expired City of Heroes Now Free-to-Play!


One of the best MMOs out there in my opinion. A much better superhero MMO than DC Universe Online and Champions Online, although it is quite old.

It uses the same 'freemium' model as most free MMOs out there. If you purchased the game in the past then you automatically qualify as a premium member as long as you use the same account.

'Justice' is the unofficial Australian server.


Related Store: cityofheroes.com

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    Excellent! Subscription had been a barrier to my decision to get this a few times over the years.

    So where is the best place to buy this?


      It's free lol. If you want a premium account all you need to do is buy any amount of credit from the in-game store.

      We honor your commitment and experience! If you used to play City of Heroes, you will automatically become a Premium Player. New free players can become Premium Players by buying any amount of Paragon Points.

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      Sorry Lego, apparently showing you how to never have to worry about a monthly subscription for the rest of your life is inappropriate.


    This "freemium" stuff is ruining MMORPGS for veteran players :(


      Well it looks like MMOPRGS can't survive financially on just "veteran" players either. So it's a choice of either going the freemium route, or closing the game down completely.

      Recent MMORPGs who have gone freemium have shown an increase in revenues, not a decline. So they are more likely to keep the game going and more likely to add new content.

      Personally I'd never pay a monthly fee to play a game, so I never subscribed to any. However I did play a few free MMORPGS (which got boring rather fast).

      I'll definitely give Star Trek Online a ago when it goes freemium soon. And DC universe, as it looks a bit better than CoH.

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    I have viewed the trailer, the in-game videos and the reviews. (I'm a Marvel fan)
    It's an interesting idea but the game is from 2004.
    The game feels so last era.
    I couldn't get excited enough to pick the game up.

    If you could get pass that, there's fun to have.


      I installed and played for an hour, it does not hold up well compared to more recent mmo (rift in particular). The graphics are very dated and the combat system doesnt feel as fluid as other games (even comparing to guildwars which I felt had below average controls). But the main thing is its free, and this is pretty damn good for a free game and I will keep it installed just for the reason alone (and it seems to look and play better with more beers…).

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        Yeah, it's very different to conventional MMORPGs and that's why I like it. One of the best things about this game is the story arcs and the dialogue. It's not your typical 'go and kill 5 wolves' type quests.

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