Philips Hue Motion Sensor $49 (Usually $59) Delivered @ Amazon AU


Normally sold for $59 at JB, Office works. $64.95 at Harvey Norman.
Don't be ripped off

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Amazon AU
Amazon AU


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    Price match at Bunnings for 10% off.

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    Use the Amazon app (first purchase using it) for another $10 off - got it then for $39.


      is that a new promo?


        I'm not sure. I just saw it mentioned when I went to the deal's page.

        Looks like it's been around since February though. (the below quote is from a US site, so US$ - the minimum for us was AUD$39.)

        Sign in to the Amazon app for the first time and get a $10 promotional code. You'll receive a notification in the app with the amount and instructions on redeeming it. You can apply it to your next order (minimum of at least $20 of products sold by Amazon). Just make sure to use it within 30-days of your first sign-in.

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    Over the last few months I've been price matching thecpapclinic ($43)-10% = $38.70.
    However they're currently out of stock.

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    These frequently go on sale for ~$35.

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      Cool please post if this happens next time. Where did you see those for $35?

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        Amazon. It happens every couple of months and someone always posts it as a hue sale/deal.
        I think the cheapest I got was just under $30 (I have 5 in my house).

        Just look at the camelcamelcamel link at the top. It’s been this price or cheaper for almost a year and was cheaper than this in late March/April. Set yourself an alert on there.


    So you "Hue Folks" are happy with the brightness of the globes? A little research a while back left me thinking they're not as good as Lifx, but I'm keen on the motion sensor setup. Currently running yeelights but only E27 is annoying…

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      Single is fine for small spaces or lamps, I run two in larger oyster fittings

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      You can get the Ikea bulb which is around 1000lm for large rooms and still be added to Philip Hue. They can be controlled by sensor or dimmer as well. It’s win-win


      They are generally 800lm which is enough for bedroom activities but not things like study. In areas like kitchen I use the non Hue leds which models goes beyond 1000lm

      I’m toying with the idea of using led strips to complement the bulbs but I am worried that I would be disappointed.


      Not enough brightness for brightly lighting a whole room unless you have a light fitting that can hold 3+ of them. Fantastic for bedside lamps etc


      I replaced my yeelights with Hue bulbs