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FitTrack Elegance 5.0 TWS Bluetooth 5.0 Headphones $49.99 (RRP $79.99) + Delivery from FitTrack Australia


Up for grabs are thirty $30 off discount coupons for the FitTrack Elegance 5.0 TWS Bluetooth Headphones (RRP $79.99).

Based on some constructive feedback provided we've modified the deal. Check out the latest blog post or the latest FitTrack Instagram post for the discount code to get the FitTrack Elegance 5.0 for $49.99 + delivery. Afterpay available.

There are more details on the FitTrack blog.

You may also check out the blog on how you can get one of the five 50% OFF DISCOUNT COUPONS for the sleuths on Ozbargain. The 100% OFF DISCOUNT COUPON has already been solved & won.

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  • +4 votes



      Can you elaborate why you think it's spam?

      • +3 votes

        Because of the #hashtagsillyshit part and you DM’ing the code.

        Also, I’ve never heard of the headphones. Why are they worth $79.99 when there are well regarded wireless Bluetooth headphone deals here everyday.
        I like QCY-TC2s myself.


        Others have already elaborated. If you were selling Bose headphones then I would go through some hassle of insta etc. If you are promoting your newly launched brand, then you have lost most of the sales already if you are gonna make people do all this ####

  • +6 votes

    Get F’d. Give us the code or GTFO. We ain’t here for your silly games.

    • -9 votes

      Say for example, you walked into a bricks and mortars store they were told that you had to sign up as a member to get a 25% discount, and you spoke like that to a staff member, I think you'd probably be escorted to the door.

      You may have a valid point but you lose people's respect quickly when you speak like that.

      • +7 votes

        Is this your first day on the internet?

        And I lost your respect? Oh no.

        Your analogy is backwards. If I was in the street and a salesman came up to me and said “you can have a less than 20% discount on this product I’m selling but you’re not actually interested in…if you do these silly things first” seems more accurate.


    Wasn't this just removed for "no bargain listed"?

  • +3 votes

    Isn’t 10 less than the required quantity for a deal?

    Edit: just checked and it is 10 items. I thought it was 20. My bad!


    Can I read a few independent reviews? How do we know these are not some cheap generic Chinese headphones that have currently flooded the market?

  • +3 votes

    Good luck to OP, but there are dozens of we'll reviewed TWS items around this price point that you can buy without giving up personal info or jumping hoops for.

    • -1 vote

      No need to jump through hoops or give up personal info - discount coupon is available above now…

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