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Reolink 8CH 5MP Poe Home Security System, 4 Wired 5MP Outdoor Poe IP Cameras, 5MP 8 Channel NVR $479.99 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Edit: Sorry guys, looks like its gone…

Deal 30% claimed at the time of posting
Expires at 05:19 pm 18/05/2020 or thereabout.

Youtube review of cameras https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xg3krwlX4jk

Description from Amazon:
【5 Megapixels & 100ft Night Vision】2560x1920 super HD detailed image and up to 100ft night vision video monitoring, 3,000,000 more pixels than 1080P, 300% more detailed than 720P. You will truely get rid of struggling to see the details with 720P or 1080P analog videos.
【Plug & Play PoE System】Taking out the 60ft network cables from the video surveillance kit and connect the security cameras to the NVR ports, you can see the security camera system working with videos immediately via HDMI monitor. It is as easy as analog camera kit.
【Stable & Lossless Video Quality】Unlike CCTV DVR system, videos from the IP camera system will not be degraded or destroyed by cables. The digital signal will keep real 5mp high definition image via 300ft CAT6 ethernet cables. You will have no worry about the coaxial cable quality for DVR and analog cameras that will affect much on its image, even within 100ft.
【HDD Storage & Remote Playback】With pre-installed 2TB HDD, it can keep around 10 days videos without overwriting. Without opening the NVR casing, you can add one external 4TB HDD via its e-SATA port. With FREE Reolink app. for android and iPhone, all videos in the HDD can be playback remotely in your hand anywhere anytime.
【Reolink 5MP Cams Compatible】With 8 PoE ports on the NVR video recorder, the security system is expandable to work with maximum 8 Reolink poe, wifi, fixed lens, Autofocus, bullet or dome cameras.

Edit: Deal is 100% Claimed, join the waiting list and keep checking the page. You may need to access via desktop site to join.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • you come up with this deal when we purchased it for 356USD 1 week ago. NOT HAPPY JAN

    • Ha Ha Ha. I also paid $526AUD each two weeks ago my self on two systems (one for a friend).

    • Don’t shoot the stork

      • my fustration is with reolink :)

  • Thanks O.P.

    Good value.

    Anyone know if these cams are okay to be out on the side of the house (on a wall) to be faced down the side of the house.

    • Depends on your use-case, they are nothing to rave about but will get the job done for the most part. I posted about the shortcomings I found with them here

  • Is this any good?

    • For $500, definitely.

      Even though people recommend Dahua and HikVision, the NVR is at least $700, and you are looking at least $150 per camera plus the other crap you gotta buy (cables). So it's more closer to minimum $1500.

      • Not sure where you are quoting prices from, but a Dahua PoE NVR 4 channel can be had at the $200 mark or 8 channel for $250.

        Just purely for comparison sake, hereis a Dahua bundle with 8 channel PoE NVR + 2TB WD Purple HDD + customisable 1-8x 6MP cameras but for comparison purposes with this deal 4x 6MP cameras will set you back $809.20 total, all you are missing from this is cabling.

        I would say your comparison price is more like $850, not $1500.

        • +1

          Huh didn't realise you could get them for do cheap. In that case it's slot more tempting to get dahua.

    • I haven't got mine installed yet (installer supposedly coming tomorrow). But one installed at friend's place are great. It is also easy to interface with Home Assistant. There are also couple of projects to feed the picture to validate the objects via IBM Max Image Detector, Deepstack etc.

      • When you said Home Assistant, do you mean Google Home / Amazon Echo? Are they compatible? I don't see any of those words under item description.

        Is that something you can install by yourself instead of getting an installer?

        • Home Assistant is a home automation server. Not to be confused with Google Home/Alexa. But I remember seeing something regarding compatibility with Google Home. Let me dig it out.

          Edit: Here are the instructions

          Unfortunately, as per my reading of the above, you have to install the cameras via external switch and not directly to NVR for this integration to work. Happy to be corrected.

          • @djshitu: Thanks mate. Yes, I think it excludes cameras paired with the NVR system…

            Have you tried to install it by yourself? I wonder if this is a DIY project I can do on the weekend.

            • @Maki: i am going to. piss easy. you jusr run some cables. The nvr is very easy to use compared to hikvision in my opinion. I couldnt get the email working yet so I need to play around with it more. I also have some generic poe cameras connected to the nvr so Im happy

        • To install, you just need a LAN wire (RJ45 cable) to run to the cameras from NVR. These don't need power connection to each camera. I am not sure if you are legally allowed to put LAN cables yourself. I am getting this installed by an electrician as I am not very comfortable to climb in the roof void. Had a prior fall earlier a couple of years ago doing some DIY cleaning…

          • @djshitu: Only just saw your reply, thanks again for the advice.

      • Any idea how much it would cost to install the four cameras? I assume it is just feeding the cable from the camera points, through the ceiling to the NVR unit wall point. Correct me if I am wrong.

        • +1

          That's all it needs. It has good app, recording and push motion alerts as well. Tested it just by connecting 2 cameras.

          I will find out the installation costs once the electrician shows up…

          • @djshitu: How did you go with the installation? :)

      • whoops never mind, keen to know how much it be to get somethign liek this installed.

  • Bought this from Reolink 2 weeks ago for $521 AUD. Funny how they are not able to give me a proper invoice (one with a business name and ABN number, with GST or tax). The rep says something about my order is sent from Australia warehouse and tax is not included. Any thought, guys?

    • Same. I ordered on their website and first tracking info entry in Auspost tracking was from Melbourne. Mine was delivered to Melbourne.

    • mine came from regents park i think (3 DAYS)

  • Can we use this in any country?

  • +1

    32 min ago

    Deal is 100% Claimed


    • yup i spent too much time deciding to buy or not

  • all gone :(

  • All gone while I am watching the review video :(

    • :(

    • Sorry. Should have summarised the result…

      • Not your fault mate, I've now created an alert so I don't miss it next time, thanks for your help.

        • how do you create an alert for price drops? bit new to amazon. ta

          • @hotchoc: I just add it to wish list and also track if on 3Camel (camelcamelcamel.com)

  • dam it, missed it, price back up to $600. Anyone know where else to get something like this?

  • These look good. Might replace my Arlo Pro 2's which Arlo seem insistent on ruining via Firmware

  • There's another deal similar to this at the moment, though with 2 x 5MP Cam RLC-410 and 2 x 5MP Cam RLC-520


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