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50000 Telstra Plus Rewards Points for Direct Debit


Was just checking my services in the Telstra app and there is a banner advertising 50000 plus points for signing up to direct debit, that’s a bit more than what it costs for a redemption on a pair of Samsung Galaxy Buds so seems generous, previous deal as 4K of points.

Terms & Conditions - Thanks Hargain Bunter

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    Must be a typo! Probably get on to this one before it gets fixed.

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      What is the dollar value of 50k Telstra pts..?

      • 50k points can get you 4 x Google Nest Mini's and 4 x Google Home Mini's. The problem is these reward offers generally get sold out quick.

        • +2

          Great, I'll add them to my pile of other free Google Home Minis. Should start a Mini farm, they reproduce rapidly.

        • +1

          can also get galaxy buds, 48K points, a good 150-200 bux there alone.

          our points came though over the weekend too :)

          • @wisc: Aren’t the plantroinc 5100 better value though?

            • @dein_gesicht: they certainly sell for more, I wonder if that's because the galaxy buds have a higher volume and can afford to sell for less…

              tbh i have no idea though…

              tried googling "plantronic 5100 vs galaxy buds" but nothing obvious came up…

              given both my wife and i already have wireless galaxy buds, i cant justify using all our points to find out…

              was thinking about getting a sound bar or similar.

      • I wonder if we'll ever be able to come up with a reliable CPP similar to how we now have a rough idea on how much a Qantas point is worth.

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    • +1

      Yes this is real I did just get my 50,000 points!!!

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    Where are the T&Cs?

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    dammit, i get a "25 million points to be won over 25 days" ad.

    • Hey Mingles, check in your “Services” section.
      😃 That’s where I found mine.

      • Is this for the 24/7 app on android?

        • Hey pancaeks yes on my iPhone using the 24/7 app (I’m assuming they are very much the same apple/android apps).
          When selecting “Services” the 50000 bonus points message is top of screen as shown by the OP. Cheers

        • That's not how you spell pancakes.

    • same here

  • Checked the App and got the offer also. Thanks OP

  • Got it.thx op

  • Got the offer and set it up. Says changes can take up to 3 days, so hopefully the points get added then too

    • Same with me , fingers crossed

    • +1

      Points will be applied automatically within seven days, after the first Direct Debit payment has been processed.
      My direct debit date is 30th December so I'll be waiting for almost a month for these points

      • New T&C says 14 days

  • +1

    Got the offer but cant access the t&c's

  • +1

    I see it too. Had to pull down to refresh a couple of times on the Services page before it showed up. Tapping it just takes you to the profile page. T&Cs apply but are not provided to you by the looks of it.

  • +5

    Got the offer and just finished setting it up. Took a screenshot of my home page showing the offer so wait and see

    • +1

      Same here

  • -3

    anybody get the points yet? I've submitted my credit card details 4 times and been charged $4 dollars haha.

    • heh mine did it twice, first time gave an error though. no points yet

      • The email confirmation I got says:

        We've received your request to set up direct debit for account number ************. This can take up to 3 business days to be activated, after this time please sign in to Telstra 24x7 app or My Account to check the status of your request.

        I wouldn’t expect points until after that?

        • I didn’t seem to get an email but I submitted my request for DD I just got a confirmation screen.

        • Points will be applied automatically within seven days, after the first Direct Debit payment has been processed

  • Was on my app and I signed up, not optimistic this will be honoured though.

  • +5

    Damn, might have to cancel my direct debit to see if I get this.

    • was thinking the same…very tempting

    • Done. But it says it can take up to 24 hrs to reflect the change. Hopefully, this offer stays on till then.

  • Got it on the app, hopefully the points come through, thanks for the heads up!

  • +6

    I only get an Xbox all access ad in the banner.
    Logging out did nothing.

    • +2

      Try reset your phone, that worked for me to get the banner, had your issue before that.

      • I tried that, im still getting 2x xbox deals hah. I'll wait a bit and try again

        • +1

          I'm in the same boat. 2x Xbox

    • +1

      clear cache

    • Pull down on the screen to refresh the services page & you'll get another offer at the top.
      I was getting a black Friday banner initially but then mine cycled to this offer

  • +2

    Took a screenshot with my account details listed below the offer. Will keep that until points arrive.

  • +6

    I worked for Telstra for 7 years.i know not to dd. How long until the points come ? I'll cancel as soon as I get it

    • What's wrong with direct debit?

