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Free - Azure Fundamentals Virtual Training | Exam Voucher AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Certification Exam @ Microsoft


Hi Guys,
I received this in my email this morning and thought to share with you all. If you are in cloud computing business, this could be the starting for your training and certification. Training times are in AEST.

Excuse my English ;)

Hoping to see you there.


"Join us at the Microsoft Azure Virtual Training Day: Fundamentals with both 1 day and 2 day formats designed to provide you an understanding of cloud-computing concepts, models, and services, covering topics such as public, private, and hybrid cloud as well as infrastructure as a service, platform as a service, and software as a service.

You will learn:

Common cloud concepts
Benefits of Azure
Strategies for transitioning to the Azure cloud
Azure computing, networking, storage and security basics

Who should attend:

Whether you are an administrator, developer, business user or IT decision maker, you’ll gain a comprehensive overview of strategies for moving to the Azure cloud and how to make more informed IT decisions.

Why you should attend:

Build the cloud skills to advance your career and transform your business through cloud computing and Azure services
Get your questions answered in real-time by Microsoft certified trainers
You will gain the knowledge needed to take the AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals certification exam and receive a free voucher at the end of the training days

This is a free virtual training and all times listed are in AEST.
Session recordings are not available post-event so please ensure the date you’ve chosen works for you."

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  • Be quick, first 2 sessions are full. I had to go onto the second set of sessions.

    • Only last one split to two sessions are available now

  • +1

    Hopefully this goes better than their last attempt :)


    • +1

      registered for 4 different sessions/days and no single registration link:) lol

  • +1

    I did this recently, possibly the most boring training I've ever done. But you do end up with a good understanding of what Azure is and what it can offer.

  • -2

    i have already failed too many times :)

  • +3

    you should be able to use it to book any exam not just az-900

  • +1

    so do you get an exam voucher after the training too?

  • +1

    I registered for this last time, recieved confirmation email, but no link for the session was sent. I tried replying to microsoft, but it went to some unattended mailbox :-(
    Trying again this time, hope it works.

  • I attended the session a few days ago, filled in the survey at the end but haven't received any exam voucher. How do we get it?

    • +1

      They send it through a few days later .. you need to join both sessions

  • I got an invite on the 29th May, but there are 2 sessions on that day
    Do I need to attend both sessions?

    • Yes! I made the mistake of not "attending" the other but you need to do both to get the voucher

  • Was meant to have completed this last month with my employer, but due to COVID it has been post-postponed.

    I'll register for one of these sessions instead! Thanks OP

  • Thanks OP

  • -1

    free exam is free exam, even though this is kind of irrelevant for a sysadmin.


  • +6

    Both 1 day sessions were full -> Ozbargain meetup in Microsoft training.

  • Signed up for the 2 day session will be easier around work…

    Hard to know but do you think that you could pass exam just based off this? I have been looking into it before and AWS / GCP and have seen udemy also recommended?

    So was thinking this training plus udemy then exam?

    • This is just a basic introduction to Azure. Don’t think you need to go into that length.

    • As you know, hard to say without going through the course first. It's good to note that this is the foundational cert (equivalent to AWS Cloud Practitioner I think) so it shouldn't be too hard. I have 2 AWS Associate + 1 Specialty certs just by studying from acloud.guru + going though aws docs so I think Udemy course should be more than enough for this. I've been looking for the motivation to dip into Azure for a while, this seems to be a perfect start.

      • Great, I think that this would be something I can do then.

    • Can't speak for the online version of delivery but I attended the one day (about 5 hour) in person offering in Melbourne last year and sat the exam on the day and passed with no other study- it's very much an introductory level cert. If you have any background in ICT and MS products you shouldn't need any supplementary materials to pass.

      • nice one that should be great then. Just loooking to add some certs to try and get a career change. I know this is nothing big but a start, think I want to get to an Architect level. Finance background and not looking to actually build just know enough to comunicate to a potential customer.

  • +1

    If you have no idea about Azure, or trying to get into Azure or are starting out in IT, it would be useful to go through it especially since it's free and comes with a free exam with this offer.

    Those who have hands on experience already would likely be better off starting with AZ-103 if they actually had to pay the cost of the exam. Plus it would be extremely boring for them to go through the session for AZ-900 as it describes the different blades, how the storage works, provisioning, marketplace, etc. Stuff they would already know.

    But I'll be honest, you could probably sit through the sessions and not do the exam. I doubt that anyone would specifically look for it in a CV.

    For all the major Microsoft Azure Certification paths, AZ-900 is there but only listed as Optional so it is not required to actually get the titles. I found it strange that a very basic Azure course would precede a High level Azure course.

    I once asked who the AZ-900 course would be targeted to and the answer was for Managers, Project managers or perhaps people in Sales who want to know the basics but do not require in-depth knowledge. This would of course include people who are starting out in IT or new to Azure.

