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Apple AirPods Pro 125,000 Points (or 50,000 Points + $216) @ Telstra Plus Rewards


For those of you that took advantage of the bonus 50000 rewards points, this could be a good buy. RRP at Apple AU is $399.

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  • There was a bonus 50000 points

  • that would value your 50k points at only $120. Not a great deal.

    • That’s a saving of $183 on the Apple RRP and given the 50k points were free, I think that’s not a bad effort.

  • I ordered Samsung Buds+ (plus) on April 11th. The order hasn't even been processed yet from the warehouse. Just be aware of long delays

    • Too late now I guess but you can actually get them in-store using Telstra Plus Points if you find the people that know how to do it. I got my Airpod Pros from Auburn Telstra store when everywhere was out of stock. An extremely helpful person on Telstra chat helped call up shops for me.

    • I ordered a Samsung A20 from from their Telstra site, took 2 weeks to deliver

  • They’ve always been this price. This is a PSA, not a deal.

  • How is that even a deal if you need extra 50k points? If this stands, you pay $0 for your everyday grocery at coles if you got 5 trillion flybuy points.

    • Coz the 50k points was free?

      • So you can basically post everything on telstra for a "deal price" + 50k points? The deal should be free 50k points and it's expired, not a "discounted price" + 50k points.

      • Coz the 50k points was free?

        By that argument, then this would be considered a "target deal" as not everyone is on Telstra. And those who are, most would have direct debit set up before the promotion therefore not qualified for the points:

        Must be invited by Telstra in order to participate in the offer
        Must have an active Telstra Plus membership (Telstra Plus Terms & Conditions apply)
        Must have an eligible account: A Post-Paid billing arrangement that is not currently registered for Direct Debit, if you have more than one eligible billing arrangement, the offer will apply to each account where the ‘redemption conditions’ are met.
        Accounts with a pre-existing Direct Debit arrangement as at the start of the promotion are not eligible for this offer – i.e. customers will not become eligible for the promotion merely by removing Direct Debit and re-registering during the promotion period.

      • Doesn't make it a deal rofl

  • Not a deal if you need to already have 50k points to get the deal.

  • i am still waiting for the google nest that I ordered back in March !!

  • Order one of the platronic wireless earbuds and delivery were quick

  • -1 vote

    Awful sound quality. Don't waste your money.

  • No deal, to most of the people.

  • Anybody else sign up to the BUSINESS version of Telstra Plus and still have no points even though some bills have been paid???

  • ordered 12th May, no update until today. Sent a complaint and was advised everyone had the same issue.