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Dole Pineapple Slices 227g - $1.20 (Normally $1.60) @ Woolworths


Delicious chunks of Dole Pineapple! in Juice!

Get it today, nom nom nom!

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    FYI, Aldi's Sweet Valley Pineapple Slices in Juice 432g prices at $1, product of Philippines as well.

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    Our farmers need our support more than ever

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    Yeah, still get Golden Circle (Australian product). Interestingly the price is comparable to this imported stuff (at regular price).

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      Sadly not all Golden Circle products are Aussie. Most of the pineapple is though


    A 40 cents saving is a bargain?!


    I buy this by the carton for dehydrating when Coles has it on special for $1. For some reason when dehydrating I get more volume of dehydrated pineapple from this brand then any of the others.

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    I drink pineapple juice for the missus

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    Yeah! Stick it to those Australian farmers.


    It’s actually just cheaper to buy the one that’s double this can size at $2.20

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    What about forgetting a few cents and support Australian farmers. Buying locally produced produce supports many more people, as well as the producer, together with supporting country towns doing it hard.

    Think you also should also consider the quality of the product. Hate to think of what the fruit takes up from the air, water and land in some of the Asian countries.

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      I used to say that as well until i started looking around their houses and seeing they were not practicing what they were preaching.


        Please elaborate in a more detailed explanation.

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          What coin saver is saying is that to save some coin, s/he broke into a farmers house and found something made in China. Naturally all farmers are now regarded as hypocrites.


            @heal: Haha. I was thinking that some of these farmers had really big & flash houses paid for by

            really good profits from their produce ( in this case Aussy Grown Pineapples ).

            I think your explanation is closer to the truth lol.


            @heal: No need to break in I was a member of a number of farm groups which had meeting and tours at various members farms a lot of my friends are still farmers.We challenged one beef producer who could only show us two Australian food product's (cereal and biscuits) in his house other than his own meat and some vegetables that his mother had grown even the pork in his freezer was imported.


              @coin saver: What's the next target for the vigilante group - so we can lock our doors?

              Maybe demanding Ozbargainers produce our receipts, in case we ever paid full price??

              We're all hypocrites!
              Get over it.

              But if someone wants to support the local producers - why question that - as you were a member of a number of farm groups? That doesn't make sense.
              Just because a few farmers had imported products on their shelves like most other Australians.

              It's our choice what we buy.

              Beef producers don't live near supermarkets, so they can't pop out to make easy choices like most of us.
              And I don't know of any imported beef in this beef exporting nation. So they wouldn't be upset that Australians were buying imported beef. So I can't understand your beef with them!

              I lived on a pineapple farm🍍
              But I didn't go round criticising people for not eating good fresh local pineapples.
              We had tinned pineapple on the shelf as it was convenient, when fresh wasn't available. But there were no imported cans then, just the local Golden Circle that bought local pineapples.
              A simpler time - of few choices.


    these were 50c at coles a while back ..then 80c

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