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Bose Noise Cancelling Wireless over-Ear Headphones 700 $447.30 Delivered @ Mobileciti


One of the lowest prices for these Bose 700 NC Headphones, except for the sub $400 EBay Drop Frenzy deal which was over soon after it started.

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    For anyone wondering if they should get the QC35ii or the 700

  • Also have discount on the quietcomfort wireless ii using the same coupon code

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    I have used both and here's my take on them (on a binary scale), in case it helps someone decide which ones to get.

    Primary usage: making calls
    Secondary usage: listening to music, youtube etc.

    Metric Bose 700 Bose QC35 II
    ANC 0 1 [1]
    Audio 1 1
    Battery Life 0 1
    Bluetooth Connectivity 1 0
    Call Quality 1 0
    Comfort 0 1
    Controls 0 1 [2]

    [1] ANC on 700s hurts my ears, it's different - and better than QC35ii's ANC. I'd still take QC35II's ANC over 700's because ear aches are not fun.
    [2] I prefer tactile controls, plus double tapping to end call etc. is not a pleasant sensation to the ear.

    Final Score:
    700 = 3
    QC35II = 5

    Read my comments on ANC and controls, if your preferences are different to mine; it could either be a tie or go in favour of 700s for you. Good luck!

    Edit: I forgot to mention portability. QC35II wins on portability, if it's important to you. Bose 700s do not fold and can be a bit of a pain in that regard.

    • I had the ear ache thing too. Sold my Bose and bought xm3. Way better on the ears. Sound better too.

      • How about call clarity? Since I need to teleconference frequently, usually 1 hour each, which one will be a better option?

        • Apparently Bose have better connectivity in terms of multiple devices than Sony so factor this into your decision if conferencing is a priority.

    • Which one has a better Audio? Or are they identical?
      Have you tried to use it for Zoom/Skype/Google Meeting?

      • I would also like to know the answer.

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      Adding more information to answer some of the questions asked below (and above :) ).

      Call clarity (as per call quality in the table above): Bose 700 has a slight edge, but I have been told that under certain conditions I sound metallic/tinny/unnatural on Bose 700s. Not so much of a problem with QC35II. I think when you are in an environment with background noise, Bose 700 processes your sound/voice a little too much and makes it sound that way.

      Better Audio: I'm assuming, you mean music… they're both almost same, but I'd give a slight edge to Bose 700 - but definitely not a $80 - $90 edge. I'd still go with QC35II, unless you're an audiophile - in which case you'll already have better options to listen to your music on.

      Zoom/Skype/Google Meeting: Please see the call clarity comment above.

      Ear ache: No idea why I get them, but it started annoying me so much that I stopped using Bose 700s because of that.

      Long calls: I find QC35II to be more comfortable when worn for longer periods of time - e.g. hours in Zoom calls. Bose 700s make me sweat more around the ears when wearing them, and also they have a tighter band in my opinion which initially feels comfortable, but very slowly the pressure starts to build up.

      Hope this helps.

      • I've been searching for new ANC headphones - left my QC25s in my office interstate, so have been trying to decide between QC35ii, 700 or WH-1000XM3. The online user reviews for 700s worry me, I'm reading a lot about app issues? Did you have any trouble with the app?

        I got the WF-1000XM3s a few months ago to replace my lost QC20s and I have regrets. Connectivity with my thinkpad isn't great, I keep touching them accidentally during exercise, or even just my damp hair touches them and they activate. Hate having to cycle through 'off, ambient sound, full noise cancelling'- only ever want full noise cancelling. They also often fall out, and I've already got the smallest ear sockety things on.

        Probably just talked myself into QC35ii, huh.

        • Just go back to the 25s. They’re only about $150 nowadays? Tried and tested.

        • Oh yes! I only used the app with QC35ii. It was very flaky, but you could still use it without creating an account or signing up. The app you need to use with Bose 700 is a different one which you are unable to use unless you sign up and create an account and use that to login. I did not use the app with Bose 700.

          One of the things you lose with Bose 700 when not using the app is the fine grained control on ANC levels. Without the app you can only set the noise cancellation to 0, 5 or 10. I don't know if I was missing out on any other features.

          Have heard good things about Sony XM3s from friends, but when I first tried the XM3 and QC35ii in a store, it was immediately apparent I wanted to go with the QC35ii. Yes, even I have heard that sound quality of XM3s is much better than Bose, but I have no experience with XM3s - never owned them.

        • With the WF-1000XM3s you can customise what the touch sensors do through the app. They recently added the ability to control the volume too. The settings stick to them once you set them and works when you use other devices like your laptop etc.

    • The ear ache thing is subjective and depends on the individual.

      For me it was actually the other way around. I used to get this 'pressure in my head' sensation with the Sony XM3 and with the Bose 700 I don't feel that and find it more tolerable over long periods of time.

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    I feel like I should upvote just because of the promo code

  • Save money and get a pair of Sony WH1000MX3. You could go to JB and try all of them and see. Sony is better in all aspects compared to Bose.

    But the only problem with Sony is that you can't have the headphones connected to two devices at the same time, which could be pretty annoying when you want to use the headphones with your PC & Phone at the same time.

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      I have the QCs and the mrs has the XM3s - I agree the Sony sound quality is better but I find the Bose a comfier fit.

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    I learned the hard way never to click on anything ArseFrenzy

  • What's this with the 700 causing ear ache? Is this physical or through the ANC?

    ANC levels can be adjusted also?

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      Have you tried wearing a set of ANC cans? If not it can be a little disorientating for some people - it's sort of hard to explain but can almost feel like you're on a plane and can't pop your ears. A weird high pressure feeling.

  • You would not believe how many deals are on the internet using the same coupon code!!! And so easy to find with google.

    • Are you saying you Googled arse frenzy?

  • In terms of ruggedness (public transport, work/office, school, throwing it into a bag etc) would the QC35ii stand up to physicality more so than the 700?

  • Also another qn regarding the ANC on the qc35ii/700 - does it sound the same to the audience (over a video conference) as it does to you? i.e. if you have dogs barking and kids running around yelling their head off, just because you can't hear them, does that mean no one else can too? Or do you have to mute your mic, and/or tell the dog/kids off?

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