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Galax RTX 2060 Super 1-Click OC Graphics Card $599 + Delivery | (Price Error) RTX 2060 Super, White LED $480 + Delivery @ Umart


The $599 deal looks legitimate. The $480 deal looks more like it may be a price error. Take a shot if you're game.

Edit: $480 listing seems to have been corrected now.

Notes by Umart Representative: The $480 listing was a price error. These orders will be refunded in full.

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    • yes it does:

      Order Acceptance Policy

      Your receipt of an electronic or another form of order confirmation does not constitute the acceptance of an order, nor does it constitute confirmation of our offer to sell. Umart Online reserves the right at any time after receipt of your order to accept or decline your order for any reason. Umart Online reserves the right at any time after receipt of your order, without prior notice to you, to supply less than the quantity you ordered of any item and your order is automatically varied to order that lesser amount. All credit card orders will be verified prior to our acceptance of your order. Umart Online reserves the right, without prior notification to do business with any individual or business.

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    Hey rep, many of us are here because we're buying PCs right now. Honor this deal and I'll buy my CPU and mobo from you too! :)

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      Edit: They sent it!!! And so I kept up my end of the deal!

      See my comment below.

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    Mine just shipped too supposedly, ordered it the second I saw the post here. Cheers a lot OP, was really hoping they'd honour it as my 970 just died. :)

    • Wow lucky, I doubt they have that much stock to ship all of them…

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    mine's been dispatched according to the website, and i received an auspost tracking number too

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    Mine has a tracking number too although it doesnt show up once i click on the auspost link to follow up - could be a delay. fingers crossed!

    • Same, there's usually a delay. Last time I bought a 5700xt from Umart.

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    Now to wait for an update from those who bought!
    And receipt to solidify my envy.

  • It's showing that my 2x order of the cards have shipped…

    • Lucky, mine still pending :-(

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    Bought a GTX 1080 2 years ago for $600, surprised to see RTX 2060 Super with same performance as GTX 1080 costs so much these days and listed as a bargain.

    • The $480 is considered the real bargain…

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      Well, we are still in the COVID-19 wilderness so prices aren't where they should be yet.

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    I didn't think to check the umart website… mine says "Dispatched"

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    Wow mine is dispatched too, lets see if its too good to be true!

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      My tracking updated to show that it's been processed through Brisbane, so I guess they really did honour it!

      That, or we're all gonna get boxes with a picture of a 2060S in it. :D

  • Mine is now ready for collection! I wonder why there was so much confusion regarding whether this was a price error or not…

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      It was definitely a price error based on their reaction, but I assume the decision was made somewhere up the chain to honour the orders. Which is pretty cool!

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    Mine was just delivered! I'm curious too, about their decision to send them out honouring the orders after supposedly commenting here saying that they'd refund the orders in full.

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      Would be good to hear from them, I ordered early on and it's still marked as processing…

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          My payment was confirmed 14 minutes after the OP posted the 'deal'… Would love the update from my second hand RX 570.

          • @MattyAu: Order still stuck on 'Processing'!

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              @slowtypist: Yeah, but I emailed them not long ago asking about my order, this was the reply;

              Our logistics team are still processing your order. Yes we do have the stock as well.

              Please allow 1 to 2 business days for dispatch from payment receipt.

              Seems positive to me, happy to wait a bit longer.

            • @slowtypist: Shipped yesterday!

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    Given that orders are being honoured at $480, this is an incredible bargain. Thanks OP!

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    That's awesome. Big thumbs up to umart.

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    Collected and installed.

    I'll happily eat humble pie; I did not expect them to follow through with this one, but kudos to them for copping it on the chin! Will definitely keep heading back there if I need any other components.

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    at the $599 price range do we think the Galax 2060 Super is worth the pennies? It seems about the cheapest it'll be for a while. Or hold out for the time being?

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      Seems the cheapest 2060S at the moment although it has been cheaper pre-Covid. I hesitate also because I am not familiar with the Galax brand and unsure how it compares with others e.g. MSI, Zotac. Not getting much information from Google.

  • Hoping this does come, does anyone have recommendations to either wait until the new gen AMD CPU are out or get the 3600?
    I know it'll come out in probably 2-3 months or so.
    I have no rush for the build except uni holidays in a month

    • -1

      Would have told you to wait for new-gen NVIDIA, which is due out then too.

      But yes, wait for the desktop 4000 series of Ryzen.

  • I bought 2 thinking I could use them in a new PC workstation build instead of 1 2070 Super, however in the comments above I've learned that SLI is no longer really a thing. Should I still hang onto them? Or sell and buy a 2070/2080 Super?

    • I'll buy one off you if you're brisbane based if you decide to sell 1 or both :D

    • pm sent!

    • I'll buy one off you too

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    Picked mine up today. Great deal

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    Just got mine - thanks OP!

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    Anyone know how we could switch off the light?

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    Thanks again OP!

    I just got my $480 RTX 2060 Super!!!


    So thanks to Umart for honouring the deal!

    In a comment above, I promised I'd get my motherboard and CPU from Umart if they honoured the $480 GPU deal. But when they did, they had no 3300x CPUs in stock! So I had to buy just the motherboard and case there instead. Proof:


    I reckon I still owe Umart a couple more purchases in future.

  • What's the difference between these two cards? (Aside from price)

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