Rockwell Shop Series Cordless Drill $29.99 ($10 off) @ Supercheap Auto


Dunno anything about power tools, so dunno if it's any good. Just shopping around for a beginner's drill set.

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    Me too. I have an IKEA drill which is junk. Looking at ozito and battery for about $80

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    In my experience, at this price point you'll get something that recharges ok …. once, twice if you're lucky.

    That might be fine for your use case, but for most people it makes more sense to at least go up to a ryobi/ozito/Aldi level.

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    if you don't plan to use it often then don't get a rechargeable drill, just get a decent brand corded drill and this will last forever,


      Great point. The battery will degrade over time, especially moreso if left flat for a long while.
      And corded drills will sustain their power vs battery operated which will drop off after using it.
      Depends on your use case.


    Terrible if you're looking at doing anything. Great value if you want it to put up a picture once a year.


    I have a black and decker one I bought for $20 from SCA a couple years ago. Still going good. Great for minor maintenance or if you are installing things like security cameras or posters. Not major construction like house building. As I live in a housed owned by my parents this is all I need.


      How long does the battery last now?

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        I bought a Black and Decker at least 5 years ago.
        Battery is fine. I haven't pushed it to it's limits, but it was good for the odd job.
        If you want a power tool that you'll use for a few hours, don't get this one. But as I said above, if you just want to drill the odd hole or put in the odd screw (into a pre drilled hole), this should be fine.

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    This is trash.

    I bought it on the super sale a while back and regret it.
    It doesn’t grip onto bits and then when somehow it does, it’ll be too weak to get through anything.

    I would pass.
    If you’re in Sydney, you can have my one.

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