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Samsung 860 EVO 500GB 2.5" SATA III SSD $122 + Free Delivery (Excluding Regional) @ Centre Com


Pretty good deal and you also get Rainbow Six Siege too (redeemable at

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  • Is this $30 more for double the storage or am I missing something?

    Ah not evo.

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    Is this a good SSD to use? I've been seeing alot of SSD for sales but don't know which one is decent price wise?

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        WD greens don't have DRAM which makes them dramatically slower than the blues or Samsung drives. Suitable for an office machine or storage but not much else

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      Samsung and Crucial make the best SSDs out there. Samsung 860 EVO and MX500 are probably the most popular ones out there performance wise.

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      Is this a good SSD to use?


      • yes?

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          • @jv: Is that a yes, then?

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              Is that a yes, then?

              ██╗ ██╗███████╗███████╗ ╚██╗ ██╔╝██╔════╝██╔════╝ ╚████╔╝ █████╗ ███████╗ ╚██╔╝ ██╔══╝ ╚════██║ ██║ ███████╗███████║ ╚═╝ ╚══════╝╚══════╝

              dammit… Now i've used up nearly all my bold on the keyboard…. :(

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                @jv: Thanks mate, just need to know you're sure about that.

                dammit… Now i've used up nearly all my bold on the keyboard…. :(

                I've got plenty left here. CAPS APLENTY AS WELL. GOT 'EM BOTH ALSO. PLENTY.

              • @jv: Pleas confirm.

              • @jv: Yes or no?

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                @jv: Your ascii art makes me think you ran a BBS once in your life…

        • yes

  • anyone a good tip on cheapish but good 250gb ? Thanks :)

  • Hmm, stuck in a pickle. I need a new drive for my fresh PC since my 500gb is already being taken up full of music software and sounds.

    Do I opt for a:
    a) 2tb HDD $90-100
    b) 1tb SSD ($150+ apparently??)

    I don't need it for 'game' space but more for file storage of samples and sounds. I'm assuming i'd want an SSD so my sounds plugins etc all load quick.

    If that's the case, whats the best/cheapest SSD that's 1tb?

    Was probably going to opt for:

    • In addition or in replacement of the 500gb drive (ssd?)?
      If in addition to an SSD, why not go for the HDD as your mass storage, keep the 500Gb as your faster boot device.

      • Addition. I'm just a worried a HDD will be annoying when software like Ableton needs to read sample (music) files quite quickly.

        • if you can, keep the SSD for your C drive and HDD for your storage.
          If you want something to be loaded faster keep them in SSD or M.2 NVME

        • it's not going to be annoying. Get yourself some decent HDD. You are not really going to see the difference working with audio files.

    • 2TB barracuda should do, if you don't care about transfer speed and it is your secondary drive.

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      Your assumption is correct and the speed difference for large sample libraries (relative to a HDD) will be very significant. I wouldn't even consider a HDD for this capacity/use case if speed is a priority. I think Samsung QVO drives are great if you're aware of the shortcomings over other SSD varieties (in a nutshell they're typically cheaper for the same capacity and quality drive but will suffer significant speed reduction if you max the cache).

      • What instances would I max the cache?

        • The SLC cache for 1TB model is 42GB, so any write operation that exceeds that before it can be written to the drive proper. I cannot personally imagine many instances in which this would affect a typical user aside from a system backup or data migration from existing 'fast' storage.

        • The cache can be thought of as a temporary holding area on the drive used when writing/copying onto the drive. It would get filled up when copying >42GB in one go for the 1TB QVO drive.

          @sacah has a good overview here

          For the 1TB drive after you've written 42GB continuously it will slow down to 80MB/s until you give the drive time to write the contents of the SLC cache into the QLC memory.

          With your use case this probably won't matter much, as it'd only be every now and then when you do a large sound library dump onto the drive from another source (and even then your dump probably won't be larger than 42GB).

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    Cheaper here by $5 if you are in Sydney and happy to pick up.

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    Ngl and I don't care if I get downvoted to the depths of hell, but that's a bit shit. You can get a Crucial P1 for $99 or an MX500 for $108 if better NAND is important.

    • I also stated that this deal comes with "Rainbow Six Siege" - RRP $30 basically for approximately $14 more. And P1 kinda runs hot and the speed falls after writing for awhile.

      • Siege is like $10 every second day.

    • Why you be referring to prices in USD?

      • No. I'm not. The P1 was at shopping express for $99 yesterday and the MX500 is $108 at Umart.

  • Might get one to install on an old macbook pro 15.

  • Shopping Express sells the excellent 1TB MX500 for only $175!

    I've bought one from the deal posted here recently. Have had Crucial M4 250Gb since September 2011 with zero issues. Hopefully, they have maintained their quality in the last 9 years.

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    Wait they charge you surcharge for using Paypal? That's insulting.

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      Paypal commission for literally nothing is insulting for sure

      • CC 2% surcharge too which sucks

        Otherwise a convenient Brick chain of stores

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      Yep sucks, is avoidable by doing a bank transfer but for this and an overly complicated purchase process this is highly likely to be my first and final purchase from them.

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    This does not have free postage. I put in my work postcode and it is $12.83. Only some (probably metro) postcodes are free delivery.

    • Free Shipping

      Free standard delivery on online orders over $79 in value.

      Conditions apply:
      May not be available to some rural/outer areas.
      May exclude some high-volume products.
      Excludes Star Track & Express options.
      Online orders only.

  • Anyone else have problems with redeeming?
    It won't accept my 15 character serial number. I've checked a dozen times and it's definitely correct.

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