance improvements.

      A hairbrush can be had for $15. $160 is tenfold. I'm not sure how one goes about quantifying the performance of a hairbrush.

      • It sounds silly until you see someone with long hair being combed at the hairdresser with one of those. I thought the same believe me.

        • Of course it would look silly to comb someone's hair with a laptop.

  • -1

    No deal

    Plenty of cheaper boar bristle brushes.

    Exhibit A - https://www.mensbiz.com.au/shaving/shaving-brushes/boar-brus...

    Attach to a ping pong paddle and you will have a superior product.

    • +1

      I'm curious of this diy. Please make it and see if you can successfully make a sale out of it

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    Yes there are other kinds of boar bristle brushes but Mason Pearson is the best. If you have short hair then any brush will do but if you have or want long hair, a Mason Pearson full boar bristle is the only way to go. The bristles don’t fall out like with other cheaper brushes. I have had mine for 20 years and it is in perfect condition. Prevents hair damage, split ends, breakages. The nylon/boar one may be best deal but pure boar is the only way to go.

    • +2

      Thank you for your response :) adding your experience to my research.

      Was aiming to invest in one quality product to keep for a lifetime. I was set on the nylon bristle mix as my next purchase but after your comment, I'll look into pure bristles.

      Anything to help with alopecia…

    • I've got a $30/40 evo one (thin hair, and not a lot) and can vouch the bristles do come out a lot.

  • As someone who has thick hair… I hate those boar bristle brushes! It feels like it's petting my hair instead of actually brushing it. Aaargh!


    It does tame frizz.

    • Humble brag alert.

      This dude has thick luscious hair. Oh, the horror. Oh the plights.

      • Oh, the horror. Oh the plights.

        I went to my favourite barber when he finally opened shop again and he wouldn't go anywhere near it. Instead, he referred me to a "ladies" hairdresser. The first thing the "ladies" hairdresser said to me was "Woah! That's a lot of hair. I hope you've brought your garden shears with you." Do you know how much a "ladies" hairdresser with a dodgy sense of humour charges? A hell of a lot more than my barber and she doesn't even offer you a cold beverage. Instead she tried to suffocate me with hairpsray. I came out of there looking like a prized poodle at a dog show:( My wife burst out laughing the moment she saw me. I have to wear a beanie for my zoom meetings until I can find my good old , trusty wahl :(

  • +8

    Loving all the male comments above "wtfbbqsauce!!!111 $160 on an item that will be used 2-3 times DAILY for women with hair… i.e. ~50% of the population….!?!?!?!?"

    ….when the same commentors will happily buy 10,000 eneloops to store in the bottom drawer in original packaging for eternity and upvote any deal about eneloops to 1 million.

    Ahh the joys of OzB.

    +1 vote OP. You go gurl.

    • S l a y πŸ˜‚πŸ§–πŸ™

    • @Skramit

      "Loving all the male comments"

      I didn't know comments were gendered.

      "….when the same commentors will happily buy 10,000 eneloops…"

      Can you show us how you went about confirming this before making this statement?

      Sounds like an attack on a specific gender to me.

      • Can you show us how you went about confirming this before making this statement?

        It's super simple.

        First, I divided the number of chromosomes by 0.

        Taking that result, I multiplied it by the probability of the Y chromosome being present in any purchase of eneloops from an OzBargain post.

        Then taking that result and calculating the probability of each comment being from an eneloop purchaser on OzB giving 99.98%…..


        • your math doesn't make sense?

          dividing something by 0 gives you 0…
          multiplying 0 by something gives you 0 too…

  • +1

    I bought one of these for my mrs 10yrs ago. She lost it 9yrs ago. So much for that lifetime investment!

    • +2

      Replace the Mrs, buy a new brush.

      • +1

        Replace the Mrs


      • +2

        I did 9yrs ago. That was the investment I mentioned ;)

        I mean what future was there if she can’t look after a $200 brush!

  • Would this make me the world's best boyfriend? My missus has really really thick long black hair and is always complaining about it.

    • +1

      Only works on brown hair.

      • Damn!

    • +1

      ~~If you like spoiling her, maybe? It also depends on the texture of her hair before purchasing this…hence the research.

      Thin to normal hair - boar bristles only
      Normal to thick hair - nylon/bristle mix
      Thick hair β€” nylon only (at this point you might not want to get this product unless you're 100% buying the brand) ~~

      Ah, not a serious comment

      • I do and I will. Thanks for the guide.

    • +1

      My wife has long , thick hair that tends to curl at the ends. She uses a square paddle brush. She currently has a ghd one which she got as part of a kris kingle at work and loves it. She says it gives her a sleek blow-dry.

      Edit: My daughter, who also has thick hair ( sadly for our shower drain , the whole family is follically-blessed), has this one from woolies but clearly prefers my wife's Ghd one. She says its better balanced which is important when you have thick hair as it takes a while to brush it out properly.

  • -3

    What is this…joke of the day?

  • +1

    I have one my mum bought for me 25 years ago, still perfect and still use it every day but sick of the wife stealing it so will be buying her one. Lot of money but an awful lot less landfill over time. Thumbs up !

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