This was posted 8 months 10 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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25% off Full-Priced Items @ Repco Online (Stack with 20% Online Cashback from Cashrewards)


Greetings everyone, Repco just put up 25% off sitewide on their website, and this stacks perfectly with the current 20% Cashback @ Repco Online deal :)

20% Cashback is also available in-store for other items, thanks to nocure.

Perfect for those looking for car batteries or plenty of other items hardly on sale.

Some great prices on Blackvue Dash Cams also, Blackvue DR750H 2CH is $368 after the 20% cashback which is the cheapest I've seen!

Excludes advertised lines, clearance and ignition lines.

As always, enjoy :)

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  • How does online store stack with in store visa :/

    • Definitely works online also, not exclusive to in-store :)

      I think this only just went live for online..

      • I literally made an order 30 minutes ago haha. Only loss out on discount for one item though

    • Nah, Cashrewards is 20% cashback both IN-STORE and ON-LINE.

  • Wait, I thought the 20% off was in store only, but the 25% off here is for online only

    Edit: so cash back is also available online too, very nice deal

  • Nice. That's a cumulative discount of ~40%.

    • It only discount if its cheaper than other stores. I just had a look for Ryco RTK33 Automatic Transmission filter

      Repco are $53 with all discounts and in store pickup

      Sparesbox with RYCO20 code is $43 delivered

  • Sweet!

    Anyone know if the Cashrewards works with clearance stock too?

    is it the cashreward or the 20/25% does not include clearance?

    • Tracked! $55 extra off a clearance line of oil!

      Bowden’s big sucker is at Supercheap a price now with 50% off after Cashrewards stack’

      • Can you please elaborate with that Bowden's 50% off at supercheap ? Thanks

  • thx mate, got the blackvue

  • Anyone have experience with cancelling an online order? Bought a battery last night but haven't picked it up yet.

  • Do I understand that correctly? 45% off in total?
    If so, that's sweet.
    I need to replace batteries in a couple of cars and stick up on car washing products.

  • Works out to 38.6% discount on full priced items after 25% discount and 20% cashback assuming cashback excludes GST as per usual.

  • Thanks for this, can someone please help. I have been wanting a Blackvue for a few months and this looks like a good time to get one. Was going to get the DR900S front and rear. I would also like the Magic Pro Kit. From what I understand the magic pro only allows HD not 2k or whatever the 900 is?

    Would that be only when parked or all the time, effectively limiting the DR900s?

    Following that. How big a memory card will I need for recording? If I go for a few hours drive I don't want it to fill up and manually need to erase etc, what do people get for that?

    • Power magic pro should power your blackvue 900 at full resolution, it should just cut out when it drops below your selected voltage. Also, you don't need to erase old files, it will automatically overwrite the oldest video file. Minimum you'd want to get is 32, it'll give you about 2-3 hours. If you want anything longer than 12 hours you'd want 128gb.

    • Update to this. Repco called and didn’t have stock not really sure why but they are ordering from blackvue ETA is Tuesday which I’m ok with. I’m in SA

  • Will it work on a car service from Repco or are they separate businesses?

  • Id say take care with your purchases. Just checked some wd40 and inox lubricants and with all discounts the same product can be found about the same price or less. 20% cashrewards on clearance could be a deal but on full price I would check other stores.

  • anyone know how to get them to order something in for you if it is not at your selected store. Even though you order online, you cant seem to purchase if it is not instock at your local store ????

  • How quick does cashrewards tracking show up? Purchased at 5pm and haven’t received any confirmation from cashrewards.

    • Minutes or seconds even.

    • It depends sometimes it can take a day or two.

      I just ordered 5 minutes ago and my confirmation came through though.

    • I ordered my dash cam and took seconds

    • Thanks for the responses. Looks like it didn't track for some reason, first time that's happened to me with cashrewards. Usually get instant track back notification. I think i'll just cancel my order.

      • Cancelled (over phone to store) and reordered with credit card linked and a browser with no adblocker. My rewards now shows AUD 102.60.

        Nothing worse than thinking I f..ked up an OzB… phewww

  • Anyone know of well priced blackvue 2CH installations in Melbourne?

  • So I cant pay with paypal? nvm you can buy online

  • Paid $50 for this 2 weeks ago.

    Showing as $66.

    Even with the cashback its $52. No deal for me.

  • Can't find stock in Sydney for any blackvue dash cams :-(

  • Dashcam ordered…cheers!

  • Thanks OP, have been waiting for a deal on the 750S-2ch for my wifes car! Cheers!

    • I'm thinking to get a blackvue, but not sure which model to get.
      Why did you opt for the 750?

      • I don't the the 4k is that much better it justifies the price. Also the 4k might have heat issues in hot weather?

      • I'm the same.. Can't decide! The license plate recognition seems better in the 900 though based on this review.

        • I had the same issue. I have a DR650S with nothing wrong with it but decided to go to the DR750S instead even though cost isn't an issue for the DR900S for me. I had the Viofo A129 4K and that overheated after 15 minutes of parking mode which seems to be an issue with 4k cameras. Apparently it doesn't happen with the DR900S anymore but there's still complaints about overheating and destroying memory cards with overheating on dashcamtalk: - should be fine if you just wanted to use it for normal driving and not use it with parking mode.

          There's a few people online that went from the DR900S to the DR750S too:

          DR750S also has better night vision due to light hitting a smaller sensor vs being spaced out on a 4k sensor also potentially less motion blur with 60fps.