      • +3

        lol… my family is at about $1100 extra charges. Someone else is at $2000 extra charges. We complained about the charges and were sold a new product without any communication…. lol. Manual payments would have kept them honest.

        • +5

          They actually have come up with a good new option now, you can put an amount to direct debit each month & if any charges are above that they will bill you

          • +4

            @RogueWolf: Set up my direct debit with limit of $240.00 per month. Did not read it is whole dollars only, so have set it up for $24,000 per month.
            Fixed that promptly

        • +3

          Honestly, it is hard to believe.

    • +2

      I’ve been a Telstra customer since 2003 and never had a problem with direct debit.

      • Lucky for you, I've been billed incorrectly by Telstra too many times but only once when I was on direct debit, and only hundreds not thousands of dollars.
        I've signed up for DD for this bonus but I'll be cancelling after I get these bonus points

        • https://crowdsupport.telstra.com.au/t5/News-Feed/Why-You-Sho...
          They will remove bonus points if you remove DD within 6 months of signing up.

          • @xecutor: what happens if you spend the points before then? do you go into negative?

            • @kungfuman: I don't make the rules so I have no idea how Telstra will force accounts to return these bonus points (should you already have spent them). On option for them could be to have your account go into the negatives or it is possible they may request a monetary amount to be paid (highly unlikely).

              Either way, just don't drop DD until after 6 months.

              • @xecutor: 3 months … not 6 months

                If you choose to cancel your direct debit arrangement within 3 Months, we may reserve the right to reverse these bonus points in accordance with the Telstra Plus Telstra Plus Terms & Conditions

  • +1

    I got a shitty xbox offer in the app. Restart phone didn't help.

      1. Go to app store and make sure the Telstra app is updated.

      2. Open the app, if you don't see it on the Services tab then tap Bills then tap on Services again and you'll see the banner on the top.

      • +2

        Thanks but no luck. Also tried refreshing 20+ times and still just xbox.

    • Yeah I got the Xbox one too

  • +4

    Cancelled my direct deposit - Will check back tomorrow and hope it's still there!

    • +1

      me too.

      • Me three. Got XBOX ad. Don't care, want points.

        I got a google home recently for 10k points or something. It is just sitting there but I like that it was free.

        • Also cancelled direct debit

          • +1

            @raytriplej: I cancelled my DD yesterday - tried the app this morning - still the xbox deal. I'll try again later.

    • +1

      I cancelled my DD too.
      I paid my due bill yesterday.
      The offer came up for me this morning!

  • keep getting unexpected error when i try to submit DD details

  • got it, you think it will work if you set a lower payment limit than the bill?

  • Anyone know how to replace xbox offer? Tried resetting phone as @doweyy suggested but still not working…

    • +1
      1. Go to app store and make sure the Telstra app is updated.

      2. Open the app, if you don't see it on the Services tab then tap Bills then tap on Services again and you'll see the banner on the top.

      • +1

        ahh still not working, maybe because I've already paid my current outstanding bill?

        Do you have any other suggestions? Thanks for your help btw!

      • +1

        Would you please be able to share a direct link from the banner? Maybe that might work, fingers crossed

        • +1

          No direct link. It just open direct debit page in the app

  • Just the xbox banner for me. No big deal, Telstra not having my details is probably worth not being eligible. Haha

    Did anybody manage to refresh enough to change the banner?

      1. Go to app store and make sure the Telstra app is updated.

      2. Open the app, if you don't see it on the Services tab then tap Bills then tap on Services again and you'll see the banner on the top.

      • Yep tried a few backward and forward refreshes and force stops, no difference my end.

        • Damn, have you tried to clear app data and cache?

          • +2

            @koalafied: Had a few more cracks without resetting and data or clearing cache and it just worked. The ole billing to services triggered it for me.

            Id tried clearing cache on previous attempts too with no luck so just keep giving it a crack to anybody that hasn't triggered it yet.

            I actually missed the first banner because I was flicking back and forth so quickly. Haha

  • +5

    You guys reckon they meant 5000 not 50000?

    Pretty much galaxy buds giveaway

    • It'd be a mistake, I had an offer initially to switch to direct debit, and from memory it was around 5k

    • +1

      Offer in September was 4000 so also think that its meant to be 5000

    • 50000 They always runs special bonus point period to get people to sign up. Direct debits benefits them as they don't get delayed/late payments.

    • It's mentioned as 50,000 points in multiple places, it's not a typo.

  • -1

    signed up, should be an error but we will see, can't find the T&Cs

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