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10% off Everything & Free Shipping (AirPods Pro $331, Freebuds 3 $179) @ Mobileciti


Hi guys. A fabulous sale by an awesome store. AirPods Pro are at a record low price I believe. All Aussie stock, great service, and fast shipping. GST invoice with ABN is included. Shipped same/next business day, or can collect from their Parramatta NSW store (recently reopened for pickups, see note below). Apply code ARSEFRENZY at checkout for discount. Ends 11:59pm AEST 21/05/20 unless sold out or withdrawn prior. Stay safe, and enjoy :)

Direct link to AirPods Pro $331 strict limit of 1 per customer
Direct link to Freebuds 3 $179

Mobileciti COVID-19 update: Physical store reopens for Click & Collect orders:

Considering the greater amount of control, easing restrictions, and the feedback we have received, Mobileciti's physical store has reopened for Click and Collect pickups from 18/05. Please ensure that you get your ID ready before pickup, and practice responsible physical distancing while in-store, to make the process as easy and safe as possible.

This is part of Click Frenzy deals for 2020

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    And could have used this to buy a Xiaomi air purifier and save $30. /doh

    • Are these any good?

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    +1 for promo code

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    I came for the comments. Will check again later.

    • +9

      I came for the ARSEFRENZY.

      • +1


  • Think the website is down, or is it just me?

    • Hi all,

      Apologies for the website issues right now, we are currently working very hard to improve performance, thank you for the patience.

  • site seems down…

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    The site is flooded with HTTP 502 error code. Sad times.

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      Also got a 504 Gateway Time-out. So it has gone from bad responses to just not responding at all, sounds like trying to talk to a call centre.

  • Site is getting smashed.

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      Must be because of the code

  • Website down…. fail.

  • +1

    Getting OzBargained

  • No standard iPhone 11's. Only a few pro's.

    • There were pros??

  • +2

    Got to the checkout, but the code isn't working (not valid).

    • same

    • +1

      Hi Drewdo,

      Apologies, the code should be working now.

      • Code now working, but the site has crashed again.

        We'll get there eventually :)

        • +1

          Successfully checked out.

          Thanks for the deal!

  • Why so much arse in the recent voucher codes?

    • +1

      I was gonna say you must be new here but it seems your account is 9 years old and you don't have an excuse. This is the TA way and we love it!

      • Oh it's a reference to TA! Makes sense haha

  • I like this mob, but this is a fail.

  • hammered

  • This happens everytime with Mobileciti doesn't it?

  • +3

    Guys, please relax. Mobileciti has confirmed there's a site issue. They're doing their best to get it back soon :)

    EDIT: Appears to be fixed now.

  • Working now

  • 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable

  • Zip Pay worked for me. Couldn't get anything else going.

    • Same here

  • +1

    Before anyone asks, Officeworks will not price match $331 for the AirPods Pro as it involves the use of a coupon code. :'(

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    Arsefrenzy indeed

  • Code only applying free shipping for me. Not getting 10% off.
    Looking at the Samsung galaxy tab s6 book cover priced at $85. Checkout and total comes up as $84.30. $0.70 is not 10%

    Edit: actually 10% discount is being applied -$8.50 but shipping fee is still charged $7.80. Order needs to be over $100 for free shipping.

    • +1

      Hi pongie,

      Apologies can you try again? (remove the coupon and then add it again, clear cache/cookies if still not fixed) Working for me now.

      • +1

        Order placed. Thank you

  • Looking to buy a low/mid range smartphone (around $300) for general use - key must haves are long battery life and big screen. Any suggestions on best bang for buck in this price bracket?

    • +5

      Hi scoobydoobydu,

      A few recommendations below for big screen & large batteries around the $300 mark:

      Thank you!

      • I wonder if you have a recommendation for me? I don't really want anything above 6", I would like a decent battery and camera and oled screen. Budget is around $400-$500. Was going to buy the pixel 3 for $499 from jbhifi recently but they sold out before I could get one and I'm not so sure about the battery on that one. Harvey has them for $488 but only 64gb so if the phone doesn't have micro sd, at least 128gb is preferred too. I am rather picky and because of this I am still using a galaxy s5 lol.

        • Hi Tythefly86,

          Most phones these days are around 6" or above because of their mimial bezels and aspect ratios. The Huawei P20 might be something to consider at 5.8" and 128GB, camera and battery should also be decent. IPS not OLED panel though, but is still a good display

          • @lyl: Thanks for your help. I don't think I could go to an ips screen after having an oled phone for the last 5+years.. I think I'm going to save a bit more for a galaxy s10e. Currently can get it new for $669 on Ebay and seems to be closest to what I want. If only it had a removable battery and an ir blaster like my s5 has then it would be almost perfect. Had a look at second hand ones but people want like 600 for them which is laughable when you can buy them new for about 10% more lol.