          DR900S will have better picture in well lit conditions though and should be fine if you park your car in covered parking and not in direct sunlight for parking mode I'd think.

          Here's a good summary of most of the available dashcams: - take note about how the rates the DR900S rates below the Viofo A119 V3/A129 Pro in terms of video quality (A119 V3 might be only 1440p but uses a Starvis sensor and the DR900S' bitrate isn't as good if I recall correctly) but the software/app for Blackvue is lightyears ahead of the Viofo. Just depends what you want and what your usage would be.

          • @maybeamacy: Wow, thanks for your reply. I ended up going with the 900 but now I wonder if I made the wrong choice. I purchased the pmp to go with it. I travel about 130km per day on highways and currently have a dashcam that's is worth $ needed something more reliable. I park it undercover when I get to work, so need good 'night vision'. Not sure whether I should cancel my order and try and order the 750? :-/

  • Anyone knows if Repco installs dashcams? And for how much

  • Pioneer DMH-Z5350BT $380 after cashback

  • Cheers OP, I grabbed the BlackVue DR900S-2CH. Should come in at around $490 after cash back.

  • 5% RAC discount stackable too?

  • Is it just me or is 32gb the max they sell in the blackvue dashcams?

  • They've price hiked the 750 and 900 blackvues by about $15!

    • Actually.. This seems to be store dependent

      • $449.25 for the 750 at my local….

        But the 900 did go up to $614.25 for my local, compared to $599 for a random Sydney store I tried.

        The PMP went up an extra $2 at my local too.

        • I couldn't find stock in Sydney. I had to type in a random postcode for interstate and then get delivery from a store that has stock.

  • Who does dash cam installations in SA? Checked autobarn but cant see dash cams on the list.

    • Also interested in this av-dc looks like an option but far from me. I’ll call see how long it takes to install

      • I suspect you can drop off the car for a couple hours and then pick up? Can you let us know when you find out! Also how much they quote for 2ch system. Thanks!

        • Hey mate, finally getting around to having this installed. Doing it at Marktek Installations for 2CH DR900s is the one I bought. I also have the Power Magic Ultra Battery B-124x which they will install.

          They said it will be about 2.5 hours work and $240

  • Wipers sorted for partner's car, and rear pads sorted for I.

    Bloody ripper. Some things still typical REPCO even after CB discount, so off to eBay I go.

  • I am after car battery for ford falcon. Need 650cc or close Any recommendations?

    I see repco only sell repco brand. Anyone have experience with these. How they compare with supercharge, century and other brands.

    • Repco batteries are rebranded Century batteries. They're good batteries, so jump on it!

  • Just wondering if the DR750 will be replaced later this year? Last year BlackVue announced two new models of its DR750 dashcams - the DR750X and the DR750-2CH LTE. Does anyone know if either of these will be released in Australia?

  • Cash rewards seems to have disabled activating the deal for online now, unable to get the tracking code to generate as of today

    • What do you mean? I just clicked through the CR page and it showed 20% cashback still active and went through to the Repco page? There's no code required, just need to click through CR and the prices are already adjusted to be 25% off.

      • Ahh ignore me it registered - when using CR I had thought you always get a campaign code at the back of the URL. Apologies op it worked fine :)

  • Did couple of online orders today. CashRewards 20% cashback tracking email came within minutes. Amazing.

    • I did 6 separate orders. First one the tracking email came straight away. The other 5 have yet to come. And yes I clicked out of CR each time. Hopefully it'll all come through later.

      • I noticed the same thing, only the first order was tracked.

      • I thought the 20% CR was for one order only?

        • That would explain it, do you recall where you saw that?

          • @Ctn: Actually when I check the T's & C's on CR it doesnt mention one time only. Thought I saw it when I made an order the other night though.

            T's & C's:

            20% cash back is a special launch rate, this will revert back to 2% after 11:59pm AEST 23rd May 2020

            Cashback may be ineligible when using coupon codes not listed on Cashrewards.

            Cashback may be ineligible on the purchase or use of gift cards.

            Cashback is ineligible on trade purchases.

  • 2 orders went fine with CC the 3 one did not register

  • Has anyone experience buying from other branch and ask them to transfer to another branch ? I am thinking to buy a clearance item at another branch as the one closer to my home doesn't have stock, so just wondering if I can ask them to transfer it once I made purchase. Thanks

    • They do that…which SCA doesn't do.

      Number of items not stocked at my local Repco, I pick up a few days later when in stock from I oresume another store.

      • So you did ask the other store to transfer the stock for you ?

        • Didn't need to. My two items, one was a usually stocked item, the other not stocked locally, charged and bought on one invoice/payment, became two orders and two invoices, two notifications about ready to be collected.
          I've noticed on a few items, when ordering online, even though not stocked in store, you can add to cart for clicks and collect at the store.

          • @albanyson: Maybe for non clearance item will be ok. I tried that and got error message "ITEM IS NOT IN STOCK AT SELECTED STORE, PLEASE CHECK STOCK AT NEARBY STORES." and unable to add to cart.

            • @yht: Possibly. I've recently bought CTek charger and blackvue dashcam, neither of which were stocked at my local, added to cart and collected when notification of in-stock.
              Maybe can't do that for clearance items

  • Has anyone else had problems with Cash Rewards tracking their order?

    I thought CR was meant to be more reliable than ShopBack??

  • Mine didnt register either. Have submitted a ticket.