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35% off CTEK Battery Chargers - MXS5.0PB $118.30 & More @ Repco


Not the cheapest ever but might be useful for some, especially with winter approaching.
A bit extra back with CR https://www.cashrewards.com.au/repco til 23May.

CTEK Battery Charger 12V 5Amp with Bonus Powerbank & Accessories - MXS5.0PB $118.30 ($94.64 after cashback)

I just bought the 5 Amp on Saturday with their 25% off sale :(

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  • Thanks Mod but I'm seeing $127.40 for the example you added

    • $118.30 when I click on the link. Even the regular MXS5.0 on its own is $125.45

    • Same here. 127.40

  • +1
    • That's a different product - just the charger.
      Thus has "Bonus Powerbank & Accessories valued at $95".

      The MXS5.0PB is the Powerbank pack with 5000ma PowerBank (wow), & more useful accessories (rubber bumper to protect it & surfaces, & charge indicating connector)

  • I got it recently for $102 from Sparesbox so this isn't all that cheap.

      • It came with the quick connect eyelet one, but not the powerbank or strap or rubber thing - but I don't care much for those anyway. Don't need them, especially the powerbank which is only 5000mAH - small.

        • +1

          This is a better deal with more @$94.64 after cashback listed in Deal Description.

          Found the 2 accessories useful. PowerBank not so.

          Having the included extra quick connect connector is handy to connect another battery using eyelets (in second vehicle etc), just swapping the charger between battery connectors.
          Also indicates state of battery charge - handy on the secondary battery not on charge as much. Think it is around $50RRP otherwise.

          Rubber bumper is handy as sometimes leave charger on bonnet. And protects from bumps.

          Bought the PB pack in December for $89 @Repco. Happy with it.

          • @Rather be Travelling: $5 for cover

            $12.99 for indicator

            so for $84.49 ($67.60 after 20% cashback)

            $67 + $10.4 + $4
            = $81.4 total vs $94.64

            So for $13 extra you're getting the battery pack.

            I'd go $81.4 to save the extra $$$

            • @R3XNebular: $24.69 for the indicator at my local. I was looking at these the other day, when the 35% discount started….
              …but not at $24.69

              • @Spending2Much: Yep unless you live near Logan City Repco Max you'd be better off with the PB deal.

            • @R3XNebular: Well spotted!

              The bumper & indicator connector have not been listed on Repco for some time, at stores I tried. Now back in stock.

              Wasn't there in a search of CTEK when I commented. So guessed price from memory 6 months ago when I checked. But was too high.

              I had commented in an earlier Deal, that the Powerbank was worth about $10. So the total value of included accessories could be bought for about $50 ($10 PB, $5 bumper, $35 connector) before current discounts.

              Repco lists it as "Bonus Powerbank & Accessories valued at $95".

              Now stocked again at reduced price. Especially in Logan!
              Price and Save offers might only be available from Repco Max Logan City.

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      You can get the MXS5.0 without the powerbank for 84.49 https://www.repco.com.au/en/globes-batteries-electrical/batt...

      • $135.20 pricing in country WA…are you really getting it for $84.49?

        • Yes I pickup yesterday


          • @sanglt: Yep, $125.45 Perth Metro.

            Over $40 difference, what a joke!

      • Wow the price difference between Browns Plains and Logan City is $30. Will order this, Thanks champ!

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    I bought a mxs 7.0 recently from amazon.com.au for $174 ($224.90 in this sale).
    Amazon.com.au says temporarily out of stock with a new price of $157.56. You can still order it though.

    • Has been $119 recently at Repco. Bought one then.

      • yeah, early Jan before covid messed with things too much.
        I have one year from purchase for price protection, so I can hopefully get a bit back.

    • +1

      MXS 7.0 is $142.99 @ Repco Logan City Max

      • Thanks, how long for?

        • Until 35% sale ends.

          Total for MXS 7.0 is $114.40 (cash rewards)

          I would've purchased the MXS 7.0 but sounds like most people recommend MXS 5.0 for motorbikes/cars etc.
          Bigger is not always better I suppose?

          • +1

            @R3XNebular: I would have got the 7 for that price. They're smart enough to limit the current for smaller batteries. Will charge slightly quicker. I think most people recommend the MXS5 more for the compromise of size vs cost.

            • @whitelie: Yea will vary on peoples needs, think I'm more likely to charge smaller batteries..
              $67 vs $114.40 = $47 difference… Hopefully I don't regret purchasing the smaller one lol

              • +1

                @R3XNebular: Nah, I've got the 5 and it's fine for 60ah/800CCA batteries, just takes a little while if they've been neglected.

  • Anyone seen any good deals on an AGM battery for camping? I bought the CTEK last time it was on sale and I’ve been looking for a good battery to go with it ever since.

    • +1

      SSB are not a bad brand.Other mates use them also for camping etc,Just a suggestion mate,mine did a fair bit of Winching over the years..

  • 20% Standard cash back with Cashrewards!

  • Gah how do you find the stores that have stock of the charger? Seems I have to select each store and then find out they have no stock?

    • Enter your location for store - will show nearest stores with stock. (142km from me)
      Has been in a few Deals, so stock levels have fallen since I bought in December @$89.

  • +1

    Thanks much OP. This is a great deal. been looking comfort connectors for my four motorcycles. They usually sell for $25.. bought these on sale plus 20% cash rewards.

  • $127.40 at my local, but no stock. None in any store close by either. Can't add to cart for collection at local store.

    The standard MXS5.0(non PB) is $135 after current discount.

    • I was happy to get the non PB. My battery loved the charge :)

  • I bought a cheap, $60 no brand one at Aldi to keep my battery topped up while I'm at work for 2 weeks of every month. Is this fancy one safer / better for my car?

  • Serious question, what makes this charger so much better than this $27 Kmart battery charger

    • The most obvious would be 5AMP vs 2AMP.

  • Question guys, I just need a jumpstarter (dont have a socket in my garage cant use this). Which powerbank mAh should I use? 12000mAh enough for a small car and SUV?

    • +1

      I've got the 800A Gooloo and it starts my 5.7L V8 no worries at all. Will be fine for just about anything IMO but if the 1500 or 2000A ones are similar price (usaully around $100 on here?) I'd just get the bigger one. Probably last a year before needing to check/top up the charge.

  • MXS 5.0 recommended for Bikes, Cars, Large vehicles

    MXS 7.0 recommended for Cars, Large Vehicles

    This is according to this diagram

  • +2

    Hi Guys Managed to get the store next to me price match on MXS 5.0 it to the Repco Max Logan City so it worked out to be 84.49 - 16.90(CashBack offer) = 67.59.
    The guy in the store said the powerbank is kind of useless.The sales on till 2marooo. Thanks scottb721 for the post been keen on buying this for a long time.

    • Great price. Not missing anything with the PowerBank, but I found the accessories handy.
      Which store?

    • Nice work. My local had no interest in helping out with the one I purchased 3 days earlier during the 25% off sale.

  • Had my order for the rubber housing refunded :(

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