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Maxpro Germ Free Hospital Grade Disinfectant Deodorizing Cleanser Eucalyptus 5L $13.66 + Delivery @ Pet Station


Hi guys,

We have a deal on the Maxpro Germ Free Hospital Grade Disinfectant Eucalyptus 5L,

We are offering this product at $13.66 + delivery (NSW Metro rate is $5.72 for example for 1 x 5L bottle)

To make the most of the postage to metro areas it would be best to purchase 4 x 5L bottles as postage is calculated by weight,

Info: Unbeatable for cleaning and getting rid of pet odours, the maxpro range of germ free disinfectants are ideal for disinfection, deodorizing and cleaning of hard surfaces. Hospital grade but can be used around the house as well. Available in a wide range of long lasting fragrances.

  • Germ Free is excellent for the disinfection, deodorizing and cleaning of hard surfaces and leaves a pleasant fragrance.
  • It is a powerful disinfectant,cleaner & deodorizer. It combines quaternary ammonium compounds and non-ionic surfactant.
  • Germ Free Disinfectant is safe enough not to require wearing rubber gloves.
  • NO RINSING NEEDED - Simply dilute 1:50 with water and apply with sprayer. (Read directions before use)
  • Very Effective in Animal Housing such as Dog Kennels, Coops, Hutches, Cages, Stables Etc.
  • Contains extra strength long lasting time release odour control fragrances & essential oils which neutralise & destroy unpleasant odours.
  • Hospital Grade Disinfectant.
  • Can be used around the house.

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  • Keep up the good deals.

  • shipping to NT is 57

  • How does this compare to F10?

    Will it kill Parvo? Covid 19?



    • I looked at this during the "disinfectant famine". To describe it as "hospital grade" is a travesty and probably incorrect despite the maker's MSDS. This stuff is diluted - rightly - for animals and certainly would have no tested claims wrt Covid-19.

      OP doesn't suggest this, or indeed anything the maker hasn't (rightly or wrongly) claimed.

      The same chemical - Benzalkonium Chloride - is available in higher concentrations of the active ingredient, from the same maker from memory (could be wrong there). I compared prices, thought this was a bargain then checked the more expensive products and saw they had higher concentrations.

      Out of interest I looked up the definition of "hospital grade" in the Therapeutic Goods Regulations 1990 and this is their (pretty loose) guide:

      Hospital grade disinfectant means a disinfectant that is represented to be suitable for therapeutic use:
      (a) in premises used for:
      (i) the investigation or treatment of a disease, ailment or injury; or
      (ii) procedures that are carried out involving the penetration of the human skin;

      (b) in connection with:
      (i) the business of beauty therapy or hairdressing; or
      (ii) the practice of podiatry;

      but does not include:
      (c) an antibacterial clothes preparation; or
      (d) a sanitary fluid; or
      (e) a sanitary powder; or
      (f) a sanitiser.

      Hope this is useful.

  • Yeah couldnt find a heap of info on it.

    I have F10 and ViraClean. But for the price it will be used as a genreal dissenfectant for dloors and wipe overs.

    Thanks for the research.

  • not chlorine based thus does not kill covid, this is as the title says, for pets