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Click Frenzy: 30% off Your 1st Uglybox on Any Uglybox Subscription Boxes


Hi All,

Hope everyone's having a fantastic week getting some good deals here on Ozbargain! Here's one for all the dog loving peeps.

We believe that using a variety of engagement toys, paired with the right nutrition (healthy treats & an overall balanced diet) along with regular exercise is the key to looking after the physical & mental wellbeing of our special pooches. This is easily attainable through an Uglybox subscription by adding in some training and much-needed playtime with them.

  • Each Uglybox contains atleast 2 Toys & 2 Natural Treats for your pup to enjoy based on your dog's preferences ofcourse.
  • All our treats are sourced here in Australia or NZ, with ingredient quality being our key focus.
  • No preservatives, no nasties! πŸ’©
  • All our toys are premium quality too, we don't sell cheap supermarket brands or any toys we wouldn't give to our own doggo Zeus.
  • Each box is 100% recyclable & biodegradable for your modern eco-friendly pup who cares for the environment 🌏

Simply use discount code FRENZIED30 to receive 30% Off your first Uglybox at checkout (if the coupon doesn't get applied automatically when you click the link), and get amongst all the fun! And get ready in anticipation for your Uglybox to arrive and for all the playtime fun that comes with it. Getting excited just thinking about it πŸΆπŸ€—


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  • How much was donated to bushfire support in January from your previous deal?


    • +7 votes

      We donated $240 from the sale of our bandanas earlier this year. We are a small business (team of 2 passionate animal lovers), and were glad to contribtute to charities doing some great work.

      • -7 votes

        We donated $240 from the sale of our bandanas

        So you sold 24 bandanas ?

  • You need to look into uglybox for cat owners. Sadly I'd love a dog but landlord won't allow it so I started collecting cats (3 now, but want more) :D

    • +1 vote

      Thats a really good idea and I am sure we did consider it at some point in the past. If there's a demand for it, we will surely revisit this in the near future. A lot of our customers that have dogs and cats use our toys and treats, as some can be used for both cats and dogs.
      3 cats must be so much fun! My wife and I would love to get a cat. Such amazing pets :)

      • 3 + cats = crazy cat lady.

      • Cats can be awesome but you need to put the time into it like training a bulldog (not very bright). I've trained one of them to be a dog since I've always had dogs so i don't know any other training methods. She can fetch, play dead, gnarl all day on a dried bone and come when called.

        The other two were rescues (one was feral and one was abandoned) so harder to train but they all know their names and the word "Din dins" and come rushing in.

    • cats are great, but PLEASE PLEASE keep them inside to save the lives of hundreds or thousands of native animals. from your cats alone

      • Two of them HATE the outdoors so they never make for the door and the one that loves it only goes out in a cat pram (or cat dome backpack) and when she's allowed out in the garden, she's on a ferret leash. I'm not silly to let them roam freely since they are dumb enough to get hit by cars,get into fight or come home with some virus.

        These are 99% indoor murder machines but not by my choice.