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Fossil Explorist Gen 4 Grey Smartwatch $127.50 Delivered (Was $469) @ Watch Station via eBay


Cheapest price ever. Watch has very mixed reviews but at this price it might be worth it for those who want to have a play with Wear OS and have access to things like Google Pay.

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  • Anyone have thoughts on this?

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      Yeah, I don't need it and you probs dont either.

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        Best reply to a smart watch ever.

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      I had this watch. Works well, just remember to disable adaptive brightness. For some reason that setting makes it sluggish.
      The fossil watches suffer from having a really flimsy charging ring. My watch failed so I sent it back under warranty. Fossil were out of stock of the Gen 4 so I am now wearing a nice new Gen 5. I would generally recommend the 5 over the 4 but $127 is pretty cheap.

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      I've had it for about 6 months. Not the best smartwatch, but to me when i got it I thought it was the best looking steal band smart watch at that price point (Around $350)

      I have the wifi and heart rate sensor turned off and battery lasts longer than a day for me, prob a day and a half if I ran it flat. I wear it from wake up to sleep and at the end of the day I usually still have around 50% battery left. That's with the always on screen and highest screen brightness set as well.

      I mostly use mine for notifications (being able to see whats happening on my phone without having to take it out of my pocket), glancing at todays schedule, Google Pay and shopping lists (I have a shopping list on my phone that auto syncs to my watch, it then shows up as a checklist that i can tick items off on my watch). For that its great.

      I used to run the Byss Weather watch faces on it for a while too and that was an awesome watch face for weather updates.

      As for the cons:
      - You will need to charge it every night no doubt about it, but with the right settings you will get at least a full uninterrupted day and a half out of it
      - Its ok but at times its not that snappy/smooth. Most of the time it runs pretty smooth but there is a bit of stuttering at times going through the menu and a bit of a delay sometimes when you select an item or even just waking up the screen.
      - If you wear it on your left wrist there will be times where you will inadvertently hit the crown button with the back of your hand. If you accidentally long press it that activates google assistant(which is what happens more often then not).

      For $127 to me its a pretty good buy.

      • What shopping list app do you use out of curiosity?
        I've got the Falster 3 and I was looking for a shopping list app.
        Best I could find was "Bring" I think.

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          Google Keep. Make and group check lists on mobile and pc. All syncs to watch as soon as I open the app on it.

          I set one of the physical buttons on the watch to open up google keep lists so it syncs whenever I push that button.

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      Bought 1 year ago. The watch is sooooo slow.
      Reading time is fine. But ANYTHING else is giving me lagging experience. Like using a iPhone 3GS now.

  • Apparently it dies quickly.

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      Yeah battery life is the only downside. But you can still get a day.. Bought one, just for controlling the Bluetooth music playback.

      • Yeah WEAR OS watches battery life is a main problem.

        • not sure about this model but back in the day they were slow as shit as well which drives me insane as you look like a (profanity) staring at your wrist waiting for a response. I had two different WearOS watches, then went to a Samsung Galaxy Watch, smooth as silk and 50% better battery easily.

          3rd party apps are ass on Samsung Tizen but IDGAF as its just notifications, music controls and running tracking I care about all of which is fine on either platform (WearOS or Samsung)

          IIRC this one is also slow as ass, its basically caused by too little RAM and basically they fixed it by upping it to 768Mb minimum, this one only has 512Mb and from quick review google its slow

          • @bender000: Yeah, I have LG before and switched over to Amazfit, basically I just want basic fitness apps and notification and the LG too heavy.

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      I have one for nearly a year and have to disagree!

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    Gave up on Android Wear OS since none of the new gen has 4G/Cell support. Smartwatches are best when they work by themselves without having to be within 10m of the phone.

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      I tend to always have my phone on me, so don't find 4G support useful. I primarily use smartwatches to know when a notification has come in and whether or not it's important. If it's important, I'd usually want to respond to it on my phone rather than tap away on a tiny screen. I see it as an extension of my phone, rather than a stand-in for a phone.

    • without 4G watches already have bad battery life, with 4G you need to recharge every 4 hours.
      don't gave up on the OS, gave up on the battery technology, we have lithium since like 200 years ago and human couldn't improve it.

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        That's not true. I've got three cellular enabled watches - Samsung watch active 2, LG Urbane 2 LTE and the Samsung Galaxy S 3G and all will do entire day (24 hours+) on battery when untethered from the phone bluetooth. Obviously depends on how much you hammer it (eg. use it to surf the net or play games on the tiny screen). I just hate the phone being out of range and missing out on calls or events as a result.

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      Whilst I can understand some people might have a use case for a standalone smartwatch. I'm 100% with Eug, the smartwatch for me has always served as extension of my smartphone for glanceable data / notification. Since really the pebble.

      That said like any technology I've owned, pretty much ever, I can pick so many faults. For me Android Wear is actually awesome for my use case. I also have 0 problems with battery… But god I wish it was faster, fuk it's a laggy mess at times!!

      • What watch you got?

        • So atm I've got the TicWatch E, (a cheap wear watch) since I dropped and broke my (huawei watch 2 classic) which I also thought had performance issues.

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    Huawei GT 46cm is around the same price for orange one from Amazon.

    • Or better yet, $111 for black!
      (in before sells out within an hour) :P

      • Link please?

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        smaller version not the 46mm.

        Edit: not sure why I got negged by saying the black "HUAWEI Watch GT Elegant" 42mm is a smaller version than the orange "HUAWEI Watch GT Active" 46mm watch

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      46cm? Now that's a big watch…

    • No Google Pay

    • That's a bloody big watch

    • Doesn't have NFC

    • As someone with a TicWatch E, can i expect any performance improvements with either this or the GT?

  • I had a previous model of this. Great thing is that it looks and feels like a watch.
    Bad thing is that your wrist always ends up bumping the buttons and crown which activates something on the watch.

    Pretty cheap price to get into wear OS

  • At this price, these are great watches.

    There are better smartwatches out there but one of them are near this price.

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    First smart watch, impulse bought.

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      Same here. I bought it as an Eid present for myself 😌

  • thanks bought!

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    Bought it last month for 159, so far no complains. Best thing about it are the looks of the watch. Looks and feels like a watch not a gadget. Battery lasts a day and a half. Can get a bit slow but for this price wont mind it.

  • Can you answers calls on it?

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      no speaker

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        Cheers. Doesn't seem that smart then. Looks good though.

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    With a 1 day battery life this would drive me nuts Went with the Huawei GT a few weeks ago for a similar price but with a two week battery life made this an easy choice

    • I moved from Xiaomi Amazfit Pace to Fossil. No regret so far. Battery life only last a day. However, the battery charge itself in less than an hour.
      To me, the benefit of full wear os and NFC payments are more important.

      • Yeah I have no need for nfc so it was a no brainer, but each to there own

        • agree. for me my mobile doesnt have nfc so i need nfc

        • so true, just personal need. I had this watch for about a month now and very happy with it.

      • How'd you find the Pace? I'm thinking of getting a Stratos.

  • speaker and nfc?

    • no and yes

      • +1

        thank you for saving me $127.50

  • Thanks op, looks pretty cool for the price.

  • Perfect gift for an upcoming birthday, thanks OP!

  • Had this watch, was a really good watch. Loved the look of it and it worked really great. Battery lasts around 1.5 days.

    Had to return the watch because the charging coils on the back of the watch fell off. Since that happened I looked at a lot of reviews and other people have had the same issue. So take that as you will.

    Great watch, wish it was put together a bit better though.

  • I'd be careful with that seller. They got heaps (read several dozens) of negative reviews removed by ebay a few months ago (ah, the trustworthy ebay). The watch also seems to have pretty bad reviews even on fossil site, with most people mainly complaining about two things:

    • Watch is too slow. I'd not want to tilt my wrist and wait for a few seconds to know the time (like, several times a day).
    • Battery life is apparently terrible.
    • +1

      First point killed it for me, I hate technology that are slow nowadays. I'd rather have less features but things run flawlessly then deal with bugs everyday like I do with my pixel. Having to wait a few seconds to check the time everyday would drive me nuts.

      • There's an always on mode on wearos, you don't need to have tilt to wake on to see the time if the screen is skyways on.

    • Paypal was to - Fossil Australia Pty Ltd. So guessing they are selling via an ebay agent.
      Edit - Isn't watch station a physical shop at DFO's. Could be like the clearance outlet for Fossil and its other sister companies.

    • Lol they are Fossill Australia Pty Ltd themselves

      • Lol licensed to some bloke to run as "Fossil Australia Pty Ltd". Formerly known as "FSLA PTY. LIMITED, ACCESSOROZ PTY. LIMITED" (look up ASIC details).

        Besides, how is that relevant to any point I made? The ebay seller had absolutely terrible reputation (the negative reviews seem to be creeping back up again), and the watch does seem to be slow and crap for the most part. Given this, it shouldn't matter who sells it.

  • Picked one up this morning. Thought I might post it after work if no one has already. Beat me to it.

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      maybe post after you click buy (just on the safe side afraid of sold out) :)

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        No idea what the means sorry.

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    Did not want or need but bought anyway … Thanks OP

  • At the moment I have a Xiaomi Mi Fit 4 which I use for checking the time and tracking steps/workouts. What would be the benefit of upgrading to a smart watch?

    The only benefit I can really see id the design looks like a watch.

    • Google Assistant, HR, GPS, apps

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    Is this any good with iOS?

    • terrible with ios
      ive had the gen 4 and now the gen 5
      great watch otherwise think is an incredible price

      • Thanks, will give it a miss

      • How's the gen 5 with iOS? I heard much improved all round

        • Not sure on the gen 5 as I have Android now
          But if you look on the fossil Australia YouTube they have a run down of the watches and should tell you if it's any better with comparability there.
          Yeah gen 5 is great.
          I had a gen 4 that broke and overheated and wouldn't turn on within a year(wore it everyday) and I sent it back to repair but they didn't have a part so they gave me a choice and I chose a gen 5 for 40 bucks more
          3 days later was at my door they didn't ask for that extra 40 bucks haha

          • @rockthekazbah: Nice seems like they are getting rid of gen 4 stock in AU. I've got my $120usd gen 5 watch from the USA arriving soon via my personal Shopper in America so hoping based on huge gen 5 over 4 improvements it'll work aok with an iPhone!

  • That retail price is never real. You can always get these for this discounted price at their Fossil shops at DFO. Probably an easier refund experience too if needed.

    • I've never seen it for this price at DFO. Did you actually see them sell it for $127.50?

      • The RRP of the Gen 5 is just over $400 right now so maybe saying the Gen 4 "was $469" is a bit of a push.

  • Is the stainless steel band good quality?
    Asking for sensitive skin person.

  • missed it when it was 150, acted fast this time

  • Thanks OP. Bought one.

  • +2

    i was goona buy it, but when i went to youtube to look for review, the battery life held me back. you have to charge it everyday. naaaah i will pass this one. thanks OP.

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    Bought at 159 last time. Sold on gumtree 3 days later. Super slow and battery life was half a day if that. Google assistant did not work properly, lots of PT to get home control working. Used with Note 10+.

    Quality of the actual watch however was really good. Looks awesome. Hopefully google gets wear os right at soon.

  • Why do they keep making watches that last a day or less, what is the point. Literally cannot take the watch out for anything more than a day trip unless you enjoy bring around proprietary chargers.

  • Pulled the trigger on this. Had the Versa 2 previously. Syncing on apps on Fitbits are very hit and miss. Would be interested to see how Google's WearOS handles this.

  • I highly do not recommend this watch. The battery life is extremely bad. The display you have to press multiple times to activate as the processor is really slow. There is a lag between the touch. Very frustrating to use. If the watch battery only last around 8 hours. If you much around with it, it can last only 4 hours. I did some work out and monitor heart rate, the battery just drain badly. If you want to use it for the time, it is good enough.

    • Agreed, better pay more for the Samsung.

  • Not bad. Roughly $200 is about its true value anyhow.

  • i have a question. when you pay tru paypal is cashback applicable or not? thank you.

    • PayPal yes, but no cashback from eBay when using voucher codes

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    Terrible design and performance, even at this price. Took mine back after a week.

  • Huawei gt is also a very handsome watch especially if you change the standard band with the leather or steel band.

  • I think this watch was relatively well received but they made big improvements on the later Gen5 and Falster 3, especially with the 1GB of RAM which makes it very snappy.

    This is still a very good price I reckon.

  • Bought this in America for about US$90 to replace my Gear S3. Great watch. Looks great, works well. Battery life is a bit average but better than the S3.

  • This listing was ended by the seller because there was an error in the listing. | View order details

    Should we be worried?

  • Noooo I missed the deal!

  • Bought one. They are now available here from the same seller at same price

    • Nope says he has them but offer has ended :(

  • Buyer's regret, I'll be selling mine on Ebay!

  • any update from seller for this?

    • +1

      yea just got the shipping confirmation couple of minutes ago

  • Just received a message that its shipped, fingers crossed.

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