    • +1

      Bought a moto g7 power the other day. Just loading all my apps on but so far so good. People are reporting 12+ hours of screen on time with heavy usage. Camera is not the best, but I am just keen to not have to charge my S8 twice a day.

    • Note 8 pro

  • Bought the red Freebuds 3 and highly recommend - esp if phone/Zoom calls is one of the things you're after. Dealt with Allphones which I believe is the sister company of Mobileciti.

  • What would be a good recommendation for a dual-sim phone that has decent specs and has Google Play services?

    • +1


      • Unfortunately Mobileciti doesn't have this in stock.

    • +1

      I saw a pre owned Mate 20 Pro in there for 560 odd bucks. Even after a year and a half mine is going strong.

      • Yeah same here
        As much I hate Chinese government now but they sure do make quality phones. I had google phones before every single one of them had to to be replaced twice due to major faults but Huawei not a single problem so far

        • How does the Chinese government make phones exactly?

          • -2

            @wearytraveller: Huawei exist for profit but definitely used by Chinese government for spying controls all the information that it collects. So when I say Huawei then it definitely means your data is with Chinese government and they can choose to do whatever they like with it.

            • +1

              @DisabledUser249845: Right, so using your logic hopefully you have the same aversion and hate for, let's say Telstra, because the Australian government can demand your data via them too. In fact under the Cloud Act the Australian government can send your data across to the US.

              Doesn't sound much different at all.

              Unfortunately this is how the world works now.

              • -3

                @wearytraveller: Difference is I put my trust and faith in Australian democratic elected government than chinese communist party and it's proxies like Huawei and others

        • +1

          I just spotted the origin of COVID-19, dated back to 2018!

          • @FOX: You sure did

      • Would probably prefer brand new though.
        That said, I can only see the P20? (https://www.mobileciti.com.au/mobile-phones/huawei/p20-p20-p...)

        • +1

          I can see the P30 there which is the last phone to have Google Play Services installed.

          • @wearytraveller: Yep. It's not as cheap as it has been though.

            I might just watch the market for a bit longer!

    • +1

      Redmi Note 8 pro

      • Out of stock unfortunately

    • Hi Dannyboi,

      All our Dual SIM phones can be found here, theres many brands which have decent spec dual SIM options.

  • No iPhone 11???

    • Hi mkh1991,

      All iPhone 11 series now sold out unfortunately

  • Huhuhu!

    Will there be more black Samsung A71 stock added tomorrow?

    • Hi jackseiler,

      The Samsung Galaxy A71 is currently only in stock in Silver colour

      • Hi lyl,

        Thanks for the reply!


        I really prefer/want the black A71.

        When will the black Samsung Galaxy A71 be available for purchase online at Mobileciti?

        Will the "ARSEFRENZY" code still work when the black A71 becomes available online for purchase?

        • Understand you prefer black, more A71 black is on the way (hang on I'll check the ETA), unfortunately ARSEFRENZY is expired now.

  • +1

    Awesome thanks just picked one! Although I was able to add more than one in the cart wasn’t sure if it was going to b approved so I just went with one

  • +1

    Reckon I’ll jump on the airpod pro cult
    Thanks for sharing, outside the DS price error (OW price match) don’t reckon they’ve been cheaper

  • https://www.mobileciti.com.au/audio/apple-airpods-pro-with-w...

    shows me $368 just now 1015am 21/5/20

    which is a meh as I can still see $351 free delivery from Thirroul - https://rosmancomputers.com.au/apple-airpods-pro/

    • +1

      Did you apply for coupon code as per post? Should bring down to $332

  • I have elite 65t active. But thinking of getting the freebuds as well, for a more comfortable fit. Can anyone advise from their experience?

    • Everyone's ears are different shape, so unfortunately you'll just have to try them. Mine jiggle a bit when I run but solved with a bit of tape strategically placed!

      • +1


  • +1

    Excellent price on Airpod Pro.

  • AirPods Pro OOS.

  • Does cashback works with code?

    • Yes I got the cashreward confirmation email

  • Will you be getting stock of the Xiaomi Mi 9T?

    • Hi witherwings,
      Currently no ETA on more Xiaomi Mi 9T, would recommend the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 though.

  • Realme 6 128/8gb version for $412 (with cash rewards confirmed) is a deal, also can claim the crappy realme fit bit for free

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