Free Udemy Courses: Canva, Python 3, Agile, Interview, Watercolor, Management Consulting, English Grammar, Corona Anxiety


Some good courses and few courses will expire soon.

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Canva Flat Design Masterclass: Guide To Flat Design In Canva

The Complete Python 3 Course: Beginner to Advanced!

(2019) Mastering Interview Skills in 1 Hour

Quick Guide: Setup a Local Testing Server using WAMP or MAMP

English grammar tenses & structures, the ultimate course

Easy Watercolor Iris Flower Painting with Galaxy Background

Agile Project Management 200+ Tools with Kanban Scrum Devops

Management Consulting: Become An Exceptional Consultant

The Complete English Grammar Course – Perfect Your English

The 10 Laws for Personal Success – The Complete Course

Beat Corona Anxiety: Proven Strategies for Self-Power

Soil Mechanics Solved Examples – Consolidation

Online Meeting Survival Guide

How To Start A Business: Entrepreneurship Essentials

Adobe Illustrator CC – Fundamentals (YouAccel)

Instagram Marketing 2020 | Grow Organic Followers Naturally!

Stress Management – For Relief From Stress of Life & Work

Practical MongoDB + PHP : Absolute Beginners Guide

List of 20 FREE Popular Eduonix Courses

Corporate Accounting for Beginners

User Story Mapping Workshop in 30 min – Scrum Product Owner

(2019) Mastering Interview Skills in 1 Hour

Learn Speed Math in 40 Minutes – Calculations : Quick & Easy (Eduonix)

Lean Six Sigma Introduction Specialist (Eduonix)

Get CISSP Certified in Quick and Easy Steps (Eduonix)

Also, Eduonix Sitewide New Codes : MM30/MM35, STAYHOME
Example : All Bundled DealsPython (20 Courses) – $49, Cybersecurity (22 Courses) - $52.50

Added 4 more

The Complete Self-Discipline Course – Control Your Own Life

Career Change: Become a Paid Expert in What You Love

Media Training for Beginners: Ace Your First News Interviews

The Complete Talking Head Video Production Masterclass

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  • 'User Story Mapping Workshop in 30 min - Scrum Product Owner' isn't free anymore.

  • few courses will expire soon

    That's good to know. I'll take my chances then.

  • Was surprised that someone developed Corona Anxiety course so quickly. Turns out it's just some self-esteem bullshit rebranded with the word 'corona' to draw more attention.

  • "User Story Mapping Workshop in 30 min – Scrum Product Owner" is still available, why strikethrough?

  • How'd you get $42.75 for the Eduonix python deal? I get $49 minimum cycling through the different codes.


    management-consulting-strategy not working

  • Agile Project Management 200+ Tools with Kanban Scrum Devops $14.99
    - umm, when I logged in it went up to $204.99

  • Does anyone else have problems with eduonix? I usually get told my logon email doesn't exist, but if I try to use it for signup it says it does exist.
    Occasionally it does accept and takes me to some fail page and tell be to go back home and logon.

    Maybe it doesn't like by mlur email address. But I seem to have lost whatever courses I'm already enrolled in, so I think I'll avoid eduonix in future
    I reckon I have enough free courses without them.

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