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Galax RTX 2060 Super 1-Click OC Graphics Card $599 + Delivery | (Price Error) RTX 2060 Super, White LED $480 + Delivery @ Umart


The $599 deal looks legitimate. The $480 deal looks more like it may be a price error. Take a shot if you're game.

Edit: $480 listing seems to have been corrected now.

Notes by Umart Representative: The $480 listing was a price error. These orders will be refunded in full.

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  • UmartBuddy on 20/05/2020 - 12:27 Comment unpublished. (Requested by Commenter)
  • Price error deal looks like it's dead now.

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    Works for me too.

  • -3

    Works for me but with $14 delivery - wish there's a free ship

    • Mate with $14 delivery it means you get an $86 discount instead of $100

  • Back up to $599.. was only a 20 or so minute window, jeez.

    • Still works look at previous comments

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        Yep nevermind, it seems to be something with the loaded cookies that changes the price.

        Opening in a new browser fixed this

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    Have put in an order for the $480 card, will see where this goes.

  • I copped it see what happens I suppose that’s a killer price for a 2060

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      Yeah - looks like typo, would have expected it to go for $580 rathen than the $480

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        Hopefully they send them out at the $480 price!

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        Agreed; I reckon they've got the RRP wrong, should be $769, not $669.

        • yeah, back to $699 now - lets hope it works!

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            @Classo: Mines saying ready for delivery so here is hoping

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    This page shows both: https://www.umart.com.au/GeForce-RTX-2060-Super_1051C.html
    So it might work.

  • Bought! We'll see if it's honoured.

    Either way nice find OP, GTX 2060 Super normally around $640: https://www.staticice.com.au/cgi-bin/search.cgi?q=rtx%202060...

    Anyone had experience with a Umart price error before?

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      From what I recall, they generally just cancel and issue refunds with no voucher/compensation.

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    Is this much of an upgrade for my voodoo 3dfx?

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      Better to wait for the new generation release then prices will be even cheaper

    • +6

      no way… voodoo had 3d in its name.. these dont even have 2d in theirs!

      • If you remember the 3DFX, 2D was only provided via pass through.

    • Wonder if it's much better than mt Radeon HD6950 and if it woudl fit in a Fractal Refine R3 case?

    • This is so weird. I was just thinking about my first windows PC this morning. It had a 16MB Voodoo 2 in it…

  • Would 2 of these graphics cards be better than 1 2070 or 2080 Super? For a workstation build.

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      I can only comment on gaming and its a no for that, for workstation tasks i cant really comment not sure if the applications are aware of two cards to utilise them …

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      Pretty sure SLI is dead and buried now a days. I think there's physical support on the 2060 Super but driver support isn't really there any more, your FPS might look good but the micro stutters will be severe.

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        From someone who bought another 1070 to sit alongside my older 1070, the performance increase and support are not nearly as good as they used to be. I see maybe a 25-35% increase in FPS from memory.

    • +4

      For a workstation, the 2060 KO beats everything by a country mile in terms of value. They basically use a 2080 die that's been downgraded for gaming performance, but still works like a 2080 die for compute tasks.

      Also, only the 2080/2080s/2080 ti support SLI. Nvidia wants to make you purchase their overpriced high end cards rather than combining two cheaper cards together.

      • I have to admit, that 2060 KO looks impressive. I have no clue how it does what it does, with the same number of CUDA cores as the non-Super 2060.

        Definitely worth it for the engineers out there (CATIA etc.) but I'd still plump for a 2070 card for design/architecture workloads.

        • +2

          I personally don't fully understand it, but basically rather than being a standard 2060 die, it's using a 2080 die that couldn't boost high enough to be made into an RTX 2080 or 2070s. However, rather than discard the dies, they've been partially disabled to have the gaming performance to match an rtx 2060. But whatever Nvidia did to the dies, it didn't affect their compute performance, so you have a 2060 that works like a not very good 2080 in non-gaming applications.

          with the same number of CUDA cores as the non-Super 2060.

          Well the TU104-400A-A1 die may have 2944 CUDA cores activated when used as a 2080, 2560 when used as a 2070 super and 1920 when used as a 2060, but I presume the die itself has 2944 available cores. Either way it's the same die on all cards, just with more cores disabled on the other dies.

    • If you're buying a card for workstation (i.e. 3D work), you might be better off with the 2070 (Super). I remember reading about it somewhere before building my daughter's PC that the 2070 or above was the way to go, or something like that…

      Let me see if I can't dig out the article.

      Edit. Nup can't find it. Essentially, the cheaper cards would save you money but not enough to justify the loss in performance.

      Edit 2. The chipset table in the link below gives you a good idea of what has what (shader processors = CUDA cores). The 2060 Super gets closer to the non-Super 2070 but is still behind and the 2070 Super stretches the gap again.


      • 2060 KO is around 85-88% of the 2070 performance for compute tasks for a little more than half the price.

  • Gone :( was paying at checkout and its sold out. Price went back up at $699

  • Price went back up to 699? Same for anyone else?

  • just tried it … $699 for me :(

  • Bought right before it went back to $699, thanks OP!

  • +1

    Thanks op. Purchased one without reading any review. Now i's back to $699

  • back up to 699

  • Thanks OP, snagged one before it went away. Interested to see if they will honour it.

    • My order says it is Dispatched and I got the payment confirmation. Still not gonna hold my breath.

  • +6

    Looks unlikely to honour if price went back up.

  • (profanity)! I just bought an RTX 2060 on eBay for $599 (free postage). Should I return/sell it and get this?

    • +1

      (profanity) some more, this is already gone…

      • +2

        I doubt this will be honoured.

