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J.Burrows Wired Mouse $4 @ Officeworks


Usb wired mouse cheapest in the store @officeworks altona $4.

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  • Do they have any wired wouse?

    • how did you find this so soon, i am subbed to the key word "mouse" and just got the notification now

      • I'm subscribed to other things and usually get the notification 11-14 minutes after the post. I've missed out twice on buying the item I'm after.

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    I ad “mired” your post

  • Alt + F7

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    If mice become mired, you need to clean their balls.

  • They've been this price for some time. I picked one up in Toowoomba Officeworks a couple of weeks back. They're OK quality, mine has had one of the buttons randomly start double-clicking already. I only suggest getting one if you need a mouse in a hurry and don't want to spend a lot, you definitely get what you pay for.

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    is this good for gaming

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    I bought one of these a couple of months ago and it’s pretty crappy. It often adds phantom movements, even though it’s sitting stationary on a mousepad.

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      Brilliant. My Skype status won't go to idle/inactive on my work PC :-D

  • It's usually this price isn't it

  • they have a wired mouse at kmart for same price, which is the regular price https://www.kmart.com.au/product/wired-optical-mouse---black...

    don’t know how it compares though.

  • J. Burrows is crap. Breaks down after a few months.

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    This isn't exactly anything special tbh.
    Just as good as the every day $4 Big W or Kmart mouse.

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      Yep, I remember buying one for $4 or $5 a couple of years ago
      Didn't last long. You get what you pay for, buy from a reputable brand (even a low end model) instead

  • perfect for my gaming pc.

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    this is normal price for this mouse

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    This is not a special price, normal retail not a bargain

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