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Macpac Halo Down Jackets - $109.99 Delivered @ Macpac


You know the drill

The infamous Halo down jacket.

Not the cheapest but still good with free postage.

This is part of Click Frenzy deals for 2020

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  • Good one. The Epiq down jackets are on sale at Kathmandu as well ($120 I believe) for comparison!

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    One of the tags on this jacket is a licence to give the ozbargain smirk at anyone else you see wearing it

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      those android fanbois?

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    I'll buy the hooded one when it goes down to $99.99.

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      Cool keep us posted.

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      I'm looking for hooded as well. I've seen past threads where the hooded gets down to $129, sometimes lower. Anyone know from experience how often this happens?

      • I have seen going down to $129 many times in the past, but it has been posted for $100 just once from a GraysOnline deal a couple of years ago.

        • May be wait for a few more winters and you might just get it at the price.

          • @CocaKoala: Having a go at our cheapskateishness? Come on, this is OzBargain! :)

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    You can shop in DFO for $99 if you have any foreign ID..

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      do enlighten?

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        i think they mean you only need to pay $99 to enter DFO if you have a foreign ID?

        Not sure what the normal entrance fee is.

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        When you go to DFO ask for visitor discount coupon which will be issued once they see the foreign ID card. I used my overseas driving license. In that booklet you have $99 for halo from MacPaint

        Tourist passport- https://www.dfo.com.au/perth/centre-info/tourism/

        Sydney they need overseas or interstate ID

  • Cam someone please suggest Kathmandu or Macpac for kids? 5 & 8 yo boys. In terms of warmth and durability?

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      I can't speak of the Macpac but my Kathmandu has been great in the two years of ownership.

      Previously, I had a down jacket from Anaconda (Cederberg) and it was terrible. Heaps of feathers would come out of the jacket and not having a hood sucks. So I returned it and went for a Kathmandu with a hood. The odd feather does come out at times, but nowhere near as bad as the Cederberg.

  • Not as much of a bargain but for a less bulky alternative the Uber Light Down Jackets are down to $99.99, or $119.99 w/ hood.

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      Apples and oranges. The Halo is a significantly warmer jacket due to its increased fill weight (in the Med size, 205g 600 loft vs 73g 650 loft).

  • Worth very dollar. Had mine dry cleaned recently, came up great.

  • Just suck it up and buy one, this winter will not be kind!!!!

  • Anything in particular to know about sizing? e.g some brands recommend buying a size up from your normal size..

    • All the reviews and comments on OzB have recommended getting one size smaller than your usual for men's jackets. I followed that advice and ordered an S for my dad when his usual size is M, and he said it's a good fit.

      Women's sizing is true to size in my opinion.

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        Agreed with the Men’s sizing, go down a size.

        I think the same applies to the women’s jackets too. I’m a size 6 and bought size 6, but it is roomy and if there were another size down I would have gone for that one.

        If you have larger hips I would suggest sticking to usual size as they are tighter at the bottom and not very forgiving there. But if you are a more ruler shape I think you could go down a size with no problems.

  • added another one to my 'Ozbargain' Down Jacket 👍 very good jacket I love it

  • I bought this a couple weeks ago for $100.

    I'm usually terrible with the cold. I wear it with a beanie during WFH. Granted I look like I'm going camping, but it's so damn warm I haven't even used my heater working from home which genuinely surprised me. Before that I had the heater on practically all day

    • WFH is why I want one as well. I already have an Uber. I am more likely to get too hot than cold in a down jacket, and the Uber has been perfect for me, packs down to nothing, have used it in Japan. But working from home in an unheated room, sitting still for hours - I need warmer. I figure it will pay for itself, though I am just justifying.

      Size - I usually wear M, have tried Halo in the shop and will get S. Uber is different - I felt the M was slightly tight if I wanted to wear layers under it, so went L, though technically M might have been considered a better fit. The Halo is so bulky I want it more close fitting.

      • I just bought an Uber as an alternative to my Kathmandu which gets too toasty when I start walking around, and too bulky to carry around. But your comment's making me think the Uber might not be warm enough.

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          My Uber is plenty warm enough - except when I'm sitting motionless for hours in the cold. Although that last part is just me justify wanting a Halo! :) Seriously, Uber is fantastic given how small it packs.

  • already have the hooded version… i love it but do i need another non-hooded one?

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    Sold out of the navy in the mens, but ordered a black. Cheers OP!

  • I've been checking the hooded version pretty much daily in case it drops from $150. Today it has! To $149.99. Yay?