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Moxie Flash Sale: eg Regular Menstrual Cups $35 (Were $44.95) + Shipping (Free with $40 Spend)


MOXIE is having a flash sale for the next week on selected items!!

20% to 50% off period and self-care items like mini hot water bottles, menstrual cups, menstrual cup kits, pads, tampons and more…

Menstrual Cups were $45 now $35, Cotton underwear was $16.95 now $9.95, pads and tampons down to $3.50 per pack (purse-worthy refillable tins included!).

PLUS Free same day express shipping on all AU orders over $40.

Discount automatically applied at checkout.

Offer ends 4pm AEST 26.05.20.

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  • +1 vote

    Sounds like a bloody good deal to me!

    • +5 votes

      It’s getting sooooo old!!

    • -3 votes

      You are a misogynist. Women have menstrsul cycles. Blood comes out vaginas. Get over it.

    • +4 votes

      The usual recycled lame 'joke'.

      • -7 votes

        I agree with your sentiment. But it's not lame, it's oppressive. And it's not a joke, it's a genuine reflection of the commenter's sexist views. And those views reflect our patriarchal society.

        • +1 vote

          Look I disagree but I'm going to try and keep this constructive. What exactly is sexist about the joke? It's a one line joke employing the dual meaning behind the word bloody. I feel like if you are picking up any further subtext from this joke it was not intended by the person making it and is definitely not universal. If you wanna be angry be angry that it's the same low hanging joke that gets made each time.

          • +2 votes

            @Cheaplikethebird: For me it is more to do with society's broad discomfort when discussing periods, particularly men. Unfortunately, for many people the only time they feel comfortable talking about periods is when they find a space to make stupid jokes like the one above, or when they assume/suggest that a woman's behaviour is linked to her period. Jokes like that promote attitudes which are disrespectful of women and their bodies. It trickles down into the minds of children and teenagers. I work with high schoolers and I constantly hear male students teasing female students about their periods. It really upsets a lot of female students. The "joke" above reminds me of those cruel male high schoolers.

            Either make a respectful mature comment, or move on.


    glad they brought the "retro" undies back \o/