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G.Skill Ripjaws V 16GB (2x8GB) 4000MHz CL18 DDR4 $139 Shipped @ Shopping Express



Cheaper than anywhere else.

Free shipping voucher automatically applied to Darwin.

Great Deal IMO

It finishes in 1 day and 4 hours!

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    Price needs to be in title
    Edit: noice

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      • Is this worthwhile for a 1600 AF on a B450M Pro4?

        Or should I save $20 and buy the 3200 MHz CL16?

        • save the $20

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    awesome deal

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    That's a good deal, 3200 for that brand is currently going for $149.

    The only problem is, will your motherboard be able to support it?

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      Nope. You adjust it in case it doesn't work. In the "worst" case you can have awesome timmings

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          It's Timmings!
          It's a little ram
          With a lot to learn

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          My sppeallingg is no God as u can C. Sory

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        I have this ram its hynix djr, it runs below timings

        16-19-19-39 @3600 1.45v

        Any tighter it will post occasionally but not even boot into windows. Totally stable at above though

        • Nice. Thanks!

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          Got similar, not the best for low timings, better to run it XMP profile for 4000mhz on an Intel system.

          Paid about 120$ from eBay deal in December I think.

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            @reactor-au: Yeah I've got a ryzen setup best results this way at 1:1 with infinity fabric

        • What is your mother and CPU?

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            @Dienk: MSI B450M Gaming Plus and 3600X

        • What's the command rate sitting at for those timings? 2T might allow a little tighter primary timings

          Also, what voltage are you using? Stock?

          • @Bamboozle: Just using M/B presets for those timings which is sitting at 1T. It defaults to 1.4v but I put it at 1.45v that's the only other thing I tweaked. It may run a lower voltage but based on the temps sitting mid 30's on the dimms I think its fine.

            I could try 2T and lower timings but then I'm kind of losing to gain so imagine result would be very similar.

            • @4foxache: Try 1.5-1.55 (on the safe low side for DDR4 over volting).

              Losing very little switching to 2T, while helping primary timing stability.

              IME anyway

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                @Bamboozle: Tried 1.55v 2T 16-18-18-36 boots into windows but gets dll errors and reboots right away.

                Only ddr that will do timings above at reasonable voltages is samsung b-die

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    Nice deal OP, copped

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    Act fast

    (Thanks OP, bought as quick as my fingers could manage)

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      Nice mate

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    literally the week after I buy ram prices start coming back down! great deal!

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    Anyone on the fence:

    This is a great price for 4000mhz CL18 (very fast) RAM.

    Closest competitor is around $165 ($180 delivered):


    And I almost posted that as a bargain, last week it was well over $200.

    Fast RAM *can actually makes a difference these days, especially for the latest Ryzen CPUs (10% better framerates is not unheard of in some configurations IIRC).

    4000mhz CL18 is actually probably overkill, and won't make much difference in gaming over good 3600mhz or even 3200mhz, but at this massive discount, it costs the same.

    (Someone more knowledgeable than me can possibly chime in on the likelihood of clocking this RAM at 3600mhz and tightening the timings for possibly even better gaming performance…?)

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    Grabbed one - thanks for this OP

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    Building a PC with a B550 motherboard and Ryzen in the coming months, grabbed this as same price as all the 3200MHz C16 kits I have seen, assume this is better even though worse timing?

    • I'd guess you could clock this at 3600mhz and get CL16 timings, but I'm no expert.

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      Ryzen = frequency is better than timmings.
      However I should go further than 37xx at ryzen

      • Where are you getting this information? CL14 3200mhz and CL16 3600mhz will blow CL18 4000mhz out of the water when paired with Zen 2.

        • I won't be so sure that.


          For Ryzen so far I am aware frequency is the target

          • @Dienk: Interesting. I have a CL18 3600 kit that I am stuck with so I might try overclock that to reach 3800.

            He does conclude by saying CL16 3600 is probably the best option for most users though.

            • @Budju: I also read somewhere that above 3600, there is some 1:1 timing between the infinity fabric clock and the memory clock thing that can't be had, it operates in a non-one-for-one ratio. So 3600MHz DDR (1800MHz) with tight timings is the sweet spot.
              But there is some discussion that frequency trumps timings or running 1:1. I guess if it's stable, go for it.

              • @seananderson: I'm pretty sure AMD themselves said 3777mhz cl16 was the sweet spot. I'd say 3600 is what is recommended cause it is affordable and the gains for cl16 3800 ain't worth the cost.

    • Given that 3200 MHz CL16 kits are around the same price, I'd just go with this. I'd say that the performance gains you might get from faster RAM would be something like 2 - 3% real world, if even that much. For 16GB, you might as well just go with faster RAM, but the thing is if you actually need 64GB or 128GB, then going for faster RAM becomes painfully more expensive.

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    All gone.. wow that was quick. thought about buying a set of 4

  • "Sorry, we don't have enough 'G.Skill Ripjaws V 16GB (2x8GB) 4000MHz CL18 DDR4 Desktop RAM Memory Kit (F4-4000C18D-16GVK)' in stock to fulfill your order. Please change the quantity on order in your shopping cart and click update. Then try to checkout again."

    God damn it

  • Cl18? Oof.

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      What were you expecting for $139?

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      It's 4000mhz. If you want CL18 for overclocking, can't you just lower the mhz and/or up the voltage or something?

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      3200 CL14 = 8.75ns
      3600 CL16 = 8.88ns
      4000 CL18 = 9.00ns

      So it's not as bad as it sounds

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        .25 NS might mean I miss on ozbargain deal…

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    and it's gone

  • https://www.techpowerup.com/forums/threads/is-this-b-die.260...

    Found a thread about this RAM, wondering if I should have just stuck with a good 3200MHz kit?

    And the gskill website talks about intel and not Ryzen.


  • Im guessing no more stock is coming back?

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    Darn.. snooze you lose

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      It's letting me add to cart

  • Unlucky, for me.

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    is this really worth it? i remember getting a gskill 3200/16 last year, think it's ripjaws too, for $91.2. 4000/18 really going to make a difference for such a price differntial?

    just checked yep it's ripjaws V.

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      I think people are downvoting you because last year RAM was a lot cheaper (and are already annoyed about missing this deal).

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        oh i thought ram prices would just drop more and now would be cheaper than last year. another price fixing in progress i guess.

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          Did you forget about the global pandemic? Has a major influence on prices.

    • For most that aren't going to run it at XMP 4000 they should get the lower spec kit so they don't have to struggle selecting timings manually.

  • Meanwhile I'm sitting here running 1600mhz ddr3

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      Same, still running 8gb g skill ripjwaws DDR3 in a i5 2500+ with hd6950. Old machine I pulled out for working from home. Totally fine for desktop use.

      Tempered to add another 8gb, possibly OC with a CPU cooler and add a cheap card like a RX 580. For light gaming.
      Probably a waste of money and may still bit cut it, new cheap build possibly better and keep case and PSU etc.

      Not that cheap either way at the moment.

  • But to have a 2:1 you need to set FCLK to 1000MHz. I suppose it could be underclocked with tighter timings like 3600 CL15.