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2019 MacBook Pro 16 i7 16GB 512GB Radeon Pro 5300M $3409.76 + Delivery (Free for Sydney) (OW PM from $3239.72)


Approximately $380 off from RRP $3799 at Mediaform and even better savings by matching with Officeworks

For more details information, see here

Both Silver and Space Grey are in stock

I haven't tried to price match with Officeworks myself, but they have the same model number so I think all should be good

Officeworks link: Silver and Space Grey

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  • The i9 16” is a bit cheaper but no stock for OW PB

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      really that'd be a very good deal, could you share the link please?

      • Oh sorry, i9 is a bit cheaper than a recent post. Just under $4000.

  • Same as student price

    • showing as $3499 for me going from UNiDAYS

      • $3408 on student vip

        • interesting, didn't know that there is varying price for education, thanks

          • @ln28909: Definitely varies a lot. I got mine for $3,300 after education discount from the Apple Store (physical) vs 3,479 on their online education store.

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              @donnot: They charge a diff price for education by going into the store?

              • @TommySix: Yeah (not sure if it happens everywhere?), was quite surprised. Not as cheap as this deal with OW pricematch but you get 14-day returns which is nice.

              • @TommySix: $3330 on the University edu store.

              • @TommySix: I just got mine for $3339 from Adelaide Store

          • @ln28909: Unidays is a large business who take commission

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    IF someone posts a deal for a macbook pro at more than 10% off then that's a deal.
    Been $3339.60 for several months now on the apple edu store.

    It was $3229 during the 15% off macbook pro ebay sales from wireless1 in the past.

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      There's a time traveller in every post nowadays…

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      …and you're clearly not in Apple's target market. People who buy Macs are usually happy to pay the price because they see something in it that's worth the price. Simply trying to poo-poo a deal because you don't like the brand or think it's too expensive for your tastes does nothing to make OB a better place. If you're the kind of person who builds a sub-$1k home-built PC and is happy with that shouldn't be trying to tell a Mac user what is and isn't a rip-off - you're both in completely different worlds.

      • I wasnt happy to pay the price at the time but i needed one for a job i was contracting at. Have since been converted though and will definitely buy another macbook when the time comes to update. I do hate the way they try and squeeze all the extra money out of you with the ridiculously priced peripherals and how they try and force you into the applestore ecosystem.

        • Agreed. Apple's upgrade pricing is best for scaring animals and small children.

          • @Chazzozz: I think most windows users have trouble seeing what the hype is for apple laptops. I mean ultimately you tend to spend more for lower specs and a more limited OS. I mean there is a windows based app for every apple based one and more. Are there any pro's specifically to the macbooks other than style and popularity?

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              @Dragonarian: That used to be me, too, so I understand what you're saying. Here's my thoughts:

              • It's not entirely true that it's a limited OS. I'll agree that it's not as permissive as Windows, but I see that as a positive. I've had far less trouble with Mac OS than I do with Windows because things tend to Just Plain Work. Except when Apple releases an update that arbitrarily breaks stuff (see my other comment below), but Windows is not immune to that, either.
              • Additionally, the OS is much more user-centric and intuitive. I support Windows at work and I'm always battling hardware and interface problems with the users, except for the few who connect to the systems using Macs.
              • I personally find the hardware tends to last a lot longer - I've owned PC laptops for half the price with similar specs but they just never seem to last as long, whereas I normally get 5 years or more out of a Mac. If you want something that will last as long in the Windows world I'd wager you'd need to be spending almost as much.
              • Ditto for the screens on Macs. If you want the same clarity, resolution, and colour depth you'll similarly be spending a lot more.
              • Battery life is phenomenal for a relatively small package. The only time I've ever seen the same battery life on a PC is with a larger, heavier package.
              • Are you a designer? Chances are all your peers are also using Macs so the software you're using will be written for Macs, which means when sharing methods and applications you'll be working with the same interface. There are minor differences between Mac and Windows, and this can make it a bit difficult when working between them.

              As always, your milage may vary. I was hesitant to make the switch myself, but now that I've been using Macs for a number of years I'd find it hard to switch back.

  • Any ideas when the 2020 pros are coming out?

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      the 13 inch pro is out already I think, not sure about the 16 inch

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      In 2020

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      As usual nothing officially announced but likely towards the very tail of the year with a slight refresh on the 16".

      More substantial changes to the MBP lineup more like early/mid 2021 with Mini LED technology being used.

  • Thank god interest rates are low!

    • But jobs are scarce!

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    I'm totally not going to be one of those people getting downvoted for commenting on Apple prices, intead I'll just say: SHINY!

    • There, I gave you a +1 to make you feel better. :)

      • Thank u, that means a lot ;)

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    Thanks OP, bought 4.

  • Anyone managed to get it price matched (above poster seems sarcastic)?

    No stores showing stock….

  • Thanks heaps for this - had been wanting the 1TB version for a long time and trying to work out the best way. Got 5% off at Officeworks for a total of more than $600 off the RRP!

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