      • Hmm… its $20 shipping and it will cost me roughly the same to return mine… $40 and a hassle to upgrade from a Gigabyte RTX 2060 to a Galax RTX 2060 Super worth it?

    • For $480? No. For $599? Yes.

      • +1

        Huh? You mean the other way around? Anyway, they're both $599, the $480 deal was just a price error.

        • I meant if your 2060 was $480 keep it, because I couldn't imagine the 2060s for $480 being honoured (especially from Umart) and that's a reasonable price for a 2060. If your 2060 was $599 return it, because that's way too much.

          • +1

            @iseeyou1312: Yeah, it was the cheapest I could find :( To be fair, it's Gigabyte and this one's Galax. Guess I'll pay $40 more to return it and get this…
            EDIT - Oh wait, it was an eBay Plus order… I can return it for free!

            • @M0RGAN: Both Gigabyte and Galax use sleeve bearing fans, but Gigabyte really seems to lack proper quality control (google Gigabyte fan noise to see the complaints). I'm not really sure about Galax, but between the two I'd rather pay less and go with them. Also this is a 2060 super, so definitely return your ebay 2060.

  • +5

    waiting for 2070 or 2080 deals

  • OW price match ??

  • +2

    Reminds me of the Inno3D 2060 Super from FTC last November for $471 I managed to actually recieve… just before they disappeared into oblivion
    Albeit, the Galax is a much better card!

    • +1

      …. Thats the price back then?!

      Man I'll just wait, the Ozbargainer in me won't allow me to purchase given the huge gap

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    Umart price is now at $599. Is this card low profile ? Also the Spec sheet states Min 550W powersupply, Supplemental 8 pin power. Does supplemental mean that additional 8 pin power in optional, or is it mandatory to use the 8 pin power?

  • Thoughts on Umart's Gigabyte RX580 8GB card @ $309 for gaming? Not that hardcore so looking at $250-300 range. chrs.

    • +3

      Feels kinda bad at that price. It's been around $250 before. I'd probably wait for prices to go down and get a 1660 super.

    • +1

      I have this paired with Ryzen 5 1600 and it works great. I mainly play esport titles but it manages to play just about everything - but for AAA titles you prob won't be maxing settings out.

    • Terrible value when there's 1650 supers for less. The 1650 super outperforms the 580 and uses around 40% less power at max draw.

    • +1

      I bought a 580 for $270 18 months ago. I know that Coronavirus has ruined pricing, but that still seems insane to me.

    • Thanks for the 1650 super comment, really helpful. 2nd hand market is so thin atm. There is an MSI 1060 6gb for $300 or gigabyte rx580 for $230 (both 2nd hand). Been used by a miner it looks.

      Looks like a good 1650 super price is $230 but ~$300 in current market :/

      • Umart pickup today 269 for 1650 super, done. 1060 6gb 2nd hand won't go lower than $300, crazy times! Thanks for the tip on the 1650s.

        Harvey Norman online has it for 250 but didn't want to wait.

  • +10

    What's the go with Umart price errors? They seem to have quite a few more than a lot of retailers, and not even a voucher as compensation for holding onto a couple hundred dollars for a few days… There's zero consequence for them putting up incorrect prices at the moment.

  • +7

    Hmm, what happened - i thought the rep's comment was here to confirm it was dishonored. Seems to be taken off?

    • mine was shipped

  • +3

    Just a heads up, great card but may run alittle hot in SFF cases.

    Undervolted slightly to cool the card below 79c. to about 73-75c. This is within the Fractal Define Nano S case with 2 140 fans at the front and a 120 exahaust fan.

  • +10

    I think some retailers are well aware of how these "price errors" get them free advertising on the front page of OzBargain for several hours.

  • +3

    So I rang them up just now to ask if the order would be processed and I was advised by the customer service member that it would in fact go through as the item was in stock + the payment has gone through and that I should receive an email once it has been processed.

    Umart rep pls confirm?!?!

  • +5

    Ordered the $480 one and now my item is jow ready for collection!?

    • +4

      Whoa, that was unexpected. Let me know if it all goes through fine. I just bought this card for much closer to full price so I need to live vicariously through your success.

  • +4

    My order has been honored. Received email that it is ready for collection.

    • +2

      Please update if you can collect it

  • +1

    I set mine ($480 purchase) for delivery and haven't received a "Dispatched" email. However have gotten "payment successful" emails

    • +2

      Same here.

      Umart rep commented before saying the deal won't be honoured and the comment is now gone?
      There is hope!

  • This is why I don't buy from Umart - they make a mistake and we all have to wait for the refund.
    I purchased a motherboard from umart and the rest of the build elsewhere then umart said they couldn't supply.
    I could have purchased all from the one store and saved on the shipping without the umart debacle.

  • Would this card be limited by my i5-2500K?

    Would I be better off getting a 1660 super?


  • +2

    My online order status is now showing as "Ready for Delivery"

    Update: Order status changed to Dispatched

    • +1

      Which store is your card coming from?

      • Not sure sorry - just selected Aus delivery

  • +1

    Umart seems to have pricing errors a fair bit.

    Possibly the ACCC should have a look into this.

    The ACCC states
    If a retailer incorrectly prices one isolated product, it is likely an error. In these cases, a retailer can follow their individual store policy to address the mistake. This means that a store may or may not honour incorrectly priced items depending on their policy. Store policies are usually displayed at the cash register, or contained in terms and conditions (for online businesses).

    Umart does not list anything regarding pricing errors in their terms and conditions, possibly they should start doing this to cover their asses.


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