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[PC] Epic-Mega Sale e.g Ashen $13.47/SOMA $4.49/Anno 1800 $29.97/Watch Dogs 2 $11.98 (after $15 off coupon) - Epic Store


Some great prices (sometimes the all time lowest price) for some great games.
Essentially this is a repeat of the spring sale.
If you buy a game $22.99 (the equivalent of $14.99 US) or more the first $15 off coupon is applied and Epic gives you another one which means you can buy as many games as you like and keep getting the additional $15 discount. The coupon is only applied of the game is $14.99 or more.

Original deal: $15 off Coupon (Min $22.99 Spend) @ Epic Games

Examples of games:

Watch Dogs 2: https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/watch-dogs-2


Witcher 3 GOTY: $8.69 - Original Deal

Jackbox Party Pack: $8.36






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    Server crashed already because of Free GTA 5.

    • +2

      I know. And it will continue to be hammered for a while I believe.

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    Looks like servers are working fine now, I was just able to redeem GTA V and buy a game. Also, seems the coupon is actually $15 AUD, not $10.
    Edit: Cheapest game I can find that the coupon gets applied on is $23.16 (John Wick Hex), so the AUD figure for applying the coupon must be somewhere around the $23 mark.

    • Must be 22.99AUD or more for the coupon to apply.

      • Fixed. Added currency. It is 14.99 and 10 in US dollars.

      • There's a few games juuuuust under that mark I'd be keen to buy if the discount applied. :(

    • Have you tried Wattam for example? It should come down to $4.99 US.

      • +1

        Nah discount doesn't get applied for that one. dhunterzao is correct above, games needs to be $22.99 AUD for the $15 AUD voucher to be applied. Perhaps there might be some work around?

        Edit: You can update your title, Ashen comes down to $13.47 AUD.

        • Ok. I will fix it. They now have AUD which makes things a bit more complicated.

          • @Lysander: Yeah absolutely. Very strange that they now have AUD, yet the details about the coupon don't reflect whatever currency your account uses.

            • @matictac: Fixed. Here is a killer deal:

              Witcher 3 GOTY for $8.69 AUD!

  • Trover Saves the Universe $10.79 AUD after coupon

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    Jackbox party pack 3 - $8 something after discount

  • Do you also get additional Codes after purchasing DLC? ie, anno 1800 $29.97, then another code to buy Season Pass 1 for $10.86, then season pass 2?
    If that works it'd be $51.69 to buy the base + season pass instead of $74.97 for the Complete edition

    • Each item you buy must be $23.99 or more - otherwise you will not get a new coupon to use.

      • understood, the season pass was $25.86, so would be $10.86 after coupon. so it should work?

        • Yes.

        • Season pass is as DLC or as in modern FPS game ?

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    Anno 1800 has a lot crashing issues. Firstly theres the documented DirectX12 issue which crashes the game shortly after playing. It was really annoying and Ubisoft kept dodging my refund request so i stopped playing it and gave up on the refund request. This was back in early 2019. picked up the game again mid-2019 and still getting the same issues with the latest patch then

    Fast-forward to March 2020 and game was finally running fine (albeit had to run the game on DX11 and low settings) then the a patch in April (profanity) it again and we are now back to crashes.

    • Was literally about to pull the trigger on this game until I came across your post.

      • According to the Ubisoft community forums, the latest patch this week fixed the issues for half the people while others are still getting crashes.

        I have given up again for now, but if you can get the game running ok for the $30 that youre paying its actually a really good game. I dont share the same sentiment for Ubisoft.

        • Can you brings them to ACCC ?

  • Any other good options?

    • Witcher 3 GOTY
      AC Odyssey
      Far Cry 5 Gold

      What are you interested in?

  • +1

    Whattabout the game Control? $30 after coupon. Good value?

    • I haven't played it but it seems to be well received and highly rated. I am not sure about replay value but I am sure you do get a polished game with a good narrative.
      In terms of gameplay hours, the best deal is AC Odyssey and Witcher 3.

    • Just picked that up myself - easily the cheapest it's been for PC

    • Yep. Its an awesome game.

      Single player, high quality, no microtransactions, not an open world game overloaded with markers on your map.

  • Grabbed Jackbox 3, 5, and 6. (Also the only ones code applicable)

    They're a great replacement for board games night.

    • Yeah with the Sale + Coupon they're a steal at the moment

      • Yeah, considering my mate picked up JB6 from steam for $47 two weeks ago!

  • Alan Wake is also less than $3

  • +1

    FTL is $1.99 if anyone missed when it was free…

  • Can anyone help with a definite answer to these questions?

    1) Can I purchase a uPlay game on Epic, not install Epic Launcher, and play the game via uPlay only?

    2) Can I buy "Witcher 3 GOTY" on Epic, not install Epic Launcher, and play via Galaxy only?

    • Answer to both is no as far as I know.

      1) the game is on Epic, it will launch uPlay to play but you cannot just launch uPlay directly.

      2) I think this would be the same as launching the game on Steam - cannot be done without the launcher.

      • +1

        Nope, if you link Epic account with Uplay, the game appears in Uplay too. I just tried it with AC Odyssey. Mind you, the prompt comes up through the Epic launcher.

    • I just bought Trials Rising of UPlay in EPIC. They will link together, the game will appear in UPlay too.
      You can install in EPIC, then if UPlay doesn't recognise that you installed it already, you can click "Locate installed game" and point to the installed folder.

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