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Reolink RLK16-410B8-5MP Security Camera System with 8 5MP Cameras 16 CH NVR 3TB HDD US $604.79 (~AU $939.87) @ Reolink


Shipped from Reolink's local warehouse in 2-5 Business Days.

The package comes with 1 NVR RLN16-410, 8 5MP cameras, 1 NVR Power Adapter, 1 HDMI Cable, 1 USB Mouse, one 1m Network Cable, 8 18m Network Cable, 1 Quick Start Guide, 9 Mounting Hole

Template, 8 Surveillance Card, 8 Waterproof Lid, 8 RJ45 Connector, 1 Screws for HDD, 9 Pack of Screws and 1 Wrench. Pre-installed 3TB HDD for 24/7 recording (support up to 4TB).

Support all cameras recording at the same time (up to 16 5MP cameras). The motion detection recording function will trigger recording only when motion is detected. It’s much flexible and helpful for longer recording.

You can install an external hard disk drive via e-SATA for more storage (up to 4TB).

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  • Hi Rep, I have one of these. Why does the cable waterproofing attachment not work with the CAT cable that comes with the cameras?

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        LOL! What a crap setup. Expecting customers to dismantle the ethernet cord. Most people do not have crimping tools..

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          Would some heatshrink tubing do a good job there?
          I mean cutting and re-crimping sounds like would introduce more faults that letting a small amount of water in tbh

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          LOL! What a crap setup. Expecting customers to dismantle the ethernet cord. Most people do not have crimping tools..

          Well technically you need to have a cabling licence and an alarm installers licence to install these things. If you had those, you'd definitely have crimping tools. :)

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    Rep please do not tag spam.

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      I was searching for a deal on having somebody write a guide book to record me playing cards whilst mounting a horse, and this deal showed up… WT!!!

  • How is Reolink compared to Hikvision or Eufy in terms of image quality?

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      I bought the Reolink RLC-520 5MP camera as it was well priced to suit a very specific 4G use case without NVR I have.

      The quality is about what you would expect for $70 though. Decent enough during the day, however a number of shortfalls:

      • affected by sun glare (no WDR)
      • not a PIR motion sensor so you get a lot of false positives unless you really crank down the sensitivity and set exclusion zones for trees in the wind, also impacted by car headlights at night etc
      • night time IR distance I would say it's more like 15m (not 30m) of clear vision and deteriorates to darkness from there
      • only 80 degrees angle of view

      On the positive side it's very easy to setup with a functional mobile app.

      However I'm sticking with Dahua cameras for almost every other use case…

      • Thanks mate. That's a lot of great information there. Any recommendations on the Dahua?

        • Entirely depends on your needs/use case, but I've found the best value for money is the IPC-HDW4631EMP-0280B which can be had around the $120 mark (or if you don't care about English firmware upgrade-ability you can buy the hacked chinese equivalent model IPC-HDW4631C-A for around the $90 mark).

          Edit: I forgot to mention one more shortcoming of the Reolink… when you set a motion detection trigger for recording to the local SD card, I've noticed more often than not the recording will end prior to the end of the event; so it appears that once a motion event has triggered, it doesn't consistently keep monitoring for a new motion event to extend the recording until the first motion event has ended. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't, not sure why but very annoying… I've adjusted the 'Post-Motion Recording Duration' up from the default 15sec to the max 1min just to cater for this, but not a great solution as that is prone to wasting space and time reviewing recordings.

          • @pavlos: @pavlos i believe there was a firmware released yesterday fixing that default 15sec issue mentioned above

            • @ak hunter: That would be great if so! However as of right now, I appear to be running the latest firmware version available for the RLC-520 from the Reolink website - v2.0.0.647_20031413. Can you confirm if that firmware fix is for this model and/or link?

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                @pavlos: i got this reddit alert and now i cant it. from memory the rlc-520 wasnt listed. did you ask support? They have been amazing for my questions

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    Would love to see a deal on the 4k version RLK16-800B8 or D800/B800 package deal.

  • Bought one of the kit from Reolink. Funny how they are not able to give me a proper invoice (one with a business name and ABN number, with GST or tax). The rep says something about my order is sent from Australia warehouse and tax is not included. Any thought, guys?

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