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Philips LongLife EcoVision Headlight Globe - 12V H7 55W $9.99 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Supercheap Auto


Philips LongLife EcoVision Headlight Globe - 12V, H7, 55W. 4 times more lifetime than standard lamps
.One pair of LongLife EcoVision lamps lasts for about 100,000 km

A lot of stock around Western Sydney stores. Was $21.

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Supercheap Auto

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  • Part of the general clearance at Supercheap.
    They had heaps of house branded bulbs for 0.49c-$3 too but mostly gone now

  • lasts for about 100,000 km

    Even if I only ever do 40k/hr?

  • Thanks OP, getting a pair for my camry hybrid. Comes to $7.99 each with code FRENZY20

    *edit just bought the last 3x units from Glen Waverley SCA

  • Can anyone comment if these are bright enough as I find my standard lights not bright enough

    • These last longer by not being any brighter than absolutely necessary, and likely more yellow. Personally I always buy lights that are brighter. I have had good mileage out of Osram Cool Blue Intense, which seems to last a bit longer than Philips WhiteVision despite being cheaper. Very bright but legal (only just). I usually pay about $25-$30 for a pair (see here, change currency to GBP and use discount code). But whiter bulbs get hotter which makes them last less long. So it comes down to what you want.

      If it is a pain to change bulbs in your car, don't get ones that only last a year. Unless you're dumb like me.

    • problem is your headlights (design/optics). If your bulbs are old then replacing them will help.

  • Keep an eye out of FB marketplace. I bought a whole stack of new branded H7 bulbs (20) for $40. Figured if i blow one a year, its well and truly paid itself off as a few of our family cars use H7.

  • I thought these said EuroVision

  • Does anyone know a place in Sydney which sells genuine Philips HID for a reasonable price? (up to $110 for Philips D4S)

    It's $110 from Amazon AU but it would be nice to pick it up and avoid brutal delivery. :)

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