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Samsung Galaxy Buds SM-R170 (Black) $120 Delivered @ Flash Forward Tech Amazon AU (OW Price Beat $114)


If you want something a bit cheaper than the previous airpods, check out these galaxy buds!
Best price I've ever seen.

Edit: price has gone up by 2 cents since first posting

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Yup this has to be the cheapest ever nice one AwesomeAndrew 👍.

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    It’s fake and Sold by third party, look at the review, do not buy this!

    • fulfilled by amazon, unlikely to be a fake

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        The reviews don’t look promising….

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        Fulfilled by Amazon means nothing.
        Only that the retailer forwards the goods to their warehouse for storing and distribution (for a fee)

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        Lots of comments saying Fake.
        Even though it's fulfilled by Amazon, it's still a hassle to return.

    • Wonder if OW would still Price-beat

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        I went to officeworks today and they honoured the price beat

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          Nice one. Authenticity no concern.

        • Cheers, will try my local.

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          Cheers OP. Successfully PB at my local OW. Price has gone up to $145.02 now.

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      Flash Forward Tech are a decent company, bought from them plenty of times (sd cards which are notorious for having lots of fakes) and never got anything fake. They're new to Amazon but have been on Ebay for a long time, well known to OzB and have a good rep.

      • Still doesn’t explain why multiple complaints with authentication, should they be the exact same company is highly suspicious since you never bought from their amazon shop?

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          Amazon aggregates reviews from different seller on product pages

          I'd be a hell of a con if it was a fake amazon seller using their name but they have 652 ratings at 99% positive so I'd say they're fine.
          Actually looks like they've been on Amazon for a little while longer than I thought

  • Samsung Australia informed me that for the Wearable app to function these need to be the official Australian variant, however the ones being sent from this retailer are an Asian varient.

    This bothers me.

  • Please read Amazon reviews before you paid for it. Many review state the ear buds is fake.

  • I like these, but they lose connection a lot more than my older iconX's.
    Even if the phone is in my back pocket it sometimes struggles.

    • +1

      Used to have this problem when I got them 6 months ago. Would go for a jog and Bluetooth sort of choppy.

      Lots of updates since then and had no issues. Got them for 130 and no complaints.

      • Good point, might be worth ensuring I am running the latest firmware.

    • How about the mic quality? Kinda prefer Buds+ but they are pricey.

      • What would be a good price for buds+?

      • From my experience not bad in relatively quiet environment. Was ok in trains.

        Fine if you're walking and talking.

        But when there are people talking quite close to you, the quality isn't that flash. I've had the other person asking me to repeat a few times.

        I'm speaking in regards to the original buds. The updated buds have better mics apparently but I haven't tested them.

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    The seller "Flash Forward Tech AU" has 652 reviews at 99% positive, I don't think they are fake. Product reviews on Amazon are aggregated from all sellers so they are not reliable, the fakes could be from another seller.

  • Currently link leads to:

    Sold by:

    Sure, that sounds totally legit……

    • The deal had expired and thats why the link is no longer leading to the correct seller.

      • I realise that, just that the new redirect didn't sound legit either.