    • Correct, it's very much aligned against the AWS CCP exam, in that it's very introductory and aimed at more adjacent roles (PMs, Sales etc.).

      Despite only using Azure Active Directory in production, I passed my AZ900 exam with only two or three days worth of study when I took the first exam I could get for it when it came out last year.

      I'd have no doubt forgotten most of the knowledge by now by virtue of not using it.

      • what are the materials have you used for study? any idea on online exam delivery due to current situation?

  • How does Azure rank in popularity in the corporate world compared to say AWS Cloud, IBM Cloud, Google Cloud etc?

    • +7

      Honestly, it's such a crapshoot on country, industry, company size and age.

      From my personal experience, Larger older companies are very heavily Azure due to their on-prem or DC-based MS servers already, whereas your newer start-up companies are AWS or GCP.

      I've not come across a customer outside of Banks or Insurance that would even touch IBM.

      So for Corporate world, probably winning it.

      Most of the work I've seen for Azure has all been lifting and shifting local servers to Azure cloud, whereas the work I've seen for AWS is all new products being built natively there.

      • Thanks for the detailed insight!

      • This is true newer start ups tend to use cloud first approach with AWS. Or even ones that been around for few years. Well established ones already has on premise and existing infrastructure tend to go azure

  • Thanks op

  • -1

    Not sure I will bother because last time no link on training via email

  • Too late All fully now.
    I missed it

  • Out of stock

  • New dates now available guys & gals

  • For those that booked in the 1 day session on 17/06/2020, have you received the emails with the links to the sessions?

    I received the reminder on Monday, which states we'll get the links to the sessions 24 hours prior to the sessions… But yet to receive?

    • Nope - exactly the same as you…

      • +1

        Thanks for validating…

        Do have a small glimmer of hope, as per this I found from a previous deal thanks to BluBoy


        EDIT 1: A Few answers to the most commonly asked questions - 1) Exam Vouchers will be sent around 5 business days after the LAST day of the event. You must attend both days (if a 2 day event) to receive the voucher. 2) The link to join the event typically shows up around 6 hours before the event starts. If you are confirmed you should get the join link at the 6 hour mark. Remember the join link is UNIQUE to you and is how you get credit for attendance. Please don't post it or send it to your friends :).

        • It does say that we'll be notified within the 24 hours leading up to the start - and not actually 24 hours before, so as long as it's at least 15 minutes before the start it should be fine. :)

          • @RichardMelbourne: Nah - same as last time, no follow up invite to the sessions. We're 2 hours from kick-off.

            Pretty average Microsoft.

            Feel free to lodge a support ticket.


            • @crashtest: I got the emails to the session one at 4:30am and two at 7:30am AEST!

              • +1

                @AnDyStYLe: Mine arrived at 4:29am and 7:31am

                Says something about starting at 9:15am - although session seems to start at 9:30am. I guess 9:15am so you can check everything's working?

                Anyway - enjoy :)

                • @RichardMelbourne: Thanks guys - I registered back in March for the first event, then again in May for the re-run when it went pear shaped.

                  Glad some got an invite. Any good btw?

    • Waited till after the session started, but no link arrived for me. Rather disappointed.

  • I also received the Monday reminder email but yet to receive anything for the session which starts in 10 minutes time.

    • Uggh… OK, just got my email with the invite. Turns out the start time of 9:00am which I assumed to be local (AWST) time (or at worst AEST), turns out to be Central European Summer Time (i.e. it will starting 15:00 AWST).

  • They just posted the following Q & A:

    when will the new link for session two be sent? You should have the link to session 2 in your inbox shortly (don't forget to check your junk1). If you haven’t received it yet, see link to log in https://event.on24.com/wcc/r/2278190/3A799CF0523CE223C299ACF...

  • Anyone else in Perth (I'm with AussieBB) having an absolutely TERRIBLE connection to the training session? I'm getting continuous stuttering and buffering making it basically impossible to watch.

    • +1

      If you have a download app, such as Internet Download Manager, you can download the video.

  • I did the 1st session but now I can't get into the second session that has just started at 9PM.

    Anyone know where the second session link is?

    They kicked me out of the first session where the link was.

    • Did you not receive two emails - one for each session? If not you might need to contact support (link posted earlier by someone else)

      • I only received one email for one session. The second email never came.

        Why do they have "limited spots" for watching a recorded video? Lame.

        • its pre-recorded yes. disappointing. Not even in AU all US

  • finally got an email this time


  • I did first session today and all worked well, email came through etc on time. See how we go tomorrow

  • The link i was sent does not work - Cannot reach this page.. >:(

    Anyone else scheduled to attend today having issues accessing the link emailed to them?

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