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Apple AirPods Pro $339 + Free Delivery @ The School Locker


Seems a good price and instock at a number of stores.

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The School Locker
The School Locker

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  • Thanks OP!! Price matched with Officeworks over the phone. Such a better experience compared to going in store!!

  • 35 mins on hold with OW, but got em

  • The head office is so difficult to connect…. waited near 1 hour over the phone, the lady checked and said they can do PB then transferred me to my local store. I asked the store PB again then the guy checked and put the item on hold for me to collect.
    I think that means if you want to collect rather than mailing to you, you better call your local store straight away rather than calling 1300 head office. From the conversation obviously the head office just transferred the line and didnt telling the store what I am asking today.
    The store is Trinity Garden SA FYI, very friendly.

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      That's total BS. You shouldn't have been transferred. You pay for the item over the phone using your CC details, and then later you will receive an email the your C&C order is ready to collect.

      • You are right, That’s exactly what I thought, I even had my credit card ready on hand when waiting to get connected. Maybe the lady over the phone just didn’t want to check the stock availability for me after I said I want to collect today rather than mailed. Anyway I have paid in store and now enjoying it.

    • It was a breeze for me…

  • Lengthy delays on the 1300 number today. Mine took 45mins. But the transaction was smooth. Delivery included a real treat. Thanks OP and the OzB fam for the OW PB reminder.

  • Big delays - 45min wait, but $322.05 - what a steal! Thanks OP!

  • Bought today with OWPB in-store at Lewisham, Sydney. They were friendly and I just had to tell them the website.

  • Bought one from Campbellfield, Vic OW. PB and they were friendly.

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    FYI I tried to place an order this morning over the 1300 OFFICE number. They told me that the School Locker website is for students only and therefore they are unavailable for PB. Instead I price matched to Rosman Computers per this deal for $333.45, which was lucky as the website is showing no stock availability. Good luck OzBargain!

    • Should have just hung up on her and tried again,

      • Hi, I am a student of Monash, I tried to call OW Carnegie this morning, however, they told me that, I need to have an account of the school locker then I can get the PB, but Monash is not on the list of the school locker. What I can do for now?

        • try the 1300 OFFICE tomorrow - I had no issues

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            @skinny: Yes, finally got the product on 1300

  • Just called JB at Brisbane city, the manager said he can do $369 with Apple care. Is that a good deal though?

  • I managed to snag one tho this morning. I called 1300 to PB and the lady was nice and happy to do it for me.

  • Thanks OP!

    PB at OW Richmond and South Yarra in store. Bought two in total - one for the missus :D

  • Do we have to ring Officeworks to get the Price Beat? Or is this possible in store too?

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      Both methods work

      • Awesome thanks

      • Some of the stores may make you feel like a criminal for bringing up "Price Match" despite the fact all of the staff members wear uniform which clearly advertise O/W price match guarantee at the back.

        • Should be okay. I've got thick skin. I'll forgive them ;)

  • I've called OF Carnegie VIC this morning, and show them this website. However, the manager told me that I need to have an account of the school locker. Unfortunately, Monash is not on the list of a school locker, don't know why, which means that OF Carnegie won't give me the product at 339. I will try my luck at another store tomorrow.

    • According to the policy, do we really need an account of the seller first, then we can get the product?

      • No, you don't need an account nor do you have to be a student.
        These are lame excuses O/W staff members will use to fob you off. If you can be bothered, you should take down the name of the staff member who gave you a hard time, and lodge a complaint with HQ on their website.

        • I went to OW Chadstone this morning. The staff called Amit had a very bad attitude towards their price match policy. I showed them the website "the school locker" and the price of AirPods pro is 339, also I am a student. But that staff gave me three lame excuses, first, he said the school locker is not an Australian competitor, second, he said that seller doesn't have a real store, third, the school locker has different warrant policy. BUT all three excuses are wrong!!! The school locker is an apple authorised seller.
          I spent around 25 mins at the store, in the end, that staff turn his back and leave and just said: "He doesn't want to talk to me with this."
          However, I placed an order on phone, within 18 mins, I successfully paid the bill without any hard time.

  • Didn’t realise they came with an USB-C to lightening cable which costs $29. Pretty sweet.

  • Called Officeworks on Sunday and received 2 hours ago, thanks OP!

  • +1, pricebeat at officeworks. Cheers.

  • +1 makes it +250 easy price match at OfficeWorks

  • Thanks OP… completed the set (gen1, 2 and now the Pro). Ah Ozbargain… 😀
    The non-pros keep falling out and this fit seems a lot better.
    Pricematched at O/W.

  • Thanks OP - price matched at OW in Altona North no problems

  • Just price matched at Officeworks Mentone without any issues